Clowns of the Alabama Media: Scarbinsky

Editorial Cartoon: Clowns of the Alabama Media series: Scarbinsky
I am beginning a new series simply entitled, “Clowns of the Alabama Media.”  Oh, there are so many.  Check back weekly for new installments this spring.

Today, we honor Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky.  Some call him a Finebaum wanna be, others a shock writer, others simply a media ho.  But one thing is for sure: Mr. Scarbinsky’s disregard for logic certainly gets people a’talkin’, which is why he has a job.  And that’s a sad commentary on media as a whole in our state:

Nickname: Finebaum Wanna Be

Signature Move: Writing ridiculous content to incite and invoke a reaction.

Career Highlight: Pleading that Mike Shula needed more time at Alabama.

Recent Highlights:

  • An article suggesting that Gene Chizik had silenced his critics because his win total over four years as a head coach had finally exceeded 12 wins,  and thus could not be celebrated on the calendar.
  • Writing 28 articles in a row (seemingly) comparing 13-24 Gene Chizik to two-time National Champion Nick Saban.
  • A piece about an Abarn commit (Spencer Region) claiming his commitment proved that it was “game on” for Abarn battling for in-state recruits…..though many speculate Region never received a formal offer from Alabama.
  • A piece questioning Alabama’s decision to erect a statue of their latest National Championship head coach in an area outside the stadium designated for National Championship head coaches.


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  1. 1

    You forgot his assclown suggestion that the Region commitment was like “Fort Sumter.” I’m fine with that if this war ends the same, and everyone knows it will

  2. 2

    Did any of the bammer fans that showed up at his press conference wearing bama gear and waving pom-poms “speculate” that he never received an offer from Bama?

  3. 3

    I think Region was provided an offer, but it was conditional on him doing something…that could have been don’t take any more trips, or it could have been academic, or it could have been don’t commit until later in the year and you are sure you are really committed. I’ll continue to speculate that made him angry and led to the that Ft. Sumter moment.

  4. 6
    Big red A

    Arie’s lil’ brother took Region’s scholly. Why else would he change his mind so suddenly? Maybe he doesn’t want to play for any championships in his college career, or maybe he saw the writing on the wall and figured playing time was gonna be hard.

  5. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    Could you have a case of sour grapes worse than you all have ? Uuuuhhhhh ,,,no. No, you couldnt.

    Sabans scare tactics are starting to bite him in the butt. For instance, the linebacker from south Al. that committed to the tide as a junior, just visited Auburn and gave it a 10. Where was the tyrant when he did that ? Appearantly , Saban selects who he will bully . He must have misjudged Regions, because we all know how that turned out.

  6. 9

    He has been working there for 20 years. They ran a full page about a month ago – honoring tenure – and his happy ass had 20 under his mug.
    I think that this is a classic case of featherbedding.
    You Union hacks will know what I mean.

  7. 10
    alex hamilton


    You forgot the queer ass beret that Scarbinski is always wearing. I mean, the fucker is always wearing a beret. And he has the nerve to act like his opinion is sacrosanct? You wear a beret Scarbinski. That’s queer.
    You’re not a Ranger or a member of the French Foreign Legion. You’re just an arrogant idiot.

    As for Region, all I got to say is that the fat fuck was in a purple tie with white polka dots during his big announcement show. Auburn can have him. I’d rather have the young man from Prattville with tons of bling on his hands or Love from Mt. Brook. Those boys have enough sense to not wear a doofus ass purple tie (that was tied too short, mind you, and was reminescent of Chris Farley’s “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” routine).

    Will someone in Spencer’s new “family” please tell the boy how to look professional? He looked like an out of shape, dough boy that had sister tie his tie. You’re a schmuck Region.

    See my earlier post on Cullman and Cullman County. Anyone from a neighboring county will tell you that a good 1/3 of the people up there are not right in the head. Seriously.

  8. 12

    yeah Cullman and lawrence county are the inbreeding capitals of the state.

    Ballplay, you really dont know what in the hell you are talking about. (ad here i thought it was an act. Little Nick Saban bullying… Bullshit. You know it and so does anyonw else.
    Right now the tide is in the enviable position of landing almost everyone on their board. Sure they miss a couple. Everyone does.
    But Saban has consistently brought in a top 5 calss almost every year he has been in the SEC.
    Chizik…. not so good.

  9. 14

    Scarbinsky is basketball guy. He’s in a football state with a basketball set of mind — see the ass kissing on Mark Gottfried in his past articles — again as I have stated in numerous other threads that he WASTED a Heisman vote to Ro McClain (although Ro deserved a Heisman he wasn’t EVEN ON THE RADAR!!!) instead of Mark Ingram when everyone knew that this was one of the closest Heisman vote-off in years — an obvious “look at me, I’m causing controversy to get my piece of shit name out there” to the public which doesn’t mean much —

    Sure he’s entitled to his vote — but to represent Alabama’s biggest and Nationally recognized newspaper to “fuck it all up” — he put his ass on the line. If Mark Ingram were to lose that Heisman Trophy by one vote — his ass would of had to leave town — that’s not a threat — that’s a fact.

    They are all kissing Siddall’s ass up there at the Birmingham News to make sure the barner faithful “ain’t left out”. It’s all job security to them and they could care less what the subscribers and REAL public think about it. They BELITTLE the public and think they are above everyone — when in fact they are not — they will learn their lesson one day when subscriptions and sales are to the point where they can’t even hold down a full staff (see The Birmingham Post-Herald) — Scarbinksy — you’re a punk ass with no credit anymore — you are not the face of the paper and you never will be — this ain’t coming from just me but from numerous other individuals.

  10. 16

    I people would only stop responding to his articles (and Finefart’s) they would not have a job. Stop calling in to Paul’s show also. Scarb is like Finebaum – it the perfect example of Bait Journalism. If you can call it journalism.

    I can’t believe you left off his Heisman vote for McClain and did you miss him asking Nick Saban about losing his voice the week of the NC? Nick made Sarbo sound like the idiot he is.

  11. 17

    Indeed TideFan in ATL. — when we talk about someone like Scabbo — we are fueling his credentials — therefore I will no longer talk about Scabbo and his antics. Well said!

  12. 18

    Alex, you’re saying that recruiting decisions should be based upon the color tie that a young man wears?? As usual, in your relentless mission to condemn all things Auburn you blurt something out without even stopping to think how freakin’ stupid it sounds.

  13. 21
    Big red A

    Welcome back ballsack, did you go back to the rental store and get your computer back? I left you a message after my short vacation, but you’ll have to go back to the “Admission Auburn bitch running the snooze” article to enjoy it. I see the phonics lessons aren’t helping your ability to spell, but you keep working and eventually you will get to play with the crayons all by yourself.

  14. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    Big red a-hole. You cant rattle me boy. Never could , never will. You are the only pretender I know of . You pretend to be a man, when you are only a little girl. You show your immaturity , and lack of intellegence by your cursing rants, and constant use of profanity. You are a reprobate. I dont put one ounce of stock into anything you say. Why ? Your not worth it. Not to mention, I know of jiblets of corn in my turds meaner than , and smarter than you. That is all. Crawl back into your cave.

  15. 23
    alex hamilton

    Plays with His Balls sheds a tear like the italian, er, indian Iron Eyes Cody.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth I’m not the only one taking a jab at Region. Rodney Orr called him out a bit on Tider Insider. Very funny bit.

    Where’s the Barn’s Recruiting TV show? Oh yeah, there isn’t one other than those two teenage douchebags on the Rivals site. They sounded like Beavis and Butthead while they “interviewed” or confronted Tony Franklin last year as they stuck a microphone in his face while he exited the building.

    Wonder how they were tipped off that Franklin was fired?

    At least at Alabama, when a coach is let go, Saban doesn’t throw him out like dishwater. The coach usually get’s the chance to further his career (see Major Applewhite). Of course, Saban never hires a coach in an act of desperation.

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