Retiring Chris Samuels discusses spinal condition

From the AP: Chris Samuels played entire career with spinal condition: ‘I was probably a little bit crazy’
MORE: “A lot of people, they’ve been praying for me to receive a miracle,” Samuels said at a news conference attended by his parents, girlfriend and several teammates. “But they really don’t realize that I received my miracle when I got up off the field in North Carolina. … It’s going to be hard to walk away from the game I love, but it’s the best thing for me and my family.” read the entire report below:


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    Thanks Chris Samuels!He was always a joy to watch.If my aging memory serves me right,he never allowed a sack as a 4-year starter.His senior year he never even allowed a QB pressure.

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    Yeah — he said he just couldn’t go on and possibly get paralyzed — it sucks to come to that conclusion with the money and all — all we have is our health and that’s it.

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