Roundtable: 5 questions about the Tide

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1. It’s way early, but who do you think will replace Tim Tebow as Gary Danielson’s man crush?
Greg McElroy. Winning makes anyone interesting, and McElroy’s story will be told often: the patient kid who waited his turned, studied hard and went 14-0 his first year as a starter. Plus, Alabama is now the hottest property in the SEC. You’ll see Alabama often (even in CBS primetime this year), and that leads to more sunshine pumping. Combine all this with an expectation that McElroy will improve with 14 games under his belt, and you have the recipe for lots of Danielson love.

2. Each season under McElwain (and Saban), the offense has added several wrinkles that largely transformed the offense. Last year, it was the addition of the Wild Elephant. What can we expect this fall?
More passing. While it won’t be as shocking as the installation of the Wildcat, you can expect Alabama will attempt to become more explosive in the passing game. No real secret there as Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban talks about that with regularity. Nevertheless, a senior quarterback, receivers that are more experienced and a powerful running game all beg for more passing. My biggest expectation is not a new wrinkle, but to see receivers running better routes. I’m confident this will be a point of emphasis, and the results will please Alabama fans.

3. Of all the young players vying for playing time in the secondary, who do you think will take over for the departed Javier Arenas at the Star position?
No clue. And I can’t even venture a guess based on the administrative groupings.

4. What is the #1 question about the team that you’d like to see answered this spring?
What will the team’s identity be? While it won’t be answered fully until fall camp, we should see a few clues during the spring drills. This all plays into the morale, work ethic and team chemistry questions. For Alabama to repeat, it must have positive answers in all these facets. The team must have the right attitude. The team must work hard. The team must come together as one, and follow its leaders. Talent and schemes only take you so far. I hope to get a few clues about all of this by A-Day. This is why reading between the lines is so important during Saban’s press conferences—what is he saying? What is he not saying?

5. Who heals faster: Dont’a Hightower or Wolverine?
Wolverine. And now I’m thinking about the movies with Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry. I’m going to be thinking about Halle Berry all day now. Thanks.


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    I agree with you about the passing game. I think BJ Scott is going to become a star this year. Also, Kirkpatrick will be a playmaker, similar to Peprah. We need a good kicker. I dont’t think that will get us beat because the offense is going to be so good, but that is very important. I also can’t wait to see Eddie Lacy. We are gonna be so good! I can’t wai!RTR

  2. 4

    Eddie Lacy is going to be very intertesting. I can’t wait to see the likes of “Wild man” Woodson flyin around popping pads and crackin helmets. There are going to be patricks all over the place, too. I agree with hightower, the defense has more talent this year. Im ready to see the best team ever assembled. Congrats to the Bammers, they finally can claim to have the best football team man has ever known.

  3. 7
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    Meanwhile on the plains. there are five compelling questions that need to be answered.

    1. In a battle to the death who would win. Cameron Newton or Superman?
    I have to go with Cameron Newton here. He is just a natural.

    2. Who is likely to replace Ben Tate in the Auburn backfield?
    First I want to say emphatically….YOU CANT REPLACE A BACK LIKE BEN TATE.
    Luckily we have 10 other players who are ready to step right in and have as much production (or more!) than Tate.

    3. Is there any truth to the rumor that Auburn will land the consensus #1 recruiting class next year?
    Could be. Trooper and Co are the greatest recruiting machine since Uncle Sam.

    4. Who will be the best team in the SEC this season?

    There is alot of talk about Bama and Florida. But my gut tells me Auburn. Gene Chizik has proven time and again that he is just as good (maybe even better) than Saban and Meyer. Just a gut feeling here. Lunch at El Taco Loco! had nothing to do with it.

    5. What is a major area of concern for Auburn this season? Getting hotel reservations for the SECCG.
    This will be a big year for Coach Chizik and Co.

  4. 10

    Decent hell…We will be in the NC hunt until some team proves us wrong.I will go ahead and say this team will repeat as Champions just because we have Nick Saban as head coach.There is no way in hell he will let these guys rest on there laurels.This defense will be even better “but not this year.But in 2011 this defense will be best in the nation no doubt about it.It will tho carry us thru this season and look good doing it.Offense is well hell i do not have to say because whole nation knows about it..ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. 11

    what has chiznik done exactly to prove time and again that he is as good or better than Saban or Meyer?

  6. 12
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    Glad you asked Yellowhammer.
    If you have been reading my columns lately, you will see that there are identical similarities in Gene Chizik and Nick Saban.
    I dont want to bring any of them up but if you will look you will see that the 2 coaches are practically clones.

  7. 14

    similarities Kevin? CNS came to Bama with a BCS championship on his resume, and chiznik came to the university of auburn with a 5-19 record, I know chiz had a decent year considering the situation, I know he was competetive in recruiting with the top tier SEC schools, but to say he has proven he’s as good or better than the best is laughable,if and when he(although he never will) breaks a 53 year old tradition then you can make that claim

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