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Saban: Alabama has lots of options for 2012 game
“It’s not something that we’ve agreed on. We have a lot of different options for 2012, and we’re in the process of considering them right now,” Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said in the Tuscaloosa News. “That’s one of them. But we’re going to weigh all the other options that we have and see what we feel is most beneficial to the program for us in the future.”

I believe a 2012 game will happen at Cowboys Stadium. According to the statement, Texas Tech is just one possible option. It isn’t a bad option. So if it ends up being a team other than Texas Tech, fans should expect a premium opponent. The chatter is that while Alabama wants to land Notre Dame, it likely would be for later than 2012. Knowing ESPN’s involvement in the negotiations, chances of landing a great game are very high. This is something that Alabama football fans can cheer. The team has played several big games over the last few years, and that has made a difference both in national attention and quality of fooball—players know how to play in big games.

Bama’s Julio Jones poised for best year yet
Chris Low of ESPN provides this update on Alabama Crimson Tide receiver Julio Jones. According to Low, “Without a doubt, I think this will be my best season, and it should be,” Jones said. “I think it will be for the entire offense. The sky’s the limit.”

Also, “But I feel good. I’m not fatigued and feel like I’ve gained speed because I’m healthy now,” Jones said. “They gave me a body fat test recently, and I only had 4 percent body fat.”

The world is watching…Morgantown?
According to this AP report, the world is watching Morgantown and West Virginia. Morgantown Police Chief Phil Scott told the AP, “There will be zero tolerance for firestarters and troublemakers Saturday. He and West Virginia University leaders urge fans to behave responsibly because the world is watching.” (see story embedded below)


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I say lets go whip some yankee ass. We’ll also be playing Michigan St in ’12. Or since it will be a special game maybe in Dallas then lets play Boise St and shut their loud mouths. Then again if they aren’t careful that could happen this seasom the first week in January. RTR!

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    I’m trying to remember which year — but Mal Moore is trying to schedule Notre Dame for a home and home if I’m not correct — what’s the deal with that anyone?

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