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    Oh Lord have mercy . It was a butt – ugly win –
    damn sure take it.
    It is pretty obvious that Grant is not liked by some in the Media. It does not matter. He is going to get the Time to turn it around. They can play Defense. Grant needs some pipehitters to make it work…..

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    Was again a nail biter. I’m tired of hearing all the negative talk with Anthony Grant. He’s working with mostly Mark Gottfried’s players (who do not know how to play D) and he’s limited on his play book. Give him some time and by year 4 — we’ll be back in the Sweet Sixteen in no time. RTR!!!

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    Also — I meant GETTING to the Sweet Sixteen on a minimal level — hell I expect an Elite Eight if the seeding is proper. Anyways — getting way ahead of myself —

    Was it me or was that the biggest crowd this season yet at Coleman???


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