Clowns of the Alabama Media: Scarbinsky

Editorial Cartoon: Clowns of the Alabama Media series: Scarbinsky
I am beginning a new series simply entitled, “Clowns of the Alabama Media.”  Oh, there are so many.  Check back weekly for new installments this spring.

Today, we honor Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky.  Some call him a Finebaum wanna be, others a shock writer, others simply a media ho.  But one thing is for sure: Mr. Scarbinsky’s disregard for logic certainly gets people a’talkin’, which is why he has a job.  And that’s a sad commentary on media as a whole in our state:

Nickname: Finebaum Wanna Be

Signature Move: Writing ridiculous content to incite and invoke a reaction.

Career Highlight: Pleading that Mike Shula needed more time at Alabama.

Recent Highlights:

  • An article suggesting that Gene Chizik had silenced his critics because his win total over four years as a head coach had finally exceeded 12 wins,  and thus could not be celebrated on the calendar.
  • Writing 28 articles in a row (seemingly) comparing 13-24 Gene Chizik to two-time National Champion Nick Saban.
  • A piece about an Abarn commit (Spencer Region) claiming his commitment proved that it was “game on” for Abarn battling for in-state recruits…..though many speculate Region never received a formal offer from Alabama.
  • A piece questioning Alabama’s decision to erect a statue of their latest National Championship head coach in an area outside the stadium designated for National Championship head coaches.