Report: DeMeco Ryans stays with Texans

According to the AP, former Alabama Crimson Tide star linebacker and 2006 AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year will stay with the Houston Texans. According to the AP, “The 25-year-old Bessemer, Ala., native told The Houston Chronicle the new deal was ‘unbelievable’ and he was ‘so appreciative.'” Read the rest of the AP report below:


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    One of my favorite players who helped Bama hold the rope!! I wear his jersey to most of the Bama games and got lucky in meeting him in his rookie season in the NFL!! RTR

  2. 2

    Yeah — he was one of my favorite players during the horrible Shula tenure. He was a game changer and he’s making it happen in the NFL. RTR!!!

    On another note:

    FEAR the amount of Crimson Tide players that will SATURATE the NFL in the future due to our pro-style offense. Not the high school offenses we see down on the plains.


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