Capstone Saturdays: Abarn relieved ODK is okay

Editorial Cartoon: A peek inside Abarn's trophy case

Abarn fans expressed relief Saturday that the Foy-ODK Trophy was accounted for and “okay.”

“We hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and didn’t know if it was just missing or what,” said Lloyd Bromingham, a long-time Abarn fan and graduate. “But I seen it with mine own eyes today. I feel better.”

Other fans expressed displeasure at the trophy’s whereabouts.

“That thang belongs down in Auburn, pure and simple,” said Tammy Clawson. “After all, we led that whole game. The whole dang game! Theys thoughts they were somebodys coming into our stadium, but we showed them they weren’t gonna beat us 36-0 again.”

The trophy will reside in Tuscaloosa until next year’s home basketball game between the two schools, where it will be awarded to the University of Alabama again.