The BCS & Congress

I’m really sick of Senator Orrin Hatch. The guy claims to be for limited government, but he seems to advocate a massive government interference into a profitable segment of the economy. That sounds hypocritical to me. You can read the latest round between Congress and the BCS in the AP story below:


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    Hunter Ford

    No team that plays in a conference without a championship game should get consideration for the BCS title unless they have played an extremely strong schedule….

    Big Ten and PAt TEn should organize divisions and play a title game, title winners make the playoffs

    Notre Dame should be in Big Ten (11) which would make it 12, then they have to come up with a new conf name

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    Hunter Ford

    Oh and Congress does have much better things to do than mess up college football

    I like BCS just fine the way it is, I believe it favors Alabama… win the SEC with one two losses or less (LSU did it) and there’s a good chance you play for title

    Better yet go 14-0 ROLL TIDE

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