Alabama was a target in 2010 recruiting

Winning the national championship makes other teams insecure. Doubt that? Then the 2010 recruiting season is proof—Alabama was the target in the living rooms as rival teams tried anything to hurt Alabama.

It was widely discussed during the recruiting season, but Nick Saban made it official at his National Signing Day press conference.

“When a guy commits early to us, my disposition is that all we have become is the target,” Saban said. “Because now every school keeps recruiting him and they know the kid wants to come to Alabama so they are bashing Alabama every day whether it is taking out our depth chart and saying we have too many players at that position.”

But Saban didn’t stop there. He pointed out how specific other team’s can be in their attacks on Alabama.

“I’m amazed at what other schools know about our team,” Alabama’s football coach said. “Because I know nothing about their team, and they know more about our team than I know about our team. They get the depth chart out and they know how good the players are—guys that haven’t even played before, and haven’t even been on the field and haven’t even lettered before…guys that haven’t done anything. It is amazing to me (how convincing this can be.)”

But Alabama does it differently, Saban said.

“We don’t do that. We do not negative recruit,” Saban said. “We have a good product to sell and we try to sell it in a positive way.”

In summary, Alabama is back.

If you doubted that when the Crimson Tide won the SEC, or when Alabama stood atop the football world in Pasadena claiming the national championship, you can stop doubting now. Alabama is king, and desperate rivals want to unseat the Tide from its perch. Alabama fans should enjoy the view. Everyone is looking up.


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  1. 1

    Spin it however you want. Chizik was classy and complemented his staff tremendously for time away from their family and hard work. I didnt hear the same from Saban.

    If you want to blame AU for negative recruiting then why did Saban go to Olive Branch Miss for an AU recruit and more importantly what was said. We all know he has said “I hate these guys” in reference to AU. Pretty negative to me.

    Sounds like somebody talking out of both sides of their mouth.

  2. 2

    Then you have something in your ears guy. Saban said specifically that this year’s class is a result of the hard work of the assistants.

    And if you are going to hold against him what a coach says to a team to keep them focused during the game then you are even worse than your name would indicate.

    By the way, where did I or Saban or anyone say it was AU?

    Feeling guilty there buddy?

  3. 3

    Bamahate — what the fuck ever — we DO hate you guys — our Head Coach just reiterated that to your punk ass. He was just saying what most of us Crimson Tide fans feel. I wonder how your censored websites are doing — I bet there is no Alabama fans “talking bad” about what’s going on down there on the plains on the tiger sites.

    Back on subject — I’ve posted before in another thread that we had to fill 9 DB’s which are not rated as high as WR’s/QB’s/RB’s — key position players —

    It will be a comedy to embrace to see your “SwAg” coaches coach up the talent to their “max” potential — 🙂

    LOL’ing as the fade out….


  4. 4

    Riiiigggggghhhhhttttt. Alabama didn’t get another ‘crootin NC and suddenly everybody is out to get them. I guess after 2011 when Saban goes back to the NFL and Alabama falls pack to the middle of the SEC West, that’s just going to be another conspiracy against Bama.
    Nobody is out to get Alabama. It’s just nobody likes arrogant, egotistical @$$-holes like Saban, or rednecks like their fans.

  5. 5

    Allbarn recruited well this year, they need to get a few more good years to catch up with Bama. Cheez-itz said this is only the beginning. However, I always thought the clown wagon crome stretch hummer was the beginning.
    I love what Daddy Saban said about other schools having too much knowledge about Alabama. So true. Most people can’t name ten players on allbarns whole team.

  6. 6

    I don’t see us going anywhere for a looooong time even if for some reason Saban happens to leave which that’s not gonna happen( I know thats wishful thinking on your part). I think Saban was just saying “whose your daddy”. Enjoy competing with MSU for last in the SEC

  7. 7

    Auburn is excited silly about a top-5 class. Alabama fans are kinda disappointed with “only” a top-5 class. Auburn fans are already bragging about an Iron Bowl Win in the future. Bama fans hopeful for another National Championship this year.

    Difference – We expect excellence…

    They expect to win an Iron Bowl every now and then.

  8. 8

    The little Nicktator was his usual narcissistic self today. Especially the part about expecting recruits to keep their commitments to HIM, when he thinks nothing of trying to committed recruits away from other schools. Case in point: Shon Coleman (who all of you were soooo SURE was going to flip to bama until he DIDN’T).

    In short, Saban is a liar and a hypocrite. Always has been, always will be.

  9. 9
    Bama Fan in NYC

    What’s the matter, Kevin? Upset knowing A-barn uses Alabama as a measuring stick for success? Upset knowing Cheez-it has more knowledge on the Alabama program more so than he does Sociology U (which is typical considering most AUtards spend more time focusing on Alabama than A-barn)?

    How much did Pat Dye pay Coleman to play for A-barn? Heck, I bet you guys spent more money on recruits this year than you did on your new basketball coliseum…

    PS: Saban’s a liar and a hypocrite? Wasn’t it Cheez-it who bashed A-barn after bolting for Texas in 2005, then he ultimately ends up as the head coach at A-barn anyway?


    Got Saban?

  10. 10

    What a crock of Shit. I am sure Saban was referring to his bag men when he thanked his assistants. The truth is there are more players out there who dispise Bama, their coach, and their fans. I don’t think it takes much effort for a school to get a player who wants to stomp Bama’s cheating ass!

  11. 11

    Hey NYC mullet,
    your athletic budget has doubled since Shula left. Did you actually realize that? Saban spent over 750000 this year in “recruiting expenses”. You guys are bashing Kiffin for Hostessgate, looks like he was landing them at a far cheaper rate. Where is all of that money going too? Shane always talks like AU is paying players, your budget far exceeds any other school. You put the math to it.

    Also if I was a recruit and he compared me to buying a dog, then I would have virtually no self sense of worth to commit to a little Hitler jerk like that.

  12. 12
    alex hamilton

    Kevin and Hate,

    Go fuck yourselves.

    Better yet, go cry in the corner about how you will never ever be as good as Alabama.

    Yeah, I really hate you douchebag mutherfuckers. Ever since 2005/2006 when you took low class to an all-time low. The chant is Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer GIVE EM HELL ALABAMA.

    Looking forward to yelling it at you punks while you crawl back to your cars and exit Bryant-Denny in the early moments of the 3rd Quarter.

    Classless? I will tell you what is classless. Classless is your fucking fanbase. When you get your ass kicked, you fuckers bail like rats on a sinking ship. Lest you forget the 2001 Alabama win.

    There’s nothing like a bare Jordan-Hare.

  13. 13

    Jesus Christ,
    Auburn fas are a gullible lot.
    Ever Since Mr. 13-24 came to town the auburn admins and athetic department have done nothing but lower the already pissant high bar at auburn.
    Look at the schedule.
    Now whatever you do Jay (dumbass) Jacobs, Dont schedule any real competition in your out of conference games. That would be too much like being a real program. Keep the patsies rolling in and you can buy your way into a lower teir bowl, and keep the yokel fanbase and boosters happy with your “progress”
    Auburn fans are suckers. And the always have been.

    I laugh at you hillbillys everytime you undeservedly act like your shit doesnt stink and that your mediocre school and athletic department are “elite”

  14. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    My goodness people. What does it say for the state of Alabama to have 2 top five football recruiting classes , and a national champ ? Yeah it hurts to be around the arrogant bama fans but, in reality its good for the state. For our population, its insane the way CFB is so dominating in our state.

  15. 15

    I kinda doubt Saban was talking about AU there, simply because because Bama and AU didn’t go head to head on too many guys down the stretch. I still think he’s being a whiney little brat and a total hypocrite for spewing that crap, though. You really believe that Saban, one of the most ferocious recruiters on the planet, doesn’t try to sell specific “advantages” a recruit would have by going to Bama instead of another school he’s going head to head against?? You think he never sold specific reasons to Trent Richardson why it was better for him to come to Bama over Fla.?? Oh, but I guess it’s “positive recruiting” when Saban does it. And here’s my absolute favorite line of BS: “I’m amazed at what other schools know about our team…Because I know nothing about their team, and they know more about our team than I know about our team.” Yeah, like that control freak never even bothers to scout his competition. Riiiiggghhhttt.

  16. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    I can see why yall are ill. The defending national champs being out recruited by Mr 5-19 an all. You all need to realize that you had a very good class in your own right…..Just not quite as good as ours…Anyhoo, , , I belive its the “early playing time” that sold a majority of our recruits. but,, not only that. Gene Chizik put together a coaching staff of ruthless recruiters, and it paid off big.

  17. 17

    Saban is a GREAT coach, but yesterday was nothing more than double talk… He should have left that alone. came off as a hypocrite and so does this article..

  18. 19
    Legion Field

    Scout, ESPN, Maxpreps, and any other recruiting service with the exception of rivals…rates Alabama’s class higher.

    Rivals factor in the number of recruits into the equation. Thats why Auburn…who led the nation with 32 plus recruits…was ranked higher as an entire class..than Bama……but even Rivals has Alabama with a higher ranked average than Auburn…..Anyhoo, Bama’s the National Champions.

  19. 20
    Legion Field

    ….and just like a bunch of hypocrites, Auburn whines and whines until the “Nutt Rule” is created….then, they are the first team to actually break the applied “Nutt Rule”

  20. 21

    bamafan36, you obviously don’t know the rules. Bama fans are not allowed to say anything in here that could possibly cast the mighty Saban in a less than positive light. Everything about Bama and Saban is all good and positive, and everything about AU is evil, incompetent, and corrupt. Oh, and despite these rules Phillip Marshall will still be condemned as an Auburn lackey.

  21. 22

    Actually, Rivals doesn’t count every recruit. It stops at 22 or something like that. I can’t remember the formula off the top of my head.

    I do enjoy the humor of all these AU fans loving Rivals. Wasn’t that the company that these same fans accused of being biased toward Alabama? Football fans are funny.

    Please Julio, Alabama fans do criticize Saban and the University. However, it was pretty obvious the guy was just stirring the pot here.

  22. 23

    Cappy, and I love how all these bammers are bashing Rivals right now all the while ignoring how much they loved them last year when Rivals was the only major service that ranked Bama #1.

  23. 25
    Big red A

    Julia, are you seriously commenting on someone else’s “whining”? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I didn’t see anyone “bashing” Rivals either, he only said that Rivals was the only service where aubie was ahead of Bama, and that is simple truth. I do understand that aubies have trouble with the truth, but dang, it is in black and white.

    Here is a challenge to the barn.
    Give 3 OBJECTIVE reasons you think aubie is a better football destination than Bama.

  24. 26

    Here’s the deal. Cheeznik did do a great job of getting very good recruiters and that is apparent. None of them are very good coaches, with the exception of Malzahn and that is an iffy. Bama has BOTH and from what I’ve seen over the past 3 years we have nothing to worry about as far as our needs and developing players. We have a rack of great coaches and recruiters. It will also be interesting to see how good our class will be next year. Huge classes always run a year in the rear after a MNC because relationships have already been established between players and coaches before that happens. Look at Florida this year. Wait and see what winning the MNC will do next year. We’ll blow everybody out of the water.

  25. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Bush. I disagree. There are a couple. Trooper has an eye for talent and can coach. His former wide reciever in the NFL can attest to that. Traci Rocker is also an excellent position coach. Roof on the other hand, not convinced. Anytime a middling big 10 quareterback throws for 500 yards on you, thats horrendous. I just hope that Chizik sees that before its too late. Mahlzan is a very good offensive coordinator, and his record proves that, no matter what the haters say.

  26. 28

    Just what is Mahlzan’s record? Specifically. I agree about Rocker and had forgotten about him but Trooper is a joke. Anybody that acts like he does doesn’t need to be around young people. Completely idiotic and I’ve notice he sure has put on the pounds in the past year or so. Must be feeding him good on the plains. You stack the Bama staff against the Barn and it’s not even close. I love the future because it’s bright as hell in Tuscaloosa. I loved our recruiting this year but it’ll be even better next year. When a kid can look and see how players are developed by Saban and staff and only have to play 3 years to be a high draft choice he’ll jump all over it. Look at the record. Plus they get to win championships.

  27. 29

    Alex Hamilton said:

    … “Looking forward to yelling it at you punks while you crawl back to your cars and exit Bryant-Denny in the early moments of the 3rd Quarter.” …

    Goodness!!! LMFAO!!!

    ’nuff said!!

  28. 30

    I love this! Auburn hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us! Auburn Hates us!

    We beat Auburn at everything.

  29. 31

    bushsux, why don’t you at least bother to check Trooper Taylor’s record before you run your mouth. He sent 4 receivers to the NFL while he was at Tulane (of all places); He coached RB’s at UT for a few years before switching to receivers and while doing so Gerald Riggs and Cedric Houston ran for 1000+ yds in the same season (only time in UT history); He switched to receivers in 06 and coached Robert Meachem when he made All American (Jayson Swain and Bret Smith also had stellar seasons that year); and then Dez Bryant made All American at OSU in 2008 as a receiver under Taylor. He comes to AU and takes Darvin Adams from having about 3 catches in 08 to leading the SEC in td receptions in 09. And you say he’s a lousy coach because you personally disagree with how he expresses his enthusiasm? I know a few 5 and 4 star recruits that disagree with your assessment. For some reason their opinion matters just a little more to me.

    P.S. Why do you bammers get so freakin’ worked up about Taylor mixing it up with the players and waving towels?? Please articulate specific reasons why that is a bad thing.

  30. 32

    Trooper towels?!? Yeah — the Pittsburgh Steelers called and want their trademark back.

    Alex H. is right — class is out of session. I lost my “classiness” when the fingers started coming up and the Aubarn players stomping on our “A” on the 50 yarder in Bryant-Denny. That was the cream on the top.

    Class is out of session.

    Crystal bitches (Rick James … the hand).

  31. 33

    So the best thing you can come up with is that fans of an NFL team in the 70’s began waving towels so it is therefore some type of “trademark” issue?? Gee, there was a team somewhere in the US that had the first fans to use shakers at games. Is Bama (and every other CF team) committing “trademark” infringement there, too?? See how stupid that sounds??

    PS: A lot of us AU fans lost our “classiness” when Bear called AU a cow college and made wisecracks that Shug didn’t take football seriously in his autobiography.

  32. 34

    Julia, You are arguing for a school that is known to be a flash in the pan. You recite the history of a mediocre coach, but overlook the fact that Allbarn should’ve been beat by an average big 10 school this past year. Julia, Alabama won the National Championship a month ago. Recite that historical stat please. Have a good day.

  33. 35

    mike, not sure what in the world you mean by saying AU “should’ve been beat” by NW. AU won…period. We could sit here all day and talk about how Bama “should’ve been beat” by Tenn and AU, and how Colt McCoy “should’ve” played the whole game. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…it doesn’t matter. That’s a pretty stupid point you’re trying to make.

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