Alabama to talk with Notre Dame about future game

From the Tuscaloosa News: UA has not agreed to Texas Tech game “Alabama’s attempts to negotiate a 2012 game with Notre Dame have not produced an agreement. UA Director of Athletics Mal Moore hopes to meet with Notre Dame officials this summer to resume talks about a future game or series.”

Also of note from the story: Alabama has an out of conference hole in the schedule for 2015 as well.


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    It would be great to play Notre Dame in the future. As a kid growing up in the 70’s I remember watching the catholics
    beat Bama every time we played them. Bear Bryant just had a
    hard time in beating the golden dome. Hope the crimson tide
    can get a game with Notre Dame in the future and beat the shit
    out of the bastards!! RTR

  2. 2

    If history repeats, UAT will get the game in Kelly’s 3rd year and Sabin will be ready to move on and ND will win like every other time, You think the game UAT won in Holtz’s first year was the only time they played. What happened the next year and every other time. Got that ass spanked and went home crying. GO IRISH

  3. 3
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Don’t hold your breath asshole. Bama is redynastizing football and the Golden Nomers are a ghost of themselves. And Kelly aint gonna do shit. The worst defensive coach in the country. Florida put what 50+ on 5th ranked Cincy. Ha ha ha. Sure hope we play you bastards year after next. Stompin your asses would go nice with a 4 peat NC! RTR!

  4. 4

    Okay Mike.
    It is apparent you majored in revisionist history at THE University of Auburn. I just gave to ask…..
    what have you been smoking?

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    Hunter Ford

    The only games in the Ala-Notre Dame series that were not nail-biters were the last two in 86 Alabama won 28-7 in Birmingham (first year for Holtz at Notre Dame) The next year at Notre Dame, (first year for Bama under Curry), Notre Dame won like 36-6 or something.

    All other scores were close with the greatest game being the first in the series a 24-23 win by Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl following the 73 season./

    I’d like to see another home-and-home series but a game at Texas Stadium or something like that would be grand

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    I don’t like the Idea. Their Program is in a Spiral and it is not in the Interest of the Nation to aid or abet their Spiral.
    The Name means nothing now.
    Notre Dame. Yawn.

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    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Newsflash to “Mike;” obviously you have NEVER seen any of the Alabama-Notre Dame games EXCEPT the 1986 & 1987 games. Sure, they WHIPPED US in 1987 at South Bend 37-6. The year before we whipped them 28-13. I was at that game and IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. Perkins chose not to run it up but it would’nt have bothered me if we would have scored a couple more TDs. In my personal collection I have the 1973 Sugar Bowl, the 1975 Orange Bowl, the 1976 regular season game and the Bear Bryant Show of the 1980 regular season in which you see virtually the whole game, all on video. ANYBODY who has ever ACTUALLY WATCHED these games know that these were hard-fought games by 2 teams that were very talented and extremely well-coached. Scores like 24-23, 13-11, 21-18 and 7-0 aren’t “ass-spankings.” These were 2 teams that really got after each other & unfortunately we lost those games but nobody ever considered those losses “spankings.” As for playing them in the near future if it happens I HOPE they’re good. That makes beating them a great accomplishment.

  8. 8

    so the game that Curry coached at South Bend was an ass kicking, I was at the game in Legion Field when John Scully kept jeering at the UAT crowd, And I love how you BAMMERS blamed Kelly for the Sugar bowl when he was even coaching Cincy at that time. If you would pull your head out of Saban’s ass for some freash air you might realize that the sun doesn’t set on his ass. Secondly if history repeats itself Saban will be ready to move on after 6 yrs, Why? because as soon as he has a 9 win season you shitheads will be all over him just like at LSU. He’ll bolt for another job. FWI Kelly has been a winner at every place he’s been. Hell he took Cincy to 2 BCS bowls in 3 yrs there. Cincy of all schools so you can continue to think the guy can’t coach, but you need to get prepared eat some crow, if he goes 7-6 that’s the same as the nictator did his first year and as you claim he’s the greatest coach since Bryant. But the Bear was 0’fer against ND

  9. 10
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, MIKEY! It is SO OBVIOUS what barners like YOU want; YOU WANT Saban gone, and YOU THINK that all y’all’s troubles will be over when that day comes! One thing a lot of y’all forget about is that when Saban decides to leave, A LOT of great coaches will be BEGGING for that job! The ATTRACTION of the Alabama HC job is that coaches KNOW that you CAN WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in Tuscaloosa! When he left LSU, the cupboard was full. When a coach walks into a situation like that its a “dream come true.” It will be the same in Tuscaloosa when that day arrives, but HE AIN’T LEAVING ANYTIME SOON! Get used to him being here, you’ll sleep better.

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