Razorbacks on the case

There are certain things you don’t mess with, and Arkansas fans are one of them. Ask one of the best SEC coaches what happens when you piss off the Razorback faithful. Houston Nutt still coaches in the SEC but he is doing it at another school, and his cell phone records are now public.

A situation has developed in Arkansas with a connection to Auburn recruiting, and Auburn fans should be worried. Razorback fans are not happy with one of Gus Malzahn’s disciples—Walt Williams.

It seems this photograph making the rounds on the Internet is part of the furor.

Auburn Recruits
Auburn Recruits

(read more about Williams business Pinnacle Preps)

Williams addressed the photograph in letter/apology to Arkansas fans that was posted on (a premium) Arkansas message board and was reproduced on others including LSU site Tiger Droppings. In the apology, Williams discusses allegations that he steers players to certain schools. He writes, “Much has also been made about my “steering” of players to schools. This insinuates a real lack of intelligence on the part of the parents and athletes I am dealing with. Many are very bright kids and most of the parents are very intelligent and accomplished people who would laugh at me if I told their kid they had to go to school at a certain place. There has also been talk about my brother’s post on Dakota Mosley’s wall telling him to go to Auburn. My brother was born and raised here in NWA and was simply joking around with Dakota. He is in fact one of the biggest Razorback fans in our entire family.”

Does that qualify as a non-denial denial?

Williams’ dedication to Malzahn is clear. But how dedicated is he?

Williams takes the time to post on message boards and that played a major role in the current meltdown in Razorback country. Yes, Walt Williams even posted on the Capstone Report to defend Gus Malzahn. See it here. (At least someone claiming to be Williams and posting on January 15 from an ISP with an IP that resolves to the correct area, and used a corporate email address for pinnaclepreps.com.) It is sad when Malzahn has to send out his wife and friends to fight his battles.

How long until we see requests for Malzahn’s cell phone records?

But that could be only the beginning. Arkansas fans know the NCAA reporting process. You can bet a few letters, packets and other juicy tidbits will be making their way to the enforcement staff. I’m betting it will be higher quality stuff that the Gadsden fiction that Auburn fans sent around to media outlets.

Will Arkansas fans be the only ones to report Auburn in 2010?


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  1. 1

    I doubt it.
    I think that the folks at MSU are not too happy with the Aubbos either.
    This (the greatest recruiting class in AU history) just might be a huge curse for Lee County.
    It has definately brought Auburn into the National apotlight because this class for auburn is WAY TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I am sure the NCAA and SEC have noticed Auburn’s good fortune and have got the rubber gloves and the speculum out.
    I have the popcorn popped for this one. Its going to get interesting on the plains in near future.
    If Walt Williams is acting in the role of an agent, then it is a pretty fair bet that money is changing hands.
    Guess what Aubbos….. You might have a Logan Young on your hands.

  2. 3
    Ballplay Indian

    Why not a story on the LSU fans, the Miss. fans , and the Bama fans as well. Seing as we are laying the wood to all of you I see why you would be upset too.

  3. 4

    Why not? Because AU is going to be hoisted with its own petard.

    I can see the packets now heading out everywhere. Funny stuff.

  4. 6

    Wait, laughing at Auburn because Arkansas fans are as mad at AU as AU fans were at Alabama?

    What is paranoid about that? Good grief, I think it is hilarious.

  5. 7
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Funny thing but I don’t wish the Barn any imaginary hardship. If what they’ve accomplished comes soley from innovation and nuts to the grindstone, then good for em. It may make for an interesting SEC west. They’ve shown they can recruit, but they haven’t shown that they can coach. The dumb calls in the IB and losses to Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas proved that. However, if there were Pimp Dye era type shenanigans going on then I say nail their asses to the wall. Anyway, Alabama is beyond worrying about an invertabrate pest. Do ya’ll realize what just happened? Of the 25 consensus top programs, the majority haven’t won an NC in the lifetime of their current students. Many haven’t won one in the lifetime of their proffessors. Some have never even sniffed one. Of the rest of the D1 schools, none of them ever will. In just 2 normal years the Sabanator has us positioned for a real shot at the first ever 3peat. We are elite. We don’t need to scrabble for scraps with the dogs, uhh Barnyards of the world. RTR!

  6. 8


  7. 10
    Prothro's Good Leg

    More typical straw grasping. I guess noone can recruit well except for kneehigh Saban?? Of course when he does recruit well everything is always on the up and up. No reason to name a rule(Saban Bump Rule) after him or anything is there???

  8. 11
    Barack Obama

    You are a fucking retard. Anyone can type any name in these post. You prove everyday why Bammers are idiots. Thanks You

  9. 12
    The Bahr

    Y’all quit wasting your time with these silly posts. Instead, please bring me some golden flake tater chips and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Just knock on my headstone twice and I will get it.

  10. 15
    Shane From Centerpoint

    Its sad that this all you idiots can do now that Auburn has some positive press going. All you sidewalk fans that never attended a class at UAT really make your university look bad.

    Go call into a shitty radio show you asshat.

  11. 16
    The Bahr

    Prothro’s Good Leg:

    It’s effing hogwash I tell you. That little brat doesn’t know the first thing about cheating. I wrote the book on GD cheating and that deserves its own statue. We do both have NCAA rules due to our cheating though. How’s the limp coming along?

  12. 17

    Actually the difference is I can keep track of IPs, can trace locations and corroborate with email addresses. Also, it is funny the guy posted here about a month ago and is KNOWN to post on message boards defending Gus.

  13. 18

    BTW, I’m not saying anything is coming from it. Learn to read. I”m simply laughing that now Auburn is getting hit by other fans….live by the packet. Die by the packet.

  14. 20

    I think UA fans are enjoying how stars now matter to AU recruiting. Unlike the last few years when Rivals was nothing but an Alabama thing.

  15. 24

    Funny…nothing came of those Chargers.

    Will anything come out of the Arkansas furor? I wouldn’t bet on it. But I’m sure going to enjoy watching it.

  16. 26

    You need to get packets ready on Arkansas. They are the ones that look to be turning you guys in. Not Alabama.

  17. 30

    The Aubies still haven’t gotten over the Bear beating their asses year after year after year.

    Of course, he was cheating the whole time and Auburn wasn’t. Now exactly how many probations did Auburn receive during that time period?

    As always, if you want to find Auburn fans go to a Bama site.

  18. 33

    The fans may be right this time and that is great! However taking pride in what they did to Houston Nutt shows how ClassLESS some fans are. Houston Nutt was the best thing to ever happen to the Razorbacks football. These so called fans should be fans in Philly for the Eagles. They would fit in real well. Houston should have gone to LSU when Sabin left when he had the chanch. Of coarse McFadden and Jones would have gone with him.

  19. 34
    George from Nashville

    Didn’t I slap you around bad enough on the radio? Now I have to come here to do it?

    Are you telling me that no one steers kids to Alabama? Not in Cullman? Not in Olive Branch? Not the principal and former coach of Hoover High? Not the HS coaches whose teams mysteriously no-showed at Tuberville’s passing camp 2 years ago?
    Has Auburn had teachers and assistant principals changing grades to get Linemen into school once they commit to Bama? You know, after they were told they would qualify only if they switched?

    Why was Saban visting Cullman High during a dead period again? Flying into town, no less?

    Now go make me a Turkey Pot Pie, beyatch.

  20. 37
    WW is selling a bridge in brooklyn

    I’m not even a razorback fan and I think this guy is full of it. He must think readers are stupid if he’s taking pictures with coaching staffs of other schools and his brother (quite stupidly I might add) is on facebook writing on kids’ wall. Seriously if you’re a big time player, just tell your coach to throw together some game tape and then mail it off yourself. It costs around 20 bucks to set up your own website.

  21. 38
    Non Ignorant Rednecks

    Serious question:

    Are normal Bama fans (read: educated people) embarrassed by the Capstone Report? I certainly would be.

    The articles are ridiculous, painfully articulated, often pointless, indecipherable, and nearly always obsessive.

    Everytime I’m sent a link to one of these online abortions I deduct 1 point from my own IQ. I figure 100 links from now I can be a regular contributor here.

  22. 39
    John Davis

    So, Alabama just won a national championship and 5 of the last 10 articles on the Capstone report are about Auburn. Are you kidding me? This is just embarrassing.

  23. 40
    Sir Porkalot

    Not the first time I’ve ever seen a Tider take up for his brothers to the east, but he could have been a little more “coy” about it to hide the split personality.

    Aubie, you’re going down!!! down.

  24. 41

    I am glad you are donning your Sherlock Holmes cap. Methinks (old English term) you ought to buy a pipe with your cape and sloth demeanor.

    Really, this is about as lame as it gets. Do you really take this recruiting thing personally that so many kids lately have decommitted from the Imp to the Imperialistic Village on the Plains (ie Coleman, Sanders, and now an unimportant lineman Region -say that with a scow)? I mean lets lower the basketball rim so you and Nicky can dunk with the rest of us.

    If Nicky has filled his needs with safeties and corenerbacks, who cares what AU does. Incorporating the offensive line U and running back U shouldnt bother you so much with that 5 star secondary. Oh wait, I forgot, cornerbacks cant takle when they are pancake blocked with turf in their helmets. Sorry, my bad.

    Anyways, this really is bordering on insanity for you to post this. GIGO.

  25. 42

    Good grief BamaHate. I’m not accusing AU of anything. I’m just pointing out a MAJOR meltdown coming out of Arkansas that points to NCAA issues with Auburn. I think it is FUNNY that the school that was snooping around Alabama is going to get it from Arkansas now.

    I didn’t predict anything other than wanting some popcorn.

  26. 43
    WarTiger Hater

    Here are some of the things Walt posted over the past year on a Hogs website:

    From your own NEGATIVE words….

    one thing you do is say ‘if hootie had this type of class going people would be in outrage’…well in hootie’s first 5 years he had a LOT of classes that were worse than this so please lets just leave hootie out of it….lets focus on BP and the issues today….the beef you have with him. Besides if you think hootie left a better team for BP than DF left for hootie…your clients need a refund.

    Post from YOU:

    1. Ok, I am sorry I forgot the team lost the last 3 games when he bailed on them.

    2. You named 5 guys who were good not great players and certainly not high line big time recruits..once again opinion. Did any of those guys last more than 2 years in the league?

    3. Once again he won half those games in C-USA and half in the Big Least.

    4. I don’t want to hear excuses just win. How did Belicek do when his all world quarterback went down in the first quarter of the first game with an ACL tear?

    5. Recruiting to leagues is relative. Sure he will be able to recruit better to a team in the SEC, however, I remind you again he finished 7th in the league. It won’t change this year.

    ie. Auburn has had the top 3 backs in America on campus more than once. We can barely get our in state All American to drive 3 hours to The Hill. The question is why? For some reason some of you are wearing glasses that don’t allow you to see that.

    Again, what I do has nothing to do with this discussion. Quit trying to deflect attention off the facts. Of the kids I have in state only one has an Arkansas offer so here are the rest of the questions left unanswered.

    1. What is the excuse for Byran Jones saying he wants to play for LSU?
    2. Why hasn’t Braylon Mitchell already flipped from Arkansas State?
    3. Why are we waiting on Brishen Matthews who had no other significant offers before we offered him?
    4. Why is Cam Feldt, who is supposedly so solid to us, still going to places
    Oklahoma less than a month ago?
    5. Why do we offer a guy like Uekman and tell him he has 24 hours to commit?

    These are all questions everyone as Hog fans should be asking. However, somehow way too many people are wearing blinders. I remind you we went 5-7 last year barely squeaking by Louisiana-Monroe and Western Illinois by a total of 5 points and losing to Alabama,Texas and Florida by a total of 139-31.

    The difference is I don’t live in this world of Razorback worship. I am and have always been a Hog fan but I call a spade a spade. So here are a list of the things some of the Petrino worshippers fail to point out.

    FACT: Our current Head Coach has gone 8-20 in his last two season as a Head Coach. Somehow he gets a pass for 3-13 in Atlanta and going 5-7 last year.

    FACT: Danny Ford didn’t exactly leave the cupboard full in Nutt’s first year here and we went 9-3 and shared the Western Division. We finished ranked 16th and Nutt was named National Coach of the Year.

    FACT: In 4 seasons at Lousiville Petrino went 41-10. Two of those seasons were in Conference USA and two were in the weakest conference in the BCS the Big East.

    FACT: Petrino signed a 10 year 26 million dollar deal only to leave 7 months later for his stint with the Atlanta Falcons.

    FACT: Recruiting rankings at Louisville.

    2003: 35th
    2004: 64th
    2005: 45th
    2006: 34th

    I hate remind you that our magnificent recruiting class still ranked 7th in the SEC. We also signed the second largest class in the Top 25 which raised our rating a little. With the average 26-29 recruits we would have fallen somewhere in the 22-25 spot nationally based on the scale. Everyone always shy’s away from that fact. They also shy away from the fact that if you lose our two IN STATE recruits in Winston and Berna we don’t even land in the Top 25. So by applying that logic we better not lose Dyer and Jones or we are looking at a 25-30 ranked class.

    I am all for the national recruiting but in doing so there is no reason to lose the top 4-7 in state kids each year. Call it what you want. You can sit here and say “well all Petrino can do is offer them.” Based on that logic we should just offer every big time kid in the country and see who sticks. The coach doesn’t even matter in that case.

    Recruiting is about relationships and your ability to bring kids into your program. Obviously at least the Top 2 and maybe 3 kids in the state don’t feel like their relationship with the staff is very strong. I have never taken up for Houston Nutt in my life but if this were him you would all be crucifying him for these type of statements about kids not wanting to be Razorbacks.


    Well, I have to get ready for a business trip to Cincy. I will let you guys sit on here and pat each other on the back like little buddies…”great post so and so”. Who does that? Keep living in this fantasy you are living in while those of us, and there are 3 or 4 on here, who actually know the players in question laugh at you on the first Wednesday in February.

    CBP Forever…or at least until a better job comes along. History doesn’t lie.

    You guys should have shirts made that say..NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR!

    That way you could wear them every single year.


    Again, what I do has nothing to do with this discussion. Quit trying to deflect attention off the facts. Of the kids I have in state only one has an Arkansas offer so here are the rest of the questions left unanswered.

    1. What is the excuse for Byran Jones saying he wants to play for LSU?
    2. Why hasn’t Braylon Mitchell already flipped from Arkansas State?
    3. Why are we waiting on Brishen Matthews who had no other significant
    offers before we offered him?
    4. Why is Cam Feldt, who is supposedly so solid to us, still going to places
    Oklahoma less than a month ago?
    5. Why do we offer a guy like Uekman and tell him he has 24 hours to commit?

    These are all questions everyone as Hog fans should be asking. However, somehow way too many people are wearing blinders. I remind you we went 5-7 last year barely squeaking by Louisiana-Monroe and Western Illinois by a total of 5 points and losing to Alabama,Texas and Florida by a total of 139-31.

  27. 44

    Barack Obama Says:
    February 10th, 2010 at 2:41 pm
    You are a fucking retard. Anyone can type any name in these post. You prove everyday why Bammers are idiots. Thanks You

    “Thanks You”???
    ‘THANKS YOU” !!!!? You have gotta be fucking kidding me RIGHT?
    Uh… tell me again…. who is the idiot?

  28. 45

    BamaHate Says:
    February 10th, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    I am glad you are donning your Sherlock Holmes cap. Methinks (old English term) you ought to buy a pipe with your cape and sloth demeanor.

    down under there are a lot of “sloths”. In fact I hit one the other day riding out in the bush.
    Methinks he meant “sleuth” but his Auburn edumacation couldn’t afford him the ability to spell it right. Either that or Hethinks (new English) that you are a dumb, slow, foilage eating animal…..er… say ….. like a cow?

  29. 46

    As it turns out.
    Auburn may not be held accountable for the Mosely/Dyer episode, BUT the handler/Agent they paid, will probably be drawn and quartered. (That is unless he is willing to say that Auburn paid him for his services, and the services of the above athletes.)

  30. 47


    I knew someone would fall for the reply to Alan. The poster was making fun of the Obama administration. If you didn’t realize that, then maybe you don’t pay attention to the regular news. Try changing your TV channel to something that doesn’t start with ESP…

  31. 49
    Petrino Fan

    Subterfuge in college football. Against our Razorbacks!

    It has nothing to do with Trey Biddy, actually less to do with Walt Williams’ specific online “apology” for running propaganda against Bobby Petrino, and thank God, it has nothing to do with Houston Nutt. Nothing. As well, even though Wally Hall has to ask permission from The Arkansas Wind for anything he writes, it really has less to do with Hall’s media whitewash of this whole matter over the past four years. Or eleven years (read AAA “investigation”)?

    Subterfuge in college football. A coach at one university using agents…close as family…to undermine another program through electronic media. There are 119 D-1 programs in America. But this has only happened to Arkansas. More than once.

    The latest declaration of war on the Razorbacks even has less to do with dirtbag Walter Williams himself. Let’s not rehash that scum, other than to remember that he was not the only Malzahn minion going on other SEC boards running propaganda. Malzahn runs his stats up in the fourth quarter against La Tech, Ball State and Furman…Williams and others dutifully follow with “Gus’ high octane SEC offense.” Yeah right. As many have FINALLY realized, Malzahn cheated at Shiloh Christian. I think this was before he invented flanker motion. Anyway, IF he did not cheat at Springdale, then Pauly Shore could have won a state championship with eight D-1 players on one team in 2005. “The Eternally Innocent One” then USED his players to gain a job at Arkansas that he did not deserve. Once on The Hill, he whined and moaned…behind the scenes…to all his dutiful minions, who then whined and moaned on electronic media. Gus Whiners Incorporated. I wish I’d bought 1,500 shares of that crap and sold it on February 8th.

    Because on February 9, 2010, Hogville.net, yes even Hogville.net…turned on Malzahn. That’s akin to MSNBC turning on the philosophical upchuck of Voltaire, or akin to Jesse Jackson turning on Jesse Jackson. “Jesse Jackson sucks!” said Jesse Jackson. Yeah that.

    Subterfuge in college football. A coach at one university using agents…close as family…to undermine another program through electronic media. The bashing of Bobby Petrino was not the first time for Malzahn. It was just another round for Malzahn, who was the first, and the latest, and the only one, to EVER do it in college football.

    The Blog…by “realhogreporter”…the INSIDER blog (ahem!) designed to defend Malzahn…the one with multiple references to things only ONE person would be privy to…the one still posted around Arkansas boards even in recent months…that Gus-Bliss-Blog…WAS in fact the gold mine that Malzahn-lovers never realized. Because it more than “implied” multiple times that Malzahn himself was feeding information. Firsthand? Through intermediaries? Both.

    I don’t care if Jack Crowe was still our coach in 2007. The offensive coordinator at Tulsa had no right feeding propaganda to a blogger, who was posting hand grenades against our Razorback program…in 2007. Gus Malzahn engineered that. Not Walt. Not Wally. Malzahn did it. Read the blog. Then read it again if you have to. The Blog wished aloud for NCAA sanctions against our Hogs with stories of Ted Harrod years ago. The Blog scorched the past in regards to the deaths of players Shannon Wright and Billy Burns. Capitalizing on the deaths of two former Hogs…!!!…all for the purpose of ultimately getting Malzahn the head coaching job at Arkansas!!!

    Go ahead and read through that sorry excuse for a “fact finding mission” just one more time. And this time, instead of rehashing The Rift, read how many times the blogger quoted information…from only one possible source…in 2007…when that one possible source…was coaching at Tulsa. And if anyone thinks Walt Williams and others are only a small circle, then how did a CUSA…coordinator…land an interview for head coach at an SEC program in 2008 (another college football first)? Would a coordinator at UAB ever land an interview for the Bama head coaching job? Would a coordinator at Marshall ever land an interview for the Georgia head coaching job? In the history of the world, hell no. Did the coordinator at CUSA Houston, the NEW “number one offense guy in the nation” land anything except a better coordinator job? Hell no.

    Subterfuge in college football. A coach at Tulsa, then Auburn, using agents…close as family…to undermine the Arkansas Razorbacks through electronic media. The Walt Williams/Pinnacle Preps Story will go down as only one of the latter times this has happened in college football history. The previous times it happened in college football history, the main character of the entire saga is consistent with recent events. It was Gus Malzahn the entire time. It was “The Eternally Innocent One.”

  32. 51

    Alabama fans accusing other schools of cheating?!?!?!?!


  33. 52

    13-24 coach.
    Lost 5 of its last 7 games.
    Among the SEC cellar dwellars.
    Coaching staff that is hyped by the Aubunr freindly press as “great recruiters”, when in fact they are merely average.
    Ted Roof, Gene Chizik and the seive defense.
    Gus Malzahn and the Dipsydoo, DivII worldbeater offense.
    No Quarterback.
    An offensive line that is clearly out of its depth in the SEC.
    Tropper, Duper, Super Luper, Pooper and the gang of hats backwards, pants sagging, limo riding, bling-bling wearing, assistants.
    Pat Dye and his cheating cronies.

    Of course Auburn isnt cheating. Ir just programs with better recruiting, more tradition, and better coaching are just plain unlucky.

  34. 53

    Lets play an association game.
    Who doesnt belong in this group of Elite college football programs?

    1. Florida
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Texas
    4. Alabama
    5. USC
    6. Auburn
    7. LSU
    8. UCLA
    9. Penn State
    10. Florida State

    *Which school (schools) have never played for a national Championship?

    * which schools had the worst records last season?

    *which schools finished near the bottom of their conference?

    *which schools havent won a National Championship in 50 years?”

    * which school has the losingest coach?

    No lets refine our quiz.

    *Out of the top six who shouldnt be there?

    *Which team has played every team on that list in the last 20 years?

    *Which team has played the fewest teams on that list. (Hint; it rhymes with Shmauburn.)

    *which school has won the least conference championships? (Again…. think Shmauburn)

    Just a quiz.

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