Roundtable: 5 questions about the Tide

This week’s Crimson & White Roundtable is from, and you can follow the responses here.

1. It’s way early, but who do you think will replace Tim Tebow as Gary Danielson’s man crush?
Greg McElroy. Winning makes anyone interesting, and McElroy’s story will be told often: the patient kid who waited his turned, studied hard and went 14-0 his first year as a starter. Plus, Alabama is now the hottest property in the SEC. You’ll see Alabama often (even in CBS primetime this year), and that leads to more sunshine pumping. Combine all this with an expectation that McElroy will improve with 14 games under his belt, and you have the recipe for lots of Danielson love.

2. Each season under McElwain (and Saban), the offense has added several wrinkles that largely transformed the offense. Last year, it was the addition of the Wild Elephant. What can we expect this fall?
More passing. While it won’t be as shocking as the installation of the Wildcat, you can expect Alabama will attempt to become more explosive in the passing game. No real secret there as Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban talks about that with regularity. Nevertheless, a senior quarterback, receivers that are more experienced and a powerful running game all beg for more passing. My biggest expectation is not a new wrinkle, but to see receivers running better routes. I’m confident this will be a point of emphasis, and the results will please Alabama fans.

3. Of all the young players vying for playing time in the secondary, who do you think will take over for the departed Javier Arenas at the Star position?
No clue. And I can’t even venture a guess based on the administrative groupings.

4. What is the #1 question about the team that you’d like to see answered this spring?
What will the team’s identity be? While it won’t be answered fully until fall camp, we should see a few clues during the spring drills. This all plays into the morale, work ethic and team chemistry questions. For Alabama to repeat, it must have positive answers in all these facets. The team must have the right attitude. The team must work hard. The team must come together as one, and follow its leaders. Talent and schemes only take you so far. I hope to get a few clues about all of this by A-Day. This is why reading between the lines is so important during Saban’s press conferences—what is he saying? What is he not saying?

5. Who heals faster: Dont’a Hightower or Wolverine?
Wolverine. And now I’m thinking about the movies with Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry. I’m going to be thinking about Halle Berry all day now. Thanks.