Razorbacks on the case

There are certain things you don’t mess with, and Arkansas fans are one of them. Ask one of the best SEC coaches what happens when you piss off the Razorback faithful. Houston Nutt still coaches in the SEC but he is doing it at another school, and his cell phone records are now public.

A situation has developed in Arkansas with a connection to Auburn recruiting, and Auburn fans should be worried. Razorback fans are not happy with one of Gus Malzahn’s disciples—Walt Williams.

It seems this photograph making the rounds on the Internet is part of the furor.

Auburn Recruits

Auburn Recruits

(read more about Williams business Pinnacle Preps)

Williams addressed the photograph in letter/apology to Arkansas fans that was posted on (a premium) Arkansas message board and was reproduced on others including LSU site Tiger Droppings. In the apology, Williams discusses allegations that he steers players to certain schools. He writes, “Much has also been made about my “steering” of players to schools. This insinuates a real lack of intelligence on the part of the parents and athletes I am dealing with. Many are very bright kids and most of the parents are very intelligent and accomplished people who would laugh at me if I told their kid they had to go to school at a certain place. There has also been talk about my brother’s post on Dakota Mosley’s wall telling him to go to Auburn. My brother was born and raised here in NWA and was simply joking around with Dakota. He is in fact one of the biggest Razorback fans in our entire family.”

Does that qualify as a non-denial denial?

Williams’ dedication to Malzahn is clear. But how dedicated is he?

Williams takes the time to post on message boards and that played a major role in the current meltdown in Razorback country. Yes, Walt Williams even posted on the Capstone Report to defend Gus Malzahn. See it here. (At least someone claiming to be Williams and posting on January 15 from an ISP with an IP that resolves to the correct area, and used a corporate email address for pinnaclepreps.com.) It is sad when Malzahn has to send out his wife and friends to fight his battles.

How long until we see requests for Malzahn’s cell phone records?

But that could be only the beginning. Arkansas fans know the NCAA reporting process. You can bet a few letters, packets and other juicy tidbits will be making their way to the enforcement staff. I’m betting it will be higher quality stuff that the Gadsden fiction that Auburn fans sent around to media outlets.

Will Arkansas fans be the only ones to report Auburn in 2010?