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    Could Tubby recruiting against him in TX have something to do with that? I’m sure this was in the works long before he arrived in Lubbock but I thought it worth mentioning

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    Big red A

    The fact is that the pencil dicked fuck faced boner chompers at the NCAA continuously make new rules to give themselves more power (see U.S. Government). This is just more bullshit, I don’t give a damn if Muschamp makes in home visits. Why are head coaches limited? How the fuck are you gonna get players anymore? Pretty soon there will be no recruiting allowed. I understand that it is a place of higher learning, but football makes money, a shitload of it, and that money pays for a great deal of things other than football. So FUCK the NCAA.

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    Well this doesn’t apply to Florida State anymore but this does apply to Maryland also. I think it’s a good rule for the NZAA to ban the “head-coach-in-waiting” rule. It’s a bunch of bullshit anyways. It doesn’t provide stability for a program long-term — I know some Texas fans who agree with me on that. When is Mack Brown going to step down — he’s just a figure head now — he signs the final deal — etc., etc. — either have a head coach who is IN CHARGE of the program or not. Ya dig??

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    Dennychimes, still paranoid about Tubs even after more than a year and he’s coaching another team in another conference halfway across the country? Old habits die hard, I guess.

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