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    A game is tied for four quarters and a team can lose without its offense or defense ever taking the field, the NFL’s format is absolutely asinine. They will not change it b/c that would admit the college game does something better than they do and their arrogance will not allow that.

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    Hunter Ford

    No! The college overtime is pathetic! They play four quarters of “Real” football, then, if the score is tied, they play something that resembles Arena ball. Why not just have the quarterbacks thumb wrestle to see who wins? Or have everybody line up and play dodge ball, last man standing wins the game for his team! IT IS STUPID. NFL teams winning the toss only win the game 47 percent… that is as even and fair as it gets. PLAY DEFENSE if you lose the toss.

    College should eliminate the overtime altogether for regular season games. That would put some guts back in the game. If you have 30 seconds left and you’re down by three in field goal range shuck the FG idea and go for the win. If you need a two point conversion to take a late lead DO IT…GO FOR IT, play to win and there wouldn’t be that many ties. I miss the do-or-die Nebraska vs Miami in the Orange Bowl moments that have been missing since the OT rule came about.

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    The 47% is in the first possession, the average over a number of years is around 64% for the coin toss winner. I do believe the overtime in college should begin on the 50 and not the 25. Also there are a lot more Pat Dye’s (going for the tie in the sugar bowl) in college than Tom Osborne’s.

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    I absolutely HATE the NFL overtime rules. Each team should receive possession of the ball for equality purposes just like the Collegiate system.

    In the NFL rules committee — you need 24 votes to change something —

    They got 17 votes last time to change overtime.

    The change they are talking about right now and I may have this a little jacked up but this is being voted on and probably WILL be implemented in the future — getting the ball from the 30 yard line instead of the 35 I believe to have some kind of advantage for the other team.

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    Oh BTW — I HOPE it does come down to overtime in the Super Bowl (because I have no money on the game) just to show the world how fucked up overtime is in the NFL —– IMO.


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