The Tim Tebow Rule

The NCAA was busy making rules on everything from taunting to concussions to kickoff wedges to tv monitors in the coaching box and more. One rule of interest: “Requiring players who wear “eye black” to use solid black with no words, logos, numbers or other symbols. That will be effective next season.” I guess this is the Tim Tebow Rule.


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    I’ve no problem with the Bible verses obviously, but what do you do with a player who wants to put something lewd, or a personal message to an ex-girlfriend, or…you get the point. I guess that’s their thinking. I still don’t know what the numbers under Reggie Bush’s eyes meant.

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    Good point but at some level a coach has to be held accountable for deviant behavior that his players commits. The NCAA is trying to legislate every possible infraction and it makes the games less and less entertaining and more controversial.

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    Boy, it’s gonna be ugly when an ref takes a game changing td off the board after a questionable call of “taunting” before the player reeached the end zone. The AJ Green and Ark-Fla call will look like child’s play.

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    I don’t understand how a “taunting” call toward the end of a TD run could be questionable. The players should know the rules – and just run in for the TD without showing off. As Bear Bryant (and others) have said, “Act like you’ve been there before”…

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Bullshit. The level of emotion in a big game demands the right to release it in a non detrimental manner after a big play. I am one of the most severe fans in the world and yet It does not bother me in the least for a rival player to show emotion for a big play against Alabama. There are too damn many take care of the world assholes out there. RTR.

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    I can see the Eye Black Issue getting out of hand too. Agendas – Politics – Personal Issues – or even Horror – ADVERTISING –
    Just broke the code…..

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    ok, last time. in california, and now i think across the nation, area codes reveal a lot about a person whether you’re a ritzy 310, or hollywood 323, or working class long beach 562. reggie bush always wore 619. he’s from the 619. san diego. it ain’t rocket science. stop slandering the man.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Slander is spoken. Libel would be written, if anyone had said anything libelous.

    Of course, I will write that Reggie Bush is a flop as an NFL player, he was bought and paid for at USC, and his girlfriend has a huge ass. But as all those statements are true, they aren’t libelous either.

    So, is that free house his family lived in located in the 619?

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    Reggie Bush is not a bust in the NFL. He played a crucial part in getting his team to the Superbowl and win it. The way he is used in that offense is crucial to New Orleans’ success. Busts are players like charles rogers, Ryan Leaf, and Keith McCants. Not players who score three crucial touchdowns in a teams superbowl run.

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    I know the players are excited when they score a touchdown but the rules say no “excessive” celebration. That’s the rule and I don’t question it.

    When you score, hand the ball to the referee and run as fast as you wish to the sideline. When you get to the sideline, off the field of play, jump up and down – high five, bump chests, do all the celebrating you want, but get the heck off the field first.

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    I’m so glad the NZAA imposed this rule. I got absolutely SICK of the cameras focusing on the players’ “messages” every game. Just put the no-glare on and go out and play the damn game. Too many OchoCinco’s trying to promote themselves now in these days. Even IF it involves religion.

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    The concussion rule is a bit much. This rule will only make players “FAKE” the way they REALLY feel to avoid lack of playtime and letting their teammates down. Just think about it in retrospect.

    Jerome “The Bus” Bettis has a book out in which he talks about the times when he literally had broken ribs and concussions but faked “not being hurt” in order not go on IR and keep the dollars coming in and keeping his value up as a player. If you’re always “hurt/injured” — you’re going to get the ax sooner or later in some sort of fashion. Even though these days were mostly at the Pittsburgh Steelers and not the Notre Dame days — you can make a valid comparison to the new NZAA concussion standards.

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    It’s going to suck to see the “wedge” formation go on kick-off’s — nothing better than seeing a “flock of birds” absolutely decimate the guy with the football.

    The new rules on taunting SUCKS. LET THESE GUY’S HAVE FUN PLAYING THE GAME. Just because someone made a big play and pumps his chest, etc. is because they are in the moment. Even the “throat-slitting” is fine by me. Everyone knows when it’s WAY excessive (ex. Georgia running on to the field at the world’s largest Cocktail Party) but as long as it’s not happening every down — let ’em play. Hey though — I have no control over the situation — I’m just one fan. Sucks.

    All we can do is petition in large numbers.

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