Racism & SEC football

How do you think this is going to end? From the AP: “Black lawmakers are urging black football recruits to reconsider playing for the University of South Carolina because the school could lose its lone black trustee.” (read all about it from the AP below.)


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    racism is the “hot” club at the moment being used to beat many in the nation into submission.

    and if you disagree, you sir are a bigot!

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    What are the statistics for historically black colleges and university’s? The never give those stats or how ironic that you can’t have a “Historically White college and universities”. I’m all for equality and this certainly isn’t it. People don’t realize the whites are the ones that are actually being discriminated against.

  3. 7

    as a member of the cultural and intellectual elite, i now finally understand why you sad children consider us to be elite. your whining is not very becoming. grow up.

  4. 10

    Guess it’s not racist until it happens to you right??? Com’mon team…you’re better than that.

    @ bamadan…
    Just because a group / individual wants civil rights and equal treatment doesn’t make them synonymous with a political ideology. If that were the case, then practically all Black would be “liberals.” So settle down.

    @ 13andcounting…
    Whites being discriminated against? Wow! If Whites are getting discriminated against (DESPITE the fact that they are allowed and DO attend some HBCUs) then, then I don’t know WHAT to call the treatment of Blacks in this nation. Settle down on the bigotry.

    @ Crimson Hammah…
    Please…go read more books. Might have something “intelligent” to say every once in a while.

    Some of yall make it really hard to be a Bama fan…particularly when you talk politics. Never allow your bias to cloud your judgment.

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