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    I dont know what a podcast is.
    But I need some help here.
    Thru a bizarre accident (not my fault mind you,)(dont ask,) I have accidentally smashed my girlfriend Lucille’s spitoon flatter than a flitter.
    I dont suppose any of you would know where I might find a suitable replacement? I think a woman spitting snuff into a coke bottle is just plain un-ladylike.

    Any suggestions?

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    Kevin Scarbinsky

    I thought I would would give a preview of my latest blockbuster story. (This is must read stuff here.)

    Gene Chizik: The Man speaks.

    I had the rare pleasure of interviewing Gene Chizik recently and I must admit the man oozes natural leadership and charisma. I was very impressed with the way he used very simple words to articulate ideas and thoughts. It was almost as if Chizik could be called the “Great Communicator”.
    Using words like “Yes” “No” “maybe” “I dont know” “I am not sure” Coach Chizik seemed to bring a deeper meaning to our conversation at every turn.
    I was even more impressed when I realized that his guru-like thoughts where so deep (that at one point in the conversation), he had to have Pat Dye translate them. These two great communticators thinks so much alike that at times all Chizik had to do was give a blank stare in Dye’s direction and Dye would telekinetically answer for him. Real spooky stuff …….
    Anyway if you want to read more, you will have to buy the newspaper. (spoiler alert, It is becoming very evident that Auburn will be a major player in the NCAA this season so you might need to buy those season tickets now.)

    P.S. I want to thank you all for the mass public concern for my beret. When you all heard that a rogue wind blew it off of my head, it is like the whole nation moved in unison of caring and concern. The good news is ….. After 3 weeks of dry cleaning and therapy, My beret is (in fact) back in action. But sadly it will probably never be able to walk again. I am thinking about approaching Coach Chizik and having him lay hands on it…………………..
    Hang in there Brave little beret!

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