Recruiting update: Allen out, Tide looks to finish

T.J. Walls
Recruiting Correspondent

The big news as of late, is star safety/ wide receiver, Keenan Allen may have decided to play somewhere other than the Tide. It seems that Penn State, California, and Clemson are in the picture now. One of the top players in the country, it would be somewhat of a blow to lose the once committed Allen. Allen is rated a five-star by Rivals and Scout.

With less than a day until signing with the college program of his choice, Arie Kouandjio of DeMatha High School (Maryland) broke down his top 3 schools. Sometime on Wednesday Kouandjio will pick between Alabama, USC, and New Mexico.

The reason Bama made the final cut, Arie previously said in an interview with the Capstone Report, “The Fan support was the #1 thing that I noticed and that amazing how they love their football at Alabama. Coach Saban and the staff will play a big factor. Coach Saban is a great man and all about business. If I decide to play for him, I will leave a better man. I also love the stadium, the academics, and a chance to be part of a championship. Coach Sal is recruiting me and we have an awesome relationship.”

Kouandjio said of New Mexico, “I likes the players and really have gotten close to the staff. I have a great chance to play early there.”

The Big offensive linemen took his official visit to USC this past weekend. He likes Coach Lane Kiffin and the staff, and before visiting he told us he was taking the visit to see if he fit in. For Southern California to make Kouandjio’s final three , it tells me that they are a legitimate contender for his signature.

Kouandjio was a U.S. Army All-American as a senior. Arie Kouandjio’s stats: 6’5”, 325 lbs., Bench 330, Squat 600, 40 time: 5.4. Prediction: Alabama has a great chance to land the Big Man.

With less than a day left to signing day, Coach Saban and the staff are looking toward the finish. Alabama landed its 26th commitment with the verbal pledge of 5’11”, 200 lbs. Dequan Menzie. Menzie is a cornerback out of Copiah-Lincoln Junior College in Wesson, Mississippi. DeQuan chose the Tide over Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ole Miss.

Two offensive lineman Chad Lindsey (6’3” 290 lbs.) and Austin Shepherd (6’4” 310 lbs.), have already given their verbal pledges to the Tide Alabama is still an option for three of the top uncommitted Offensive lineman In the country . Along with Arie Kouandjio, Shon Coleman (6’6” 285 lbs.) and James Stone (6’5” 297 lbs.) are the remaining big men that remain a target of the Alabama staff. Shon Coleman has been an Auburn commitment for a while, but don’t be surprised if he signs with Alabama. James Sone was thought to be a strong Alabama lean since the summer, but since Lane Kiffin bolted for the head coach’s position at U.S.C., Stone is torn between Alabama and Tennessee. It is hard to predict where he will land.

In less than a day, we will know where the Tide will stand in the “Mythical Recruiting National Title Rankings.” With Nick Saban as the head coach you can never count them out when it comes to recruiting. One thing is for sure, the staff at the University of Alabama filled the positional needs for the defending 2009 BCS National Champions. The 2010 squad will be reloaded to contend for years to come. There may be a few suprises on Feb. 3rd , but as long as Coach Saban is at the helm, you can rest assured, “The Process” will continue.


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    Allen was a lock until Maynard left Buffalo. It’s a huge blow, but he wants to play with his brother. I honestly do not see his brother coming into any D1 program for his Junior / Senior campaign and gaining any significant playing time. Honestly, whoever signs Maynard did so just to secure Allen.

  2. 2

    I hope to get a few more of those big lineman. You always have a need for linemen. I think we filled our most pressing need in DB’s. Looks like we have the #1 DB class in the country. We are in good shape now, so we can fill our needs instead of going all over the board. I still would love to come in #1 in recruiting rankings, even though it will not happen this year. Being an Alabama man, I guess I just expect to be National Champions whether its football or recruiting.

  3. 3

    That was really pretty stupid of Allen. If you are a stud d-back like him, why would you not want to play for Saban as opposed to freakin’ Cal? NFL Scouts are gonna know you’re as well coached as possible. It just reminds you that these kids are 17 and 18 yrs old.

  4. 7


  5. 8
    Alex Hamilton

    Naked protestors? I move that we work those photos into the cheerleader rotation. I’m sure Damage will second and that should be enough to get it to an up or down vote before ITK and Cap.

  6. 9

    If we were to accept his brother as part of the “deal”, what a can of worms we would be opening for future prospects…
    May have to accept the whole home town to get a five star.

  7. 12

    hahahhahaha Roll Tide What?

    Keenan Allen will get a better education at CAL and a better overall experience.

    And tell me who has more NFL players right now?

    CAL: 28
    Alabama: 24.

    sounds like hes right at home.

  8. 13

    Hey CAL. How many Nation Championships you got, 3 right. BAMA has 13! AS far as NFL players BAMA could add 9 in april and cancel your one-upmanship out. No BAMA is no Berkley, but we got CLASS! We’re WINNERS1 We’re CHAMPIONS. SABAN will not be extorted to take a half-brother in order to get any commitment. To Wear Crimson You must Have The Right Stuff. Allen Apparently don’t with this juvenile behavior. Maybe your psychology or criminology dept, can help him.
    There are plenty of 5star athlete’s that never make it at the next level. Allen maybe one of them. If SABAN let him go, he has secured a potentially good replacement. What’s that 3 NC’s for you-13 for BAMA! Roll Tide Roll! I’m sure you will never reach the level of playing against us in a BCS championship1 Odds are against you. HA HA! The jokes on you!

  9. 14

    All I know Wildman is at the end of the day Keenan Allen will be a great player on both sides of the ball.

    Tomorrow CAL could have hauled in a top-ten defensive class of all time.

    Who could blame Allen for wanting to play with his brother and you call this Juvenile??

    I always had respect for Alabama for winning with authority and class, but you sir are tarnishing your school.


  10. 16

    You might as well not waste your time here. I only read the comments to satisfy community service hours for volunteering to help special kids with big words, capitalization, punctuation and the like.

    Alabama fans have somehow deluded themselves into believing that they have 13 national championships, but we all know that they really only deserved about 4 of them.

  11. 17

    CAL, Desean is a great player, one of the best…plenty of Bama players have gone on to become great. Keenan should come to ALabama to be coached by Saban. If CaL will accept Keenan’s brother, then it seems they will get Keenan. I don’t see your point by comparing Alabama to CAL. Alabama just won the NAtional Championship and CAL, well, they are average as a team.

  12. 18

    DragonsEatElephants ; Bamamike

    I’m not trying to compare the two teams as I know Alabama is a great football team. A great ” college team with college players”
    As of the crimson proving themselves in the NFL as of late, not a lot there to back that up.

    Apart : DeMeco Ryans – Stud

    CAL- 3 All Pro’s 2 other starting RB’s – Ryan Longwell and a future Pro Bowler in Alex Mack.

    Now I know that this Alabama Draft class is the first to consist of the Saban Farm. Who knows some great players – McClain and Javier Arenas . I just don’t think that you have the right to be pointing the finger at how CAL players don’t succeed in the NFL.

    The facts are all there.

    Keenan Countdown – t-minus – 9 hours.

  13. 23

    ok . someone sounds a little sad that his man Saban finally didn’t get the guy he wanted most..

    Keenan Allen. ha ha

    Go Bears.

    Roll Tide What???/

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