Capstone Saturdays: Abarn relieved ODK is okay

Editorial Cartoon: A peek inside Abarn's trophy case

Abarn fans expressed relief Saturday that the Foy-ODK Trophy was accounted for and “okay.”

“We hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and didn’t know if it was just missing or what,” said Lloyd Bromingham, a long-time Abarn fan and graduate. “But I seen it with mine own eyes today. I feel better.”

Other fans expressed displeasure at the trophy’s whereabouts.

“That thang belongs down in Auburn, pure and simple,” said Tammy Clawson. “After all, we led that whole game. The whole dang game! Theys thoughts they were somebodys coming into our stadium, but we showed them they weren’t gonna beat us 36-0 again.”

The trophy will reside in Tuscaloosa until next year’s home basketball game between the two schools, where it will be awarded to the University of Alabama again.


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  1. 2

    I wondered where it went.
    But I have to ask the questions…
    Did we (Auburn) or did we not go 6 in a row? Thats gotta be some kind of record or at least its worth something dont ya think?
    And yes for 58 minutes we owned the tide in a full-on domination. Bammer just lucked out with some help from the referees and a lucky drive when it counted the most. But up until that 58 minute mark auburn was dominating!
    I have to admit I was just like everyone else out there when I heard of the hires on Gene Chizik’s staff..
    I said “Who?”
    But as soon as Phillip Marshall, Charles Goldberg and Kevin Scarbinsky told me what great coaches and recruiters these guys were I WAS ON BOARD!

    The sky is the limit!!!!

  2. 3

    If YOU consider getting outscored 26-7 over the final 3 quarters of a football game “full-on domination” yoooou might be a BarnNeck!

  3. 9
    Juicy J

    What was that Opelika Tigger Fan? The refs were on our side?

    You guys are simply put: pathetic. If it weren’t for the refs overlooking false start Ziemba’s blatant holding call, no touchdown would’ve been scored here. And don’t forget on Alabama’s opening drive, Julio was clearly in bounds on that 3rd down bomb of which they claimed he was out. And what about the ref interfering with G-Mac’s pass? He had a wide open man, which of course would’ve resulted in a touchdown, had the ref moved out of the way. But instead, the ball nailed his chest and no play for ‘Bama!

    Don’t worry, we won’t overlook you guys this year, nor will we allow the refs to help you second rate morons to keep it close either. 36-0 again? I’ll take it!

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