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    Big red A

    I prefer to call him the “Mediocre Meteor” after his recent and sudden rise to the top of college football with a mediocre record.

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    There is no telling the amount of sleaze that is going on in Southern California with Lame Kiffin and Ed Ogeron(sp?) — I can not WAIT until they get the hammer on them with reduction in scholly’s and TV ban with a possible bowl ban (highly unlikely though due to dollars) — the NZAA can only hide the Reggie Bush/Joe McKnight fiasco for so long before the shit hits the fan.

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    Don’t count on the NCAA to do the right thing against USC or Tenn. They are only interested in self preservation of themselves. USC has too much power. Wait till a chance for BAMA TO HAMMER THEM.

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    Crimson Hammah — Feb. 19, 2010 is judgement day eh? I would love to know how you know this — not a diss by any means but how did you get this info mayne? If this is correct — you are a source to be reckoned with.

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