Erin Andrews survives on ‘Dancing’

And yes, this was just an excuse to post another photograph. Another good one from Sports By Brooks:

Erin Andrews Loves the Paparazzi via Sports By Brooks
Erin Andrews Loves the Paparazzi via Sports By Brooks

As for Dancing with the Stars, Shannen Doherty was sent home. Buzz Aldrin and Erin Andrews survive the first dismissal. According to the AP, “Viewer votes saved the lowest-scoring contestant, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who earned 14 points out of 30 for his cha-cha last week and 12 points for his foxtrot on Monday’s episode. Besides Aldrin, remaining competitors include Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek, actors Niecy Nash, Pamela Anderson and Aiden Turner, reality stars Jake Pavelka and Kate Gosselin, singer Nicole Scherzinger, sportscaster Erin Andrews and football star Chad Ochocinco.” read more about it below.


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    I watched Dancing With The Stars on Monday and I believe that Erin Andrews will not be on the sidelines in the future. I think ESPN/ABC/Disney won’t be able to afford her.

    I’m certain that a show like Entertainment Tonight or another show on another network will pick her up for more money. Even though she apparently wants to stay on the sidelines — ESPN will probably put her on Sportscenter — some time slot where the ratings are high. Opinions anyone?

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    Cappy, if I knew Erin I’d spend my last dollar setting you up with her. You’ve got a crush the likes of which I haven’t seen since the 6th grade! She couldn’t find a man more adept in sports knowledge to come home to every night. Gonna see if I can pull some strings… 🙂

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