Alabama doubles Smart’s salary to $750,000 a year

AP:Smart will make $750,000 a year through Feb. 28, 2013, under a deal unanimously approved Tuesday by the compensation committee of the university’s board of trustees. He made $360,000 in salary last year plus $72,000 in bonuses.


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    My only concern is dissention within the coaching ranks within the program. How will Coach McElwain feel about this?

    It’s all business — I really don’t think Coach Smart would of wanted to go to a “sinking ship” with Mark Richt — I think UGA did offer him around that range of salary but in the end — do you really think Coach Smart wanted to go to UGA as D-COR underneath Mark Richt?!? He can just wait that disaster out and become the head coach there after they boot Richt’s ass out this up-coming season. I’d rather have him at Alabama than in Athens. RTR!


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    He will be coaching lsu by 2013. I dont think its a good move but i got a feeling it might happen. How could you give someone that big of a raise when we know saban calls most of the defensive plays

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    Yeah — Less than Mild is definitely on the hot seat in the “red stick”. All my LSU fans are saying that plus the fan base in Louisiana are saying that also — hell, they are prouder of the Saints right now than the Tigers — which is rare.

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