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    Hunter Ford

    This is ridiculous! Am I understanding this right? Saban will lose some victories from the 2007 season that would otherwise still be counted on his overall coaching record?

    The Cotton Bowl from 2005 will be gone from the record books so Alabama loses its edge (or tie) with USC in all-time bowl victories?

    I’m a history buff and a record buff. Hey, I’m an Alabama fan. If I were an Aubie I would have so few historical moments and records to cherish, why would I care?

    But as an Alabama fan, and record geek, this hurts me. Bringing me to this point: What is this stupid “vacated wins” penalty supposed to accomplish?

    It really only bother me and maybe some other fans, and it causes headaches for media guide editors and others who have to re-arange the records or place the proper asterisks. Does it really accomplish anything else?

    I watched the Cotton Bowl and saw Alabama win the game on a last second field goal. The players know they won on the field. Do we have to give the trophy back?

    I think NCAA records should include who holds the record for most post season football appearances and victories. Since wimpy USC plays in the Puss-10 with no championship, and because Alabama plays in the mighty SEC and has been to seven of its championship games,(winning three) Alabama would be ahead in most ever post season games. Also in most-ever post season victories.


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