BIZARRE: It is Alabama, no wait Auburn!

Will the recruiting news stop for one day so fans could enjoy basketball? Or at least not think about college football for one Saturday and maybe think about the Super Bowl?

I guess that is an impossible dream in a state that is always obsessed with football. And Saturday was a bizarre day in the recruiting ranks as Spencer Region told everyone he was an Alabama fan and was going to commit to the Alabama Crimson Tide. However, during an announcement ceremony in Cullman that changed.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, “I am going to Alabama,” Region told before the announcement. “My family knew that’s where I wanted to go. They thought it was a good idea. Coach (Nick) Saban said to commit if I wanted to. Coach Saban was really excited. He said he has big plans for me.”

But something happened and it fell through.

Most of the early stories didn’t provide the details, but had a little additional information.

“I apologize for giving you my commitment story this morning,” Region said. “I was committed to Alabama, and that’s where I believed I was going. I had planned to come here today to announce my commitment to Alabama. I spoke to Auburn on my way over here and felt more wanted by them.”

Let the last line sink in for a moment. “I spoke to Auburn on my way over here and felt more wanted by them.”

Does that tell us anything about Region’s emotional response?

But we can turn to Pravda, err I mean Auburn’s site for more information.

According to Rivals, “I felt like I was taken for granted even by the coaching staff at Alabama. That’s just not where I need to be. I’m not about to go into that kind of program.”

For those who can read between the lines, Region was obviously told his spot was conditional. What the condition might have been is impossible to say. It would seem to fit the facts when a lifelong Alabama fan tells everyone he is going to Alabama and then throws a hissy fit and picks Auburn. (And the fact the recruit told prior to the ceremony where he was going speaks volumes about the situation in Cullman.)

One other note, you have to be disgusted by the Auburn BS spouted by the affiliate. This is the same group of “journalists” who encouraged fans to be at Big Cat Weekend, posted a video of Big Cat Weekend on the platform, and then redacted video evidence of recruiting violations once the violations were pointed out on Internet message boards and this website. Until Rivals forces its affiliates to exercise journalistic standards then these institutions are worse than Pravda. They are arms of the universities. One additional note about the Auburn spin from Rivals, the idea of “Pressure” is absurd considering quotes from Region where he admitted he always wanted the Alabama offer. Here is what he told in January: “I am very excited. It felt really good to get the offer. This is the offer I have wanted. I have worked my butt off my whole life for this. It’s a great feeling, and I was so happy to have my family there with me.” One more note that I should add: How can Alabama pressure him, but Auburn want him MORE?