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    Hunter Ford

    Are Confederate flags banned at the stadium or did the school simply stop endorsing the practice officially like say, stopping the band or cheerleaders from waving them?

    Seems like it might be a freedom of speech constitutional issue to say the average fan could not bring one to wave.

    The old Col Reb did not seem so bad, but I’m not a good one to judge that I guess.

    This is a different situation than the teams that have dropped Native American Indian mascots and nicknames.

    I have always thought that practice to be ridiculous. Teams choose mascots to reflect themselves in a positive light not a negative one, so naming your team after a Native American Icon is actually a tribute not an insult.

    History is what it is. A riverboat gambler might be ironically appropriate since Mississippi is the gambling hub of the South.

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    Are they still the Rebels?

    Oh well. doesnt matter. How about replacing Colonel Reb with:

    A: Perry the policially correct penguin.
    He never ruffles anyones feathers.

    B. Sam the sellout.
    Sam is a strange looking little blue thing that looks like a tub of goo and has been judged by test groups as being totally unoffensive to any ethnic group.

    C. A Dodo bird with Houston Nutt’s face. No … wait… cant do that one. PETA would just lose it over that one.

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    A streaking Magnolia Tree !
    A William Faulkner writing his way to victory !
    How does one creat a ‘new’tradition ?
    This is a strange pickle Ole Miss is in.

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