Ingram Is Better Than Bo

Bo Jackson was one of the most electrifying athletes college football has ever seen. Every now and then, whatever the sport, a player comes along that redefines how the game is played. For college football, one such player was Vincent “Bo” Jackson.

His strength and speed were the stuff of legends. Bo would make runs that were downright incredible. He would run by you. He would run over you. He would run around you. He would run through you. He would make an 80 yard run look routine. If he got to the corner, and all that was there to stop him was a corner, it wasn’t going to be pretty.

I regret I never had the pleasure of seeing Bo play in person, but I didn’t miss a game when he was on the tube. Bo looked like an adult playing against a team of 7th & 8th graders. It was ridiculous.

Recently I was flipping channels and came across the 1985 Iron Bowl. There was Bo, playing with cracked ribs on his birthday. Frank Broyles enlightened us with that fact (ribs) late into the fourth quarter to spice up the broadcast. But as I watched, I noticed something that I had seen many times before.

Bo Jackson was a man among boys. Literally.

Pick a football season, pre-1990. Watch old game footage…it doesn’t matter which one…and you’ve probably seen the same thing I saw. Perhaps you even thought it.

“Those players look like high school players.”

Compared to today’s college athletes, with technology and training at an all-time high, football players from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s WERE at the level most athletes in elite high school programs are at today.

To say Bo Jackson was ahead of the times in which he played would be an understatement; put him in a time capsule and bring him to 2010, and at 6’1″, 222 lbs. with 4.3 speed (though some fables have him at 3.9) he could start for the Tigers today. But dare I say, he is one of very few players in the pre-1990’s for whom you can make that distinction. You can probably travel deep into the decade of the 90’s and find truckloads of players who weren’t in playing condition in their day for today’s game. But you can’t say that about Bo.

Bo finished his senior year with 1,786 yards and 17 touchdowns, leading the Tigers to an 8-4 record while edging Iowa’s Chuck Long in the closest Heisman race ever (at least at that point in history). In four seasons, though he missed a good many games due to injury, Bo finished with a career average of 6.6 yards per carry.

But let me offer you some numbers. In that 1985 Iron Bowl, which of course Bama won on the leg of Van Tiffin, here is the defense Bo was running against (numbers courtesy of When Bama wanted to stack the line, here’s what they had to throw out on the field:

Curt Jarvis   NG   6-2   266
Jon Hand   DT   6-6   275
Brent Sowell   DT   6-5   256
Cornelius Bennett   LB   6-4   215
Wayne Davis   LB   6-4   210
Venson Elder   LB   6-2   230
Randy Rockwell   LB   6-3   189
Joe Godwin  LB   6-2   217

This averages to 212 lbs. per LB and 265 lbs. per lineman.

Can you for a minute imagine a 189 lb. linebacker today? And a 256 lb. defensive lineman? In contrast,  Alabama’s 2009 defense:

Terrance Cody   NG   6-5   365
Lorenzo Washington   DT   6-5   290
Brandon Deaderick   DT   6-5   287
Rolondo McClain   LB   6-4   258
Dont’a Hightower   LB   6-4   250
Eryk Anders   LB   6-2   227
Courtney Upshaw   LB   6-4   247
Nico Johnson   LB   6-3   225

That’s an average of 241 lbs. per LB and 314 lbs. per lineman.

Now, enter Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy Award winner in the closest Heisman race since, yes, Vincent Jackson’s victory in 1985.

In two seasons, Ingram is averaging 5.8 yards per carry. In his 2009 Heisman campaign, Ingram finished with 17 rushing touchdowns and three more through the air. He racked up 1,658 rushing yards in ’09, and has 2,386 in his two seasons in Crimson. However, it’s not completely fair to merely compare numbers, since Bo only faced 12 opponents a year in his day, and with the SEC Championship game and an NCAA approved 12th regular season opponent a year, Ingram gets a look at 14.

But look at Ingram’s opposition. And we’ll skip the heavyweights and go with a welterweight in Kentucky:

Corey Peters   DT   6-3   295
Ricky Lumpkin   DT   6-4   294
Taylor Windham  DE   6-4   230
DeQuin Evans   DE   6-3   260
Sam Maxwell   LB   6-3   248
Micah Johnson  LB   6-2   258
Danny Trevathan   LB   6-1   220
Ronnie Sneed   LB   6-4   230

This averages to 239 lbs. per LB and 270 lbs. per lineman (though Windham’s scrawny 230 lbs. definitely brings the average down).

At 5-10, 215 lbs., this seems more like a fair fight than Bo facing Bama in 1985 outweighing the line backing corp by an average of 10 pounds. That’s not to take anything away from Bo. He could neither help his size nor the lack thereof from those around him.

But in picking on those his own size, Ingram blistered Bama’s opponents in its six wins against top twenty five opponents, going for 941 yards in those games (an average of 156 per game). This included torching the nation’s top two rushing defenses in consecutive outings.

One could also argue that the game has changed dramatically since the 1980’s. Though harder statistically to prove, just a few cursory views of old games versus today’s and it’s clear to see that one speed merchant with the ball in his hands could be the difference in a game in 1985. But today, everybody’s fast. Linebackers have sideline-to-sideline speed that make toss sweeps…an offensive staple in the 1980’s…a busted play from the start.  And size?  Everybody’s big. Heck, receivers top 200 lbs. today (Bama has five that do, and a sixth just four pounds shy).

Schemes on both sides of the ball are also more complex today, and players have to be more versatile to play in space. In the 1980’s the motion of the play made it much easier to predict where it was going than today.  On defense, what you saw was pretty much what you got, which is why the occasional reverse could be devastating.

Remember Bama’s comeback drive in that 1985 game? With no timeouts and literally seconds to play, on their own side of the fifty, they actually ran an Al Bell reverse OFF A TOSS SWEEP that burned Auburn for about 20 yards. Defenses just flat out stunk compared to today’s game. (And yes Abarn fan, we remember the reverse in last year’s Iron Bowl, but an ungodly move by your receiver plus the worst containment mistake of the year by a seasoned DB helped that play work, not the defense being out of position…which is what reverses routinely led to in the 8o’s.)

You take Florida’s offense in 2009 and put them on the field in 1985, and they beat several teams by 100 points. And yes, even Abarn’s current Dipsy-Doo, Trickeroo offense would’ve probably banked them that much needed win at home against the Longhorns in 1983. Players were slower, and slower to react than they have to be today.

But even with sweeps, which somehow worked with Bo in the 8o’s, there wasn’t much trickery, and yet defenses struggled to overcome what they knew was coming. But I give you the 2009 South Carolina game, when McElroy couldn’t throw the ball into the stands. Everybody knew what was coming, and yet Ingram embarrassed the #22 Gamecocks in prime time for 246 yards on only 24 carries. Again, against players his own size.

What makes Ingram so brutal is his yards after contact. Bo displayed the same traits, but against the children he was playing against.

Oh yeah, and Ingram led his team to a National Championship.

Take Mark Ingram back to 1985 and he tops Bo’s numbers in twelve games. Nike develops a campaign called “Ingram Knows Football”.  And, in similar fashion to 2009, he wins the Heisman trophy.  Again, it’s no knock on Bo.  He can’t help that he was way ahead of the times.  But against big people with big speed and big schemes to stop him, give the nod to #22, not #34.


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  1. 1

    Great article to read and think about!! Bo Jackson was the best
    athlete I have ever watched on tv and Mark Ingram is the most
    powerful running back destroying defense players right and left!! I love Mark Ingram, but I really enjoy watching Trent Richardson play even more!! RTR

  2. 2

    Bo was the greatest athlete ever.
    Ever. Why?
    Pat Dye said so.

    I remember when Bo single handedly beat Bammer.
    No seriously. Pat Dye made the rest of the team stand on the sideline for 60 minutes whilst Bo played both offense and defense. Auburn won that game 35-0.
    Don’t believe the Bammer liars who claim 13 (PUH-LEASE!) National Championships.
    Bo ran a 3.7 forty yard dash with full pads and Brent Fullwood riding piggyback.
    Bo almost went to the olympics.
    Bo almost went to the NBA.
    Bo won a guitair Duel with Eddie Van Halen. TWICE.

    Bo Played major league baseball and hit 117 homeruns as a rookie. He also pitched 7 shutouts from center field… (BEAT THAT BAMMERIODS!)
    Bo hit a baseball so hard one time he knocked a satelite down. It crashed on some 3rd world country in Central America. There was horrific damage, but Bo went down there are healed a bunch of folks, because GUESS WHAT BAMMERTRASH? BO KNOWS MEDICINE!!!!
    Bo Jackson’s testicles are so large they have their own zip code!!!!!
    Y’all lying Bammers make me sick!!!
    Dont you think for once you could just tell the facts as they really are!!!!!!

  3. 3
    Auburn Man

    Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete in the world.!!!!!
    Bammer lies!!!!!

  4. 4
    Ballplay Indian

    You cant do that ITK. Unless you have a time machine no one else knows about, then why even make the comparison ?

    Heck, I could do the same thing. Lets see. Chris Todd was a better quarterback than Stabler, Namath, and Starr because……fill in the blank with cherry picked stats.

    See how stupid that sounds ?

    Bo was one of those athletes that transcends time. He would be phenomenal today as much so as he was then. Look at his stats, his speed , his power , and they speak for themselves. Mark Ingram may be one of those players as well, but to say hes better is just stirring the pot.

    Other players that would be great in any era……Jordan, Ruth, Gretsky, Montana….They are timeless athletes. History will prove Ingrams stature as an elite athlete. History has ALREADY proven Bo’s stature.

  5. 5

    Ballplay, that’s pretty much what I said, that Bo transcends time or any era of college football.

  6. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Huh……Thats funny, because Im pretty sure I read “give the nod to #22 not #34″…..Your crawdaddin now…..In 25 years, if people are still talking about Mark INgram like people do about bo Jackson, then you will have proven me wrong.

    You and I know thats not gonna happen.

  7. 7

    Did you read the article? I said Bo in 1985 form could start for Abarn today, but Ingram is a better back because today’s game is much more difficult due to increased size, speed and scheme. Wes Neighbors, Bama’s starting center in 1985, took the field at 250. You can’t tell me that would play today. So yes, #22 facing 260 lb. linebackers that run 4.4’s gets the nod over Bo who faced 189 lb. linebackers that were slower and less developed. It’s not hard math.

  8. 8

    I think it’s simply too early to compare Ingram and Bo. If Ingram sticks around for 2 more years (which he would be crazy to do), then maybe you can start truly comparing.

    Ballplay, you nailed it on the attempts to compare the competition of one era over another. That simply doesn’t work. I can’t believe my eyes, but I think I just read where ITK downplayed Cornelius Bennett as lesser competition to make his point. That’s absolutely insane. Biscuit was as dominant a linebacker as I have ever seen in the SEC. I don’t give a rip what era he played in. (and I think Steve Buerlein would probably agree.)

    The only SEC RB that can be spoken in the same sentence with Bo right now is Herschel Walker.

  9. 9

    Actually the comparison of eras works just fine. So you’re telling me Bama’s National Championship team from 1934 could take the field today and compete in the SEC? And yes, Ballplay, Chris Todd could join that team and dominate.

    It’s obvious…watch any game from 1985 and the athletes are slower, smaller and less developed than today. The compliment to Bo is that his talent and ability back then was good enough for today. That can be said of very few players; Biscuit may be one of them, but he’d probably need to add some weight.

  10. 10

    I loved watching Bo play, when at Auburn, and especially when he was a Raider. I agree it is difficult to compare athlertes from different eras, but I it’s still fun. The gene pool and athletic systems that produced a Mark Ingram are different than the ones that produced Bo. yes, Bo was a man among boys in many ways. Ingram is a man among men. Would the Bo of the 1980s play as well today? Unlikely. Would Ingram of today dominate the defenses of the 80s? Likely. As would a number of other runners I am sure. I think what makes Bo special is that in fact, he made other quality players appear irrelevant on the field. On that drive against South Carolina, Ingram made most of USC look irrelevant, and while I like GMac, we sure looked like we didn’t need a QB on that drive, But day in and day out? No comparison. Ingram had a great season on what might be the best college team of all time, but he is not era-defining.

  11. 11

    Well if you completely ignore the evolution of training, weightlifting, diet, and gameplanning over the years of course you can simply say that modern day Vanderbilt would dominate the 1979 Bama team if they could magically jump in a time machine and play. It’s not that simple though.

    If those teams from 20, 30, and 40 years ago would have had 6-9, 305 lb D-linemen who ran 4.7’s and 260 lb LB’s that ran 4.5’s to put on their team, don’t you think they would have done so??? Those type of players have been created by the evolution of the game. It’s not because the coaches from previous years had no interest in putting those monsters on their teams. Those type of players didn’t exist then.

    I get your point, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I just think it’s rather silly. By your line of thinking guys like Namath, Bo, Earl Cambell, Hugh Green, Dorsett, Lee Roy Jordan, Archie Manning, Billy Sims, etc are all reduced to mediocrity or worse simply because of the era they played in.

  12. 12
    Ballplay Indian

    To a point I see your arguement. But, there is always a way to look at it objectively. Those lineman were the standard for the day. The diet, the workout regiman, the practice today is light years ahead of what it was then. And it will be light years ahead of what it is now in 25 more years. BUT, look at Bos physical attributes. He was faster then, stronger then, quicker then, and more powerful THEN. Imagine what he would have been like with Ingrams regiman, practice , diet, etc. Bo ran a friggin 4.19 40 in the NFL combine in 85. The fastest time ever at the combine. He would start for ALABAMA if he was playing today.


  13. 14

    Well guys, welcome to the silly season. What are we supposed to talk about in here, basketball?? 🙂

    Greg said it best: “Bo was a man among boys in many ways. Ingram is a man among men.”

    And I also agree with his last statement:

    “Ingram had a great season on what might be the best college team of all time, but he is not era-defining.”

    Bo did redefine his position in his day, but playing today he wouldn’t be as dominant. What Mark Ingram did in 2009 against better competition trumps what Bo did in 1985. That’s all I’m saying. But that’s not to say Bo wasn’t a freak. He was, and I still like to watch old footage of him.

    And on a side note, it’s ludicrous how close the vote was in 1985.

  14. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Does Ingrams performance in the Iron Bowl in 09 “trump” what Bo did in the 85 Iron Bowl ?

    That was unneccesary wasnt it ?

  15. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    That, or Ingram isnt near as good as you think he is. Sheesh, that heisman has got your brain fooged up.

    Here is an experiment. Google “best running back ever” and see how many hits you get for Ingram.

    Then count the ones for Bo.

    I rest my case.

  16. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    And I love the way people gobsmack you upside the head with facts that totally blow holes in your arguements, then you say “and thanks for making my point”….

    Where did you get that crap from ?

    Its funny and sad all at the same time.

  17. 21

    Let’s see…the 85 Bama D was facing a Senior Heisman candidate and front runner Bo Jackson who gashed them in previous years. I’m gonna go with a “yes” on that one.

  18. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    Yes on you got it from Shane ? Or, yes on they were gearing up to stop the run in 85 ?

    The difference in the two backs is this.

    Bo would have started for the Tide in 09 and still got over 100 yards against one of the worst defenses in the SEC. And it wouldnt matter if they knew he was getting the rock every single play.

    Keep in mind that we tried on other occasions to sell out on the run, and it did not work. See LSU.

  19. 23

    ITK, I agree on your point about the closeness of the vote being ludicrous. 25 years later, does anyone remember the illustrious college career of Chuck Long?? I bet people in Iowa talk about Bo more today than they do Chuck Long.

  20. 24

    What even happened to that guy? I’m not all that familiar with the 1985 ballot, but I can’t believe Bo Jackson was close to anybody in that race.

    Although I will say, sports and entertainment marketing did its fair share in securing his legacy. The ability was phenomenal and there, sure, but when Nike comes calling, good things follow.

  21. 25

    Ballplay, LSU wasn’t getting ready for consecutive championship games. The Iron Bowl was a fantastic game where Abarn executed a near flawless game plan, in my opinion playing well over their heads…which is nothing to discredit. But Bama didn’t throw the playbook at the Tigers in that game (and it almost came back to bite them). There was a bigger fish to fry the following week.

  22. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Oh Bull crap…..How many carries did Ingram have ? Answer : A lot. Richardson had a few as well.

    That gemplan was the exact same as every other week. Establish the run , then go play action. With a deep throw mixed in every once and a while.

    The only problem was ,, you never established the run.

    Ingram took himself out of the dadgum game. How many yards did he end up with ? 30 ?

    To compare him head to head with Bo , regardless of era, is homerism at it worst. There simply is no comparison.

    Speed : Bo wins by a gigantic margin.
    Agility : Bo wins decisively.
    Power : Bo wins again. Though iIngram is a strong runner as well.
    Durability : Time will tell.
    Vision : Bo.

  23. 28
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Mark Ingram > Bo Jackson
    Ben Tate > Mark Ingram

    Winner is Ben Tate aka the best running back in the state of Alabama (and he has the hardware and stats to back it up).

  24. 29
    Big red A

    Precisely the kind of aubie bullshit you would expect.

    22 split time wit 3, and 5.
    34 split time with ?

    22 had less than 10 carries in a couple of games, and still topped 1600 yds.

    My 4 year old is a better QB than todd.

    oh yeah, 22 could read and write before college.

    You aubs are fools, you can’t even recognize a compliment.

    Bo was friggin awesome, Ingram is friggin awesome, an opinion I dare you to find real fault in (because it’s an opinion dumbasses).

    We’ll see how many yards he has with proper practice time. How many did he have as a freshman in the IB? Y’all keep forgetting about that ASS-WHOOPIN’ you got.

  25. 30

    Big Red, do a little research before you speak. You think Bo never shared carries? You ever heard of some guys named Lionel James, Tommy Agee, Brent Fullwood, and Tim Jessie?? Every one of those guys played in the same backfield as Bo, and were also drafted in the NFL.

  26. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    What do expect from him. I was about to shoot him down , but you beat me to it.

    So typical of these necks to spout off when they aint got a clue.

    Bo Jackson missed most of his junior year to injury. Or else he would have beat Herschel in almost every category.

    Jackson is widely considered one of the all time greats in CFB. This isnt disputable.

    Please shut up. This isnt even an arguement. To argue this only shows your stupidity.

  27. 36

    In the butt?
    Nice article to stir the pot and you have your neck in NY to come in and talk smack. No question about it, Bo would have been starting on this 2009 Crimson Tide team AHEAD of Ingram and TR.

    TR is the most dyanmic back you have not Ingram. I agree Ingram is a workhorse, but he cant run a 4.19 40. He can run over LBs (although that might be debated by Josh Bynes who tatooed his number on Ingrams chest this year), but Bo could run over LBs too (ask juiced up Bosworth).

    Your argument is NULL and VOID but thanks for playing.

    Bo was a game changing, DOMINANT player. If he ran behind Alabamas offensive line this year, it would have been only Bo showing up in NY to get the Heisman. Tiebow, McCoy, and whoever else would be watching from home cause it would have been no contest.

    Keep trying. AU is coming back and your propaganda website cannot stop it.


  28. 39

    BamaHate, Ingram would have been more dominant this year had he gone against 266 lb nose guards and 212 lb inside linebackers.

    And for the record, AU is coming back…to where? Being marginally good?

    I hope this propaganda website can hold them down as long as possible. Chiz called the other day and asked us nicely to stop.

  29. 42
    Ballplay Indian

    ITK, you do realize that the “better players in this era” arguement applies to offensive lines, fullbacks , and tight ends too dont you ? If you morphed bamas line to 1985 (did I just say that ?) then I could run behind it for the Heisman.

    Bottom line is that a player like Bo would be every bit as dominant today as he was in 85. Again, Bo didnt have the science of CFB nearly as perfected as Ingram has the benefit of. If anything those smaller LBs would have a better chance of catching the man after breaking the corner.

    Hammah please just shut up.

  30. 43


    “Bottom line is that a player like Bo would be every bit as dominant today as he was in 85.”

    That is precisely what I said. You’re either looking the other way or just don’t understand.

    I’m saying Bo in 1985 and Ingram in 2010 are physical equals, though I believe Bo was faster. But the main difference is Bo played against players not near as developed as him and Ingram faces them every day. Kapeesh?

    Therefore, what Ingram has done is most impressive.

  31. 44
    Ballplay Indian

    But they are not equals. And you know it. The vey essence of your post implies Ingram is better. Hes not .Hes not even close to his EQUAL. They arent equals . They arent even in the same category. To debate otherwise is an execise in futility. You know this. Your only trying to bait and get a high post count. But thats alright. Ill play your game.

  32. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    And they arent physicals equals. bo went about 235 when he ran that 4.19. He was a speciman in any era. What Ingram going now ? 215 in the off season ? Please man. Get a grip. Look at the stature of both men in their prime. Bo crapped turds bigger than Ingram.

  33. 46

    Ingram has championship bling on his hand and is going to the White House Monday. Bo never did, and lost twelve games in his four years at Abarn.

    At this same point in their careers, Bo lost twice as many games as Ingram, and Ingram has had four more opportunities to lose than Bo.

    And Ingram has crapped bigger turds than the linebackers Bo had to face.

  34. 47
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Damn, I knew when I saw the headline of this thread that the dogs were gonna get woke up. Never kick a sleepin’ dog. All I’ll say is Ingrams lack of production in the IB was in part due to the O line. If he had Andre blocking for him it would have been a bit different. In fact Mark could have had 2000 yards as a freshman if Coffee hadn’t been in the way. That being said, there’s a chance Richardson will be the greatest RB in history. It’s a shame, but in spite of his greatness and all of his highlite reels – the thing Bo will always be remembered for is Wrong Way, which makes it much easier to group him with Carnell on the IQ scale.

  35. 48

    In the butt,
    back to kicking your ass is where. Again we have the #1 players out of 3 states. Once more if you look at AU or running back U, Bo was the best. We have had Brandon Jacobs, Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, Stephen Davis, Brent Fullwood, Lionel James, etc. Alabama has had some great ones but none like Bo including Ingrahm.

    One neck in one of these previous propaganda posts even thought Brandon Jacobs was a one year and out NFL player, till most reminded him that he was on a superbowl Giants team. Geez, get a life.

    Good luck this year, you guys lost a lot of players. I bet TN will finish the job this year.

  36. 49

    Brandon Jacobs wasn’t a one year and out NFL player. He was a one year and transfer to another college that knew what to do with him player. Finished at Southern Illinois. Therefore, you can take him off your wall. He’s a Salukis, not a Tiger.

  37. 50

    Oh and BamaHate, among the two #1 recruiting classes and 3rd/4th class we bagged this year (according to what service you subscribe to), I’m sure we’ll be able to fill whatever holes we have on defense. The O is intact. You know, the one that crammed it down your throat and you couldn’t stop when the Iron Bowl was on the line?

  38. 51
    Ballplay Indian

    YOu dont think Colin Pekek or the other running back that caught the pass in the IB are losses ? Not huge ones , t they are losses.

    And we are not talking about teams, we are talkiing about individuals.

    For instance. Is Barry Sanders success defined by what the Detroit Lions did ?

    Who, in my opinion was the best ever in any era.

  39. 52

    I have to disagree with the guy who said that bo ran a 4.19 40.
    I read on an auburn blog he ran a 3.68 at the pro combine. I also read that Bo was an accomplished violinist, A Rhodes scholar, and he once high jumped 9 feet 2 inches.
    Everybody knows Bo was the greatest Athlete who ever lived. Look how many times he beat Bammer!!!! Check the records! 4 years in a row and Bo scored something like 26 TDs against Bama alone.
    Just go to any auburn website they will tell you real truth!!!!!

  40. 54

    Bo was a phenom.
    Still is.
    I read on an Auburn blog he still runs a 4.2 40 and he is almost 50 years old.
    Sure the players back then were smaller slower and weaker. but if Bo played today, it would be one National Championship after another on the plains.
    Lucky for Michael Jordan Bo didnt take that lucrative pro basketball offer Bo could jump from the half court and dunk.
    This is coming from an Auburn Man. And we dont embellish or exagerate stuff. Ever.

  41. 55

    I love Alabama and I love Mark Ingram, but the only backs in college that I have ever seen that compare to Bo are Herschel and Barry Sanders.

  42. 56
    Ballplay Indian

    AUTF…..Your not that funny. Well, maybe the first 5-10 times you were. But not anymore. Its just stupid now. Not funny. And irritating

  43. 57
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I’m gonna disagree with all of you. The best RB who ever lived, unfortunately didn’t live. He was Ernie Davis. Nobody can deny Jim Browns greatness, yet running behind many of the same O linemen, Ernie smashed Browns records at Syracuse and won the first Heisman by an Afro-American. And unlike Bo and Carnell, he could actually write and speak English! In other words he was an educated black man coming into college just like Mark Ingram. Didn’t need his grades falsified or tests taken for him like Cow College RB’s. LMFAO! RTR!

  44. 58

    I love how the UAT fans have to validate their HT winner. Ingram’s a good hard runner, but Richardson’s probably better. And as far as Bo goes, he played when he did, and dominated then. He could probably dominate now. Certain people can dominate today as well as in the 80’s. Joe Montana is another example. Let’s see what Ingram does in another year before we start crowning him best all time

  45. 60

    Google this……”Bo knows what Bo can do.” This is what he said to 60 minutes just before he juked hisself out of his own hip.

  46. 61
    Ballplay Indian

    He didnt “juke himself out of his own hip” …He drug a dude one legged for about ten yards.

    Bo and Carnell may not be masters of the English language, but they are good people. Heck , if most of you heard me speak, you would hear lots of southern twang. Probably holds true for most on this board.

    Bo was a success after sports as well. He has several succesful businesses, and is very good with his money. Still married to the same woman and is a great father to his kids.

    Carnell has been succesful and determined after some major setbacks in his own career. Never complained that ive seen . And to me is a very good role model for work ethic and in general treating people right. Ive not heard anything “thuggish” or “gangsta” about the man. He seems pretty humble , and also seems to live within his means while taking care of his family.

    Bo especially was brought up in the styx, and sports gave him an avenue to success. But who is to say he or caddy wouldnt have succeeded in life without sports ?

  47. 62

    ITK, I gotta hand it to ya. This was a great topic for an article at a dead time of the year. You knew this topic would get a debate raging.

    Here’s another one: 04 Auburn and 66 Bama. Both undefeated teams that got screwed by the poll system. Which team was better? (of course, by your rationale it would have to be AU because they had huge, fast linemen and linebackers.)

  48. 63

    As a “Bammer”, I’m a fan of Bo. I think I made that clear in my article.

    But the issue for discussion was, in college…at no fault of his…he ran against smaller, slower players in a much simpler game. And in contrast, Ingram’s Heisman was won against bigger, faster defenders in a faster game.

    Not sure what Carnell has to do with anything, though he was entertaining to watch too.

  49. 65

    Ha! There’s no question today’s football player is superior to those from past eras.

    You can’t discount their accomplishments, because it is all relative to the time in which they played. My compliment to Bo was that he transcended era, so a comparison with a like athlete and his accomplishments is in order.

    But comparing an entire team with a team forty years later is much more difficult to do. Both got screwed over, though I have to admit it was a relief I wouldn’t have to see all the tags, shirts, commemorative mags, posters and such. Must be tough. 🙂

  50. 66
    Ballplay Indian

    Bo would have started on the 04 Auburn team. Thats how good he was . He would have started on the 07 Arky team too. Lets not forget the 05 USC team either.

  51. 69

    Hey Blowplay,
    What is so funny about telling the God’s honest truth the way Auburn fans see it?
    I am an Auburn fan too!
    From my 4 wheel drive to my cowboy boots, My Auburn baseball cap turned backwards (like Coach Trooper) and my Brass Auburn spitoon!
    I aint ashamed that I call Bammerturds mullets, (even though I wear one and I have a Billy Ray Cyrus compilation cassette always playing on my stereo in my truck!)
    I have spent countless hours online trying to debunk the Bammer Championship myth, and spreading internet rumors of fictitious NCAA investigations that would give Bammer the death penatly!!!
    What the hell have you done?

    See Blowfly….
    You know what your problem is?
    You are afraid to embrace your Auburn Man roots.
    You want to be all hoity-toity about it and act like your sh*t dont stink. You are probably one of those so-called auburn fans who never even attended Auburn. Well I did! And I aint ashamed of my degree in sociology, or the fact that someday Auburn will finally lead the SEC into the 21st century and actually allow minorities on campus who arent athletes!!!
    I will tell you the type of fan I am….I have a tiger with an eagle’s head rolling a tree in Toomer’s corner painted on my living room wall.
    I have a tattoo of Pat Dye over my heart and a tattoo of the numbers 2004 under a tattoo of a tear drop under my left eye.
    I have a hand autographed photo of Tommy Tuberville holding up 5 fingers of his left hand and a bag of goldern flake potato chips in his right.

    So my best advice to you “Mr Ballplay Indian Super high fulootin’ Auburn Fan” is GET SOME CLASS!!!!

  52. 70
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Well Bear thought the ’66 team was his best, and if that’s true then it was probably the best team of all time. What did it have something like 7 or 8 shutouts in a 10 game season? The ’77 team got fucked too when Notre Dame jumped them after beating an overrated Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Both ’66 and ’77 fucked us out of what would have been the only 3peats in history. But we’ll get it back in ’10 and ’11. RTR!

  53. 71


    probably not. Fl has the athletes this year that everyone wanted. If I were a bettin man, little Nicky is gonna be cussing at his own players some more after y’all play them.

    See ya in Nov.

  54. 72

    when are we going to get over this disgusting habit of comparing ourselves to anything auburn, publicly or privately???

    i, personally, don’t give a good goddamn about the stuttering bo jackson, pat sullivan, pat dye or anything related to auburn.

    when we’re at our worst, we’re still better.

    i don’t have make ridiculous comparisons to know that.

  55. 76
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    BamaHate don’t be stupid. Bama got everyone we needed also. Plus Florida’s freshmen won’t be winning any games for them against the likes of Alabama. Maybe against Kentucky, Vanderbilt or Auburn. What’s more, all the experts decided Bama was supposed to win the NC in 2010 or maybe even 2011, not 2009. That we actually won it a year early and won it going away, should scare the hell out of everyone the next 2 years and more cause that team that was supposed to win it in 2010 is still there, and even better than everyone thought. Fuck Florida. Tebow and all their superstars didn’t help them last year. And without Tebow their freshmen sure as hell won’t help them this year. RTR!

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