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    This is gonna get good. Leaders from both sides have told their peers to stay away from quid pro quos, “don’t even joke about it.”

    why would they even need to say that???

    This is all a product of our guiness book state constitution written to focus absolute power in Montgomery.

    I’ve said for years the only thing Alabama political corruption lacks that Illinois and Louisiana have is the violence.

    Just give it time.

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    Bob Riley’s Political Career is over.
    He had within his grasp – to be considered one of the better Governors in Modern History ( hmmm ) – with a surefire Senator Seat coming –
    Pissed it all away with this. Just another damn Hypocrite.

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    Oh by the way. Let me call out another Pompous Ass that parades around daily talking Virtue..
    Jabo Waggoner of Vestavia – Senator for Life Republican.
    Jabo was an longtime employee of Health South and aided – abetted – and disbursed “Contributions” for Richard – in particular – The Infamous Digital Hospital Caper among other things….
    Another Damn Hypocrite.
    Name me one person in the Legislature that is Honest …..

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    Tom Barkley

    Leland Whaley of WAPI FM radio 100.5 said on his show Friday morn, FBI is also likely investigating Gambling promoter Milton McGregor and Troy King, A.G

    I have no doubt that many of these slezy House and Senate members took under the table payoffs for their YES votes. Just hope they answer to the Law!

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    Ballplay Indian

    Riley is doing an excellent job IMO. He is finally taking a stand against the political grey area when it comes to gambling. Its not legal.

    Let me repeat that : Its not legal.

    Lets not even get into the innevitable corruption that follows those gambling dollars. Heck its not even legal and Langford is already getting 15 years. Milton Mc will go down if the feds go after him. Book it.

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