Random thoughts for Tuesday

The White House visit
Am I the only one concerned about the visit? Obviously while Nick Saban was off wasting time with the president, Auburn’s coaching staff was hard at work. Alabama and Nick Saban have been passed. Wait, I’m not writing a column for the Birmingham newspaper. Never mind. The visit was a nice conclusion for the team’s magical year. They earned it.

One bonus to the visit, President Obama declared Alabama to hold 13 national championships. (Obama’s statement on the Alabama Crimson Tide) Who would argue with the president? It would be unpatriotic! (If you haven’t seen the photographs from the visit then view a few from Reuters here.)

This still irritates me
Why can’t we appreciate what Paul W. Bryant accomplished without trying to link Nick Saban to that legacy? I really can’t explain why I’m so frustrated by these two stories (Nick Saban Can Trace His Coaching Roots Through Bear Bryant Back To Knute Rockne and Coaches Bryant, Saban alike in many ways). Perhaps it is the feeling that the insistence on a Bryant bloodline was what saddled Alabama with Mike Dubose? Regardless, Saban is his own man; Bryant does not define him. That is exactly what Alabama needed.

Sportsmanship Trophy
Kirk McNair makes a good point about the Foy ODK Sportsmanship Trophy. Perhaps having the rival’s student government president sing the victor’s fight song is a bit much. Perhaps something a bit more reserved would foster sportsmanship. Also, the controversy over Saban’s comment of praise to the University of Auburn instead of Auburn University is absurd. I’ll point to a comment from an Auburn fan and reader of this website. Julio wrote, “In what way would it possibly be considered an insult to refer to Auburn as the University of Auburn instead of Auburn University? That happens a lot, simply because most universities refer to themselves in that order. If Saban wants to take a shot at AU, he won’t be subtle. He’ll tell you exactly how much he hates those f&%#’n guys!”

AMEN. If Saban insults someone, they will know it.

Speaking of sportsmanship, I hope you didn’t miss ITK’s latest editorial cartoon.

The Rebels’ mascot
The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s sports editor had a few suggestions for a new mascot at Ole Miss. The best suggestion on his list? An alcohol container. It seems to fit at Ole Miss.