Recruiting: Jalston Fowler

T.J. Walls
Recruiting Correspondent

One of the first commitments to the 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide class was Jalston Fowler. At 6’0, 240 lbs., Fowler appears to pass the eye test when fitting the big back system Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban has always used—from T.J. Duckett at Michigan St. (6’1, 250 lbs.) to the rotation of backs Coach Nick Saban used to win his first BCS National Title at LSU.

Fowler is a big back headed to a crowded and talented backfield.

If you ask his high school head coach, Vigor’s Kerry Stephenson, Jalston will be just fine.

“At 240, Jalston is the best athlete I’ve ever been around period. Now Marvin Shinn (commitment to the Crimson Tide for 2011) is the best football player. When he gets to Alabama you will see what I’m talking about.”

Jalston started and was a standout for Vigor since his freshman. Although Fowler didn’t play his senior year due to his age, Jalston played Linebacker, Tailback, Fullback, and even slot receiver.

“As a running back Jalston is definitely an NFL back. He reminds me of former Auburn and current New York Giant tailback, Brandon Jacobs. The difference between Jalston and Jacobs is Jalston is not as stiff. He is more flexible, powerful, and he’s shifty. He’s got thighs like tree trucks and great body lean,” the Coach said when asked for a comparison.

When asked about his character the coach tells C.R. “Jalston is a leader. He’s a positive person that has overcome a lot for his age. He does things the right way, he’s a relentless worker, and he’s one of the brightest kids I’ve been around.”

According to his coach Jalston rushed for well over 1,000 yards as a Jr. In the weight room Fowler benches 415 lbs. and squats over 600 lbs. He is on track to Qualify.


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    Fear Vigor HS — the talent there in Mobile — jeez — they’re keeping it real down there —

    Year after year talent thrives from this ONE high school in Mobile — Vigor.

    Keep the orange and blue pen from dipping in the company ink there — and we’re good to go!!!

  2. 2

    No takes on that I guess eh? 🙂 — I would like someone from the Mobile area to discuss this high school because the talent that comes out of there is crazy. I’m in the Birmingham area and only know about the high school powerhouse programs up here. Much thanks, MGMT.

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