Shane: Saban and Meyer do not need to cheat

By Shane from Centerpoint

Most experts agree that recruiting is the “life-blood” of college football. In the SEC it can determine the difference between the success and failure of a program. That said, the University of Florida and the Alabama Crimson Tide are coming off consecutive national crowns, sending their recruiting success into the stratosphere. Both are re-loading with ease.

At the same time, the Tide’s Nick Saban and the Gators’ Urban Meyer are creating panic in the war rooms of every SEC opponent. The second-tier programs like Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU know that catching the Tide and Gators will be an impossible task without pushing the limits and using every trick in the bag.

Lately, the situation has gotten desperate, as evidenced by the athletic departments of certain SEC schools allowing their football coaching staffs to create circus side-shows for recruits, and even break NCAA rules while attempting to enhance recruiting success.

The only things Nick and Urban have shown lately are trophy cases, and they’re offering young athletes the best opportunity to win a BCS crown. Their NFL track record also speaks volumes.

Normally, the offer of early playing time is a useful tool for the SEC’s “champ-chasers”, but Saban and Meyer have an uncanny ability to phase that sales-pitch out of the equation for players they want.

Negative recruiting – a specialty in the SEC – may work well against the rest of the conference, but it’s virtually useless as a weapon against the Gators or the Tide at this time.

Truthfully, when teams like Alabama and Florida are on a “roll” and receive a great deal of national media attention, the benefit to the recruiting process is enormous.

How are the lesser teams – who constantly fight an uphill battle already – going to compete with that?

Actually, most choose to accept their role and place in the SEC pecking order. But, some believe they can compete with the “masters”.

These particular programs are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on recruiting specialists and then give those “hired guns” freedom to operate with autonomy. Sadly, some of these shady characters draw NCAA scrutiny along with the players they bring in.

Are these wannabes willing to cheat to gain an advantage and improve their team’s chances? Would they use money to influence a player’s choice? Truthfully, every SEC team – including Alabama and Florida – has done it before, and it usually involved an attempt to catch the leader.

Could it be happening now? I wouldn’t bet the house against it.

Listen, it’s evident that Saban and Meyer aren’t speeding right now. They don’t have to go over the limit.

However, it does seem that there are a couple of head coaches in the league who are making radical decisions and may be willing to take the risk.

Talk about risk. Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin (gone now) and Auburn’s Trooper Taylor have defined risk from the day they were hired to take on Meyer and Saban. In fact, they almost tied in a race to record the most secondary violations in one year. Didn’t they?

The antics of those two clowns have to make you wonder about what the bottom-six SEC schools will (or must) do to remain competitive with the top six.

Does money get involved? Absolutely. Hey, isn’t that the American way?

Nevertheless, I don’t think Alabama or Florida have to spend one dime to convince a player to sign with them. With powerful head coaches, who are also among the nation’s best recruiters, these two schools are operating on a different level.

But, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, and Auburn all have had a taste of the “big time”. Sitting in second, getting their ticket cancelled by the Tide and Gators yearly could potentially force any one of those programs to go “outside the box”, especially when it involves recruiting.

Those four head coaches – whose teams face the daunting task of trying to beat Alabama or Florida – must have better players to do the job.

To get the best players they have to beat Saban and Meyer in recruiting.

Not many recruiting battles – fought on equal ground – will be won in direct competition with Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Their status sells itself.

Additionally, Alabama and Florida are currently basking in the glory of championships, while the second- tier teams are in a fight for respect and attention.

Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have no need to cheat. Can Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, or LSU say the same?

Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.


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  1. 1

    LSU is probably legit, since their home state talent is always good. Plus, they do not have an in-state rival to get in the way. Georgia is also, probably legit. I think Miles and Richt both run clean programs. Auburn and Tennessee have already run into the secondary violations area. It doesn’t make sense to me that Auburn is having the kind of recruiting success they are having currently. Or maybe I’m wrong and Chizik is one hell of a recruiter. If that was the case you would think his Iowa St recruiting classes would have been somewhat decent. Just my opionion.

  2. 3

    Shane you ignorant slut!
    Saban does not have to cheat and I never accused him of doing so. He does push the envelope however. He especially did so his first two recruiting efforts.
    The truth of the matter is that despite your commentary Alabama boosters and the REC are the biggest cheats in the NCAA and can not help themselves.
    Now that Alabama has re-primed the pump with the greatest cheating effort in NCAA history and a blind eye from that corrupt SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, Alabama can “ease up a bit” on the “e$$ort” if you know what I mean.

    Regardless, the NCAA will make this band of outlaw cheats pay for influence. Believe me, it is coming. My sources are impeccable. Alabama’s guilt lies in the “plausible deniability” card that they will likely play for a defense. The same defense Bama Compliance officers played regarding Logan Young (AKA Bears Bagboy). Referencing the activities of these low life cheaters (AKA rogue boosters) will hold water with the NCAA prosecutors!
    Just look and listen to yourself Shane. I bet you can’t play anything without cheating. Your yellow nicotine teeth and halitosis breath are unbearable to tolerate.
    Your paranoia and fear is very obvious. Just face it Shane, the tide rises and falls quickly and very shortly the Tide will get what’s coming to all cheats. Probation and Death!

  3. 5

    When a bammer posts an article like this, are you trying to get a reaction out of it or are you just too stupid to see the irony in it?

  4. 6

    Wow…..for about 1/10th of a second I thought this article was un-biased.

    What a homer… Nothing to back up your implications whatsoever. Alabama is historically the cheatingest (and caught) program in the hsitory of college football. Keep blowing Saban.

  5. 7
    Big red A

    Good job Shane, the aubie fags come a runnin’ when the precious barn is on fire. CandyAss, your sources are bullshit, just like you. The only thing “impeccable” about you is the fervor with which you polish the latex skin of your inflatable sheep. Have you had any luck getting a job, or is Hardees still not hiring? You are correct about the tide quickly rising, but it’s more like a tsunami. You’d better hope for the death penalty for Bama, that’s the only way Auburn will ever be #1 in this state. Hell, I’ll bet UAB wins a NC before aubie. You just can’t face the FACT that Alabama is a more desirable football destination for most recruits. History does serve the tropy case well in T-town, but not so much for the shittiest little burg on the plains.

    Good luck moving out of your mom’s basement.

  6. 9

    If you combined the brains of every Aubie who posts on this site and converted them to Nitro Glycerin, you still couldn´t seperate a cracked eggshell! No, make that every Aubie, everywhere! Fuck you retarded Mullets. Keep on with the super hate, which directly converts to super jealousy! It´s gotten geometrically worse by 10,000 times since the National Championship! ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  7. 10

    It’s amazing that Shane the ice hauler can spew shit like this and expect people not looking thru crimson glasses to believe it. All he does in the piece is kiss saban ass and talk about how great saban is, and if anybody decides not to go to UAT then he must have been bought off. Get a clue; NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO UAT AND PLAY FOR THE LITTLE NAZI!!! So do and some don’t but to imply over and over again that everyone is cheating is just plain stupid, besides how many times has saban just ” bumped” into recruits while at a school during dead periods? the answer is TOO MANY TO FREAKIN’ COUNT! and those are violations each and everytime. So just quit spewing shit and try to actually write an informative article, oh wait it’s Shane so just forget that concept. Maybe shane can wash saban’s car every saturday to keep his press credtials

  8. 11

    By Shane from Centerpoint

    … “The second-tier programs like Auburn,” …
    The (A)labama program and the Au(B)arn program — the Alpha and the Beta. 🙂
    Agreed on that statement and the following Shane.

    Crystal … bitches.

  9. 12

    Maybe I’ll go post on an Aubarn site and get censored which they do — heaven forbid if I make the University of Bovine Studies look bad — The Capstone Report believes in our amendments — freedom of speech, press, etc. — that’s something we cherish at the (A)lpha program in the state.

  10. 13

    HEy Shane, Saying that Auburn won’t match Alabama success the last two seasons, Boy that’s really stepping out there. Hey shane I bet alabama won’t match the succcess that they had unless the sec sucks ass again. Why are you so worried about Auburn. Quit hideing behind your B/S.

  11. 14
    AU Forever

    First off I want to say that U are a Moron Shane, Auburn won’t get caught paying our players, cause we are not as stoppied like the Criminal Tide. We have class at Auburn, and players want to come to Auburn to be part of The Family. Coach Chiznick is not dumb he knows if we get caught paying players, that all he has to do is to fire Trooper and still gets to keep the players. Trooper aint a coach of anything at all, so he want be missed. your just pissed cause Auburn is back and bama will be lucky to win 3 games. War Damn Eagle 2010 National Champs

  12. 15

    Cow College Forever needs to stop drinking the home brew!!
    Recruit a couple Top 5 classes first than we can talk about finishing 2nd in the SEC west behind the crimson tide!! I hate
    the vols the most, but the cow college is right behind rocky flop!! RTR

  13. 16

    Bump, bump, bump… Saban is still doing it.. why? does it give him an advantage… are you really as ignorant of big time college football as your post indicates… Do you think Alabama has gone away from the old ways of recruiting… what was Alabama selling after back to back 6-6 regular seasons? what where they selling instate recruits when Auburn had 6 in a row… why would all the instate players select Alabama… what happened in Mobile… Why hire willis…

  14. 17
    Bama Fan in NYC


    Just what exactly is a head coach with an overall losing record selling?

    Just what exactly is (as tmc1 would say) ‘The Living Legend Ted Roof’ selling?

    Just what does A-barn have that’s appealing to recruits?

    Goodness, you guys are officially OUT RECRUITING Saban, Nutt, Petrino, Miles, and Richt, and you’re also hanging with Meyer. How a three year head coach with an overall losing record manages to do that in his second season at the barn is phenomenal.

    What’s Pat Dye offering those kids down in the land of cows, trailer parks, rodeos, and KKK gatherings?

    History has proven that immediately after ‘Bama goes on a roll, A-barn is forced to play catch-up the ‘dirty’ way. What exactly are you guys doing now?

  15. 18
    Big red A

    Fuck you julia, I only use this tag.

    AUForever, what the hell is “stoppied”? “2010 natoinal champs”, please boy, you fuckers can’t even get close to “national champs”, it’s more like national CHUMPS. Even when Bama was down as far as it could get, barnie couldn’t close the gap. Auburn’s back, really, back to what? You have to go somewhere and then leave to “come back”.
    Georgia Fuckin’ Tech has more SEC championships than aubie, and they’ve been outta’ the league since Jesus was a baby.

    nothingsux, you need to go to a barnie website with pictures, that may be a little more your speed as far as informative goes. You little aubies throw your accusations around on unfounded terms frequently. According to the NCAA aubie is 2nd on the alltime “major violations” list, now I know that they weren’t all in football, but living in a glass house and throwing rocks never ends good. Look it up for yourself. Alabama isn’t even on the same page of that list with aubie. You girls always want to try to twist the numbers, or omit the parts of history that you don’t like. FACT, auburn is not on Alabama’s level in the world of college football. Live with it, or kill yourself, whatever suits you, it will be this way until we are all long gone.

    Shane wrote a mouthy article to get a rise out of the mouth breathers, and it worked very successfully. When you set fire to a barn, all the rats run out and holler to the top of their little lungs intelligent thigs like “nuh-uuh” and “yall da wuuns a cheatin'”.

  16. 19

    very funny Shane, I stop by this site maybe once a week and everytime I do you all are being blasted by the same ones, at first I thought there was no way they can be this dumb, but the consistency cannot be denied, it’s almost unfair, but dont stop because its just too damn funny!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

  17. 21

    I’m not going to accuse Auburn of shady recruiting (though, one has to wonder how in the world they are even able to recruit in the top 10 !) We’ll have another top 5 class, so Auburn will have to play catch up for a few years. I’m just curious Aubies, why do you come here a talk trash, when you’ve never really won anything? Why don’t you win something first (and no, an Iron Bowl doesn’t count. I’m talking a championship) then come here and talk trash. Otherwise, you just look like idiots. Alabama 2010 National Champs !

  18. 22

    Also, pretty sad I can come to this site and blast the Aubies, because I know they will read it. They are always wanting to know what Alabama is doing. We are their measuring stick. Why do you think they are so excited about ranking higher than us in recruiting rankings (or at least the possibility of it).

  19. 23

    One other thing Aubies, Alabama is stacked at about every position, but we do need DB’s. I think we have the number 1 DB class in the country. I suspect this time next year, we will be looking at another #1 recruiting class, since all the juniors this year saw us win the National Championship. You see how it worked for Florida. Hey Barners, while you are on this site, why not go ahead and buy some Alabama Crimson Tide BCS National Championship gear ! Ha Ha !

  20. 24

    You never cease to be a complete dumbass. Your beloved program has basically been on probation for TWO DECADES now, and you still throw stones out of your glass double-wide.

    Auburn just leaped past bammer in recruiting. Deal with it, bamtards.

  21. 25

    I have yet to see an auburn fan who can explain the recently outrageously good fortune in Auburn recruiting.
    I can in 2 words.

    Pat Dye.

  22. 26

    What was the point of this article?

    Are you just going to go ahead and accuse every other SEC school of cheating?

    I would tell you to get off your high horse, but this Alabama – cheating horse has already been beaten to death, and I don’t know how high it can possibly be.

  23. 27

    Hey NYC. Have you been promoted from the back of the garbage truck to the front? To answer your lame question regarding what Auburn has to sell…Class, Great atmosphere, a oneness and mostly a great drive to put arrogant loser Bama fans like yourself in its proper place…THE TRASH.

  24. 29

    tmc1. What in the Hell did Bama have to offer three short years ago. Nothing! They only had the REPEAT VIOLATOR TAG lifted by the NCAA. That opened the window for the Bama criminal organization to get right back in business. This will change shortly now that the Text Books for Loot put Bama Back on probation. Bama has been very clever, but the gig is up. Nick Satan will be gone faster than you can say Pete Carrol when the NCAA comes calling on the Tide. Shane, you and other clone dumbasses Bammers like Big A, NC8 can point their fingers all they want too. The bottom line is that there are Plenty of talented players who want a piece of that Alabama ASS. Don’t get too excited NYC, you Gay Bastard, wanting your Ass is only meant figuratively and not an invitation to spread your cheeks. I know you want too, but your just nasty.

  25. 32

    Comment deleting now?

    Hm. Thought you might have some semblance of class considering the content of your article.

  26. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    I agree with Shane. Saban runs a pretty clean program. He knows how to push the envelope without breaking it.

    Are you insinuatiog Auburn IS cheating ? Obviously we have to be cheating, since we just passed you turds on rivals recruiting rankings. How else could the “Barn” pass the defending national champs ? Hmmmmm……Yeah , were cheating..

  27. 34

    Big Red A, I didn’t ask you what other screen names you use now. I simply asked what screen names you have used before. It’s an easy question. Will you answer it??

  28. 35
    AU Forever

    You are dumb Big Red A, We did close the gap and past Alabama, We owned the Criminal Tide for 6 straight years, and we almost beat yall again this year – you saw at the end of that game not 1 fan left and we all stood and sung ITS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER! we are back to beating alabama and this time it will be 7 or 10 times in arow. Coach Ciznick had a better year then Saban did his 1st year, and Auburn will be National Champs in 2010 – we got the number 1 recuting class once Latimore signs and all the other 5 stars that Auburn has coming sighn, and what has Alabama done that says they are a better then Auburn?

  29. 36

    How about a National Championship? Dumbass. 2010 National Champs? sorry that role is reserved for Bama. I’ll give one thing AU 4ever, your posts are funny.

  30. 37
    AU Forever

    National Championship – thats funny, yall didnt win it you bought it. When Teabow and Mccoy was in New York City for the heisman trophy you know they were bought by Bama boosters to loose. Bama booster promised them better draft positions if they would loose. Bama boosters bought the whole season, you cant say that the Tennesses kicker just happen to kick 2 low kicks right into the middle of the pile, thats why Lane Kiffen went to USC he knew that he would never be able to win in the SEC cause bama was going to buy and cheat to win. Auburn would not take your money and it almost cost you the game, after we get this top recruting class we will be unstopable this year – Alabama cant even get past number 3 in recruting that shows you that Coach Chiznick is a better coach then Nick Satan. We will win the national championship in 2010 and Alabama aint going to be able to buy it away from us like they did in 2004. It will come out that yall are cheating again and next time yall should get banned from paying. War Damn Eagle!

  31. 38

    Damn! Not sure how to respond to that post! “When Teabow and Mccoy was in New York City for the heisman trophy you know they were bought by Bama boosters to loose”

    I know you meant to say lose, not “loose”. Do you think the players themselves decide if they win the Heisman trophy?! LOL That is hilarious. Au 4Ever how old are you? I gotta know, man.

  32. 39
    AU Forever

    Yea sea there just like a bammer, when the truth is brought out, the bammers start taken it personal and want to change the subject, why does it matter how old I am. you better enjoy your bought national championship trophy cause it aint going to happen again while coach Chiznick is running the show. We got the top recruting class in the state not even the richest bama boosters can buy that away from us. And I know you are not going to want to hear this but we gotta a coach that aint gonna run to another team when he starts loosing to his instate rival, can you say the same thing. I dont think so. War Damn Eagle. 2010 National Champions and 2010 Ironbowl winners.

  33. 40

    LOL! From the spelling to the logic, I’m guessing you might be in middle school (or lower). Listen kid, I don’t who is influencing you, but you might as well come over to our side. We’ve got all the trophies !

  34. 41

    “Yea sea” LOL! I don’t think that is even a typo ! LOL! Just in case AU Forever is an adult then I apologize for laughing. He/She obviously has some issues that are not to be made fun of.

  35. 42
    AU Forever

    Who owns the state in recruting, we are number 1 in the state. Alabama who? This is just the 1st step in winning the 2010 National Championship. 13andcounting let me give you a few predictions. 1.Auburn will go undefeated. 2 Auburn will win the ironbowl 37-0 3.Auburn will win the Sec championship 4.Auburn will win the 2010 National Championship 5. Nick Satan will be on the hot seat and Coach Chiznick will start the process of running Saban out of the state. We are back on top. War Damn Eagle

  36. 43
    AU Forever

    13andbuyingplayers you can kiss may orange and blue ass -your still avoding the truth that yall stole the 2009 season, you have to talk about me cause you cant handle the truth. Its hard to face the fact that we are out doing yall in recruting, its hard to admitt that yall havent done anything to get edge on Auburn while we are rebuilding. Dosent it just suck to know that the happy days are coming to an end, and you are bout to be the 2nd best team in the state agin.

  37. 44
    Big red A

    Aubie fuckers, let me know when you win some real games, not the moral victories. Let me know when aubie wins a NC. Bama don’t have to buy anything fuckstick. Alabama who?, Alabama who still owns the SEC after all the jhonny-come-lately pseudo success of a few of the surrounding teams. Auburn is a fucking cliche, a NEVER WAS, you have no tradition, no class, and no claim to anything. The iron bowl is just a game to Bama, it’s a whole season to aubie. Keep riding that dead horse, you’ll still be the mediocre shitbox university you always were. Who owns the state in recruiting? See how many in-state recruits Bama has and hit me back.

  38. 45
    Big red A

    Julia, I’ve only used this tag on this site, that’s a fact, I only came on to see what the fuss was, and I found a good place to bash fagget aubies. I’ve never “blogged” before the recent posts on this site.

  39. 46
    Bama Fan in NYC

    To answer your lame question regarding what Auburn has to sell…Class, Great atmosphere, a oneness and mostly a great drive to put arrogant loser Bama fans like yourself in its proper place…THE TRASH.

    Class? Define class because class is far from what you guys are posting on this site.

    Great atmosphere? What? Some mildew encrusted ACC-ish stadium that only sells out two home games a year? Or is it the rodeos, KKK gatherings, and Wire Road trailer park block party atmospheres?

    And lastly, would a recruit rather go to A-barn, who considers the Iron Bowl as their “national championship game”, or would they rather go to LSU, Alabama, Florida, or Tennessee where they stand a chance at winning THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME more so than they do at A-barn?

    By the way, if that’s what a three year head coach, with an overall losing record is offering, then why couldn’t a proven winner such as Tuberneck offer it?

  40. 47

    AuForever – “13andbuyingplayers you can kiss may orange and blue ass -your still avoding the truth that yall stole the 2009 season, you have to talk about me cause you cant handle the truth.”


    I’m not avoiding the truth…I’m just not going to argue with a 13 year old that can’t spell.

  41. 48

    Aubie forever my understanding of Auburn class is paying some professor to give one on one classes to morons who can’t pass a real classroom setting. Face it, BAMA has had 2 #1 Rated recruiting years in a row. We don’t have to have a 3rd one. We have so much depth we can last 2 years on reserves. Yeah you’re rebuilding with a loser head coach. What’s his win-loss record 13-24 right? As for you profanity you have no class whatsoever. You’re a hypocrit. Jesus is grieved by your lawlessness.

  42. 49

    auforever, the first step to recovery is to admit that there is a problem, maybe you can confide in a neighbor, friend or a local pastor. Good luck, and just remember Bama owns the delusional too!

  43. 50
    Bama Fan in NYC

    KEVIN… Welcome back to the site! You’ve been seemingly non-existent since Alabama obliterated Clemson in 2008, after assuring Crimson Tide fans they would destroy us… and we’d finish 6-6 at best that season… and would never defeat A-barn EVER again!

    Oh and I should also note that it’s nice of you to attempt to put a little “dip and spin” on this topic by providing a false link to a false story, but never fear, Sociology U (your very own cow college) is back to square one and soon those who are scratching their heads wondering how the three year head coach, with an overall losing record, is out-recruiting the more experienced coaching veterans such as Saban, Miles, Nutt, Petrino, and Richt will know the truth.

    But it’s great to have you back! Please don’t go MIA on us after Alabama beats you again next season, okay? Promise us you won’t!

  44. 51

    This just shows that anyone can put their diarrhea on the internet for everyone to see.

    I once went to Chucky Cheese with my nephew and saw Shane masturbating over the ‘bop the weasel’ game. He had on crimson lipstick and a houndstooth mini-skirt.. nothing else.

    ^Now that would be quality blogging!
    ..except no one cares about who Shane is, or what Shane does (as long as he’s not left alone with our kids).

  45. 52
    AU Forever

    You Bammers just can’t stand it that we are back on top, and you are really going to be mad when we start the season ranked higher then Alabama in the polls. Who is laughing now at big cat weekend. This goes to show that Coach Chiznick is one of the top 3 coaches in the nation, behind Myer and Brown.It is just the start, better recruiting class then Alabama, Now we will go 12 -0 and we will do it better then Saban did his 2nd year we will blow teams out, and we will win the Sec and National Championship in Coach Chiznicks 2nd year. I will give you this Bama you paid for Lattimore to go to South Caroline, but you couldn’t pay all of them to switch their commitments. Its great to be an Auburn Tiger. War Damn Eagle. 2010 National Champs and Ironbowl Champs.

  46. 53
    AU Forever

    Gene Chinicks victory speech on joxs right now! you will be able to download after 7 tonight. The state is Auburn again. Back to the way it use to be, back to the way it should be!

  47. 54

    When are you going to start giving some facts on the lower tier progams in the SEC cheating to get recruits?
    I found it real interesting that in his press conference today Saban gave reference to recuiting as the same as “BUYING” a huntin’ dawg. That’s right, he said buying. You’re still the joke of this site.

  48. 55

    I love Saban comparing recruits to buying dogs. It must appear to recruits that they should know their place to the master (Nicky). That would make me as a recruit want to work for Saban, huh.

    He doesnt go after other recruits, please why did he go to Olive Branch MS?

    What a loser imp. He is watching the AU flying machine pass by in the air and say “the plane” “the plane”.

    We own you again now. Get used to it. 6 in a row and soon to be back on top. Nicky can see the writing on the wall. He is making his calls to Jerry Jones.

  49. 56

    BamaHate says: We own you again now. Get used to it. 6 in a row and soon to be back on top. Nicky can see the writing on the wall. He is making his calls to Jerry Jones.

    That is the quote of the year!

  50. 57
    Ty from T-town

    The American Way:

    Shane, is right on this one.
    The SEC war rooms are now being remodeled to accommodate the power-shift that we all witnessed.

    I know that some of you afflicted dumb-ass’s here on the comment page, will justifiably twist the obvious into a lame-ass excuse as to why your school fell short of the Big Prize.

    Get over it, and get your lazy ass to work. There is no secret.
    The University of Alabama, did it the hard way. They earned it.
    The Process that Coach Sabin speaks of;
    has nothing to do with recruiting promotional stunts or Big-Cat weekend give-a-way’s.
    There is not a lot of thinking outside the box required, once you are the one with the the attention.
    The 09 Bama team managed to run the gauntlet. They had enough wit and grit to fight through the relentless competition of their SEC schedule, and the good luck afforded to a bunch of hard working opportunist with a common goal.

    The hook in the story is:
    The National Championship is now back in T-Town. It’s been here many times before and it will find it’s way back in the future. It is, what it is.
    You might as well get use to it.
    It’s the American Way.

  51. 58

    Glad you like my quote Alan. As delusional as this site is towards all things Bama, I feel I must be equally delusional to actually get your attention as to how stupid all of these recruting theories are. If you want facts, here are some
    1. Saban spent over 750000 this year on recruiting expenses. I think this figure is more than any other NCAA school. Check me on that. I guess Saban is similar to Pelosi with private jets etc.
    2. Trooper, Luper, and Thigpen are not the only great recruiters we have. Malzahn and Rocker are excellent. Additionally Lolley seems excellent at finding those diamonds in the ruff like Delaine. Or I guess in the imps case, hound dogs in the ruff.
    3. One redneck commented about AU having no tradition, and I will give you that you won more NCs, however we don’t claim when Kellogs decided Bama should be NC on a cereal box and take it seriously. You at best have 8 modern day NC where you were underwater or tied, otherwise most of the ones you claim are either before 1940 or were given by the UPI before the actual bowl game where Bama got it’s butt whooped. Look it up for yourself on Wikipedia. Back to AU, we have put more players in the NFL, had John Heisman as our coach (the guy who basically brought football to the south), and have just as many players in the College football Hall of Fame.
    4. The bottom line is we have foreshadowed what will happen in the state if our coaching staff remains intact. We will have better recruits and ultimately overtake AL and win a NC. I told the mullets back in the fall when Limogate and Bigcat was going on that we would out recruit Bama and we did. I also predicted Lane Kiffin would as well and he pretty much has.
    5. Nickys statue sure will look hollow when he takes that NFL job. Otherwise, he has done all you can do in college, the next step is trying to do the same in the NFL. The problem is you can’t brainwash grown men like you can 18 year old kids with no money or hope to better themselves other than going through the Univ. And narcissism in the league where the players are the stars and not as much the coaches may not suit Nicky quite so well.

  52. 59

    What an idiot. How is LSU second tier in recruiting over the last five years we were more successful than yall in recruiting three of the last five even last year. Lsu was 1 and Bama 2. We may be second tier right now in performance, but that idiot of ours can recruit. You gotta give him that

  53. 60

    Ohh and everyone cheats when it comes o recruiting, They find ways to give money and other things. Your in lala land if u dont believe that

  54. 61
    Voice of Reason

    It cracks me up to hear Shane, and the rest of you Alabubba’s proclaim that you are the cream of the SEC and that LSU, UT, and GA are second-rate. Was Alabubba in the top-tier before Nicky Satan got there? Ummm, NO! Where was LSU when Nicky was there–seems like they won the NC in 2003 and 2007. That was because of Nicky. You can’t argue that Alabubba is having success just because they are Alabubba–otherwise they would be ruling the football world no matter who was there. If you had stuck with the coaches–Nicky and Urban Lier, then you’re article would have been much better. But when you characterize the “schools” as better, you lost me. Maybe when Nicky leaves, you could bring Shula back. Since Alabubba is the cream of the SEC, no doubt it will stay that way–NOT!

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