Recruiting: Blue chippers flocking to Florida

AP: Despite the uncertainty about coach Urban Meyer’s future with the Gators, Florida landed one of the top classes in the country Wednesday on national signing day. …In December, Meyer first resigned, then decided instead to take a leave of absence to deal with health issues. That leave hasn’t happened yet, and any concern that Meyer’s decision would hurt the Gators’ recruiting this year have been dismissed. …Texas and Alabama, the teams that played for last season’s national championship, are also expected to have highly rated classes. (read the AP story embedded below.)


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    Not too much to write about today eh? Should be AU is getting most of the “blue chippers”. How you like Coleman going to Chizik along with Sanders we took from the Imp?

    New Mexico must be a better place than the asphault smelling dump Tuscaloosa.

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    People always wonder why the University of Florida is so successful at recruiting. It’s really simple —

    Has nothing to do with the coaching circus in Gainesville..

    It’s FLORIDA — hot women — hot weather — great college town.

    It’s a product of itself — one that I believe until Alabama wins more NC’s — Tuscaloosa can’t sell that — unless you put more hot women in T-Town…that’s what football players care about — playing football, getting laid and getting paid in some sort of fashion — scrap the books!!! (exception to a few…)

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    Damage.More championships?What the fuck.. Are you off your medicine again?Rollllllllllllllllllllllll FUCKING TIDE ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

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    Yeah… because Tuscaloosa isn’t hot enough?

    What 17-18 year old kid is thinking about the weather difference between Tuscaloosa and Gainesville? I live in Gainesville and it’s a shit-hole. As much as I hate UAT, I’d pick Tuscaloosa over Gainesville ANY DAY.

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    I was just trying to state that Florida has great recruiting classes due to their “situation” down there in Gainesville. Don’t test my loyalty to U of A!!! Man I’m Crimson Tide all the way.

    p.s. — more NC’s to come in T-Town and the whole comment was based on recruiting and that only

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