Tebow Update: NASCAR, EA Sports & NFL

Tim Tebow is busy these days. He filmed a Super Bowl commercial and this last week hit Daytona. According to the AP, “Tebow, serving as grand marshal for one of the Daytona 500 qualifying races Thursday, declined to address reporters in the media center because he wanted to avoid talk about his Super Bowl commercial and his NFL future. But in a brief session in the NASCAR garage, he joked that he was hoping his ‘Gentlemen, Start Your Engines’ line would get less criticism than his elongated football delivery. …Tebow also is reportedly close to signing a deal that would land him on the cover of EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2011 video game, which will be out this summer.”

“I don’t know if I’m becoming the face of products, but I’m enjoying the transition,” Tebow told the AP. “It’s something that has been a lot of fun, a little bit overwhelming, but very enjoyable. I’m just trying to take everything in stride and just stay focused and keep working as hard as I can and looking forward to everything in the future.”


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    Tim Tebow is totally marketable. I can’t wait for the NFL Draft — I personally think he will be sent to NFL Europe for one year to work on his mechanics. Realistically, the NFL would be losing a lot of money if that happened. He’s definitely going to sell jersey’s and he DEFINITELY has a career as a broadcaster at the “mothership”.

    I can see him sitting next to Herby and Desmond replacing the ailing Corso if things don’t pan out in the future. Agree … disagree???

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    (cont.) — and no — I don’t think he’s going to the Jacksonville Jaguars — considering Los Angeles is building them a NFL stadium right now — Jacksonville WILL LOSE their team.

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