Alabama football: recruiting, BCS & more

Take a deep breath. Recruiting has entered the final push. Just so you’ll know, like last year there will be a live blog running throughout the day and updates posted to the website as signees letters arrive or an announcement is made.

On to some updates for Monday:
Defensive back Dequan Menzie commits to Alabama
According to the Press Register, Menzie confirmed the news tonight to the Press-Register, saying he committed during a visit from Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. “I committed over dinner,” Menzie said.

Menzie is a four-star defensive back, according to Rivals. He is from Wesson, MS. He is 5’11”, 200 lbs. and played at Copiah-Lincoln Community College.

Shon Coleman chatter
Five-star recruit Shon Coleman’s recruitment continues to generate buzz. According to “new Miami defensive tackle commitment Jeffrey Brown,” Coleman might be headed to Alabama. He said this about Shon Coleman: “I didn’t talk to him much. I think he’s going to Alabama.”

Saban vs. Meyer
Who is the best coach in college football? If you need some Urban Meyer and Nick Saban debate then check out this Orlando Sentinel blog post.

And if you are undecided, then you should read this excellent story by the Tuscaloosa News. It examines Nick Saban’s blueprint for rebuilding the Alabama Crimson Tide. (It deserves a bit more commentary, and I’ll reserve that until after recruiting.)

Failure vs. BCS
Our failed president has decided to go after the BCS. While unemployment is a problem, the debt grows unchecked, and the president’s attempt to botch healthcare has run its course, the president wants to persecute American colleges and universities from the BCS conferences. (You can read more about Obama’s attack on the BCS below in an AP story embedded in this post.)

“The administration shares your belief that the current lack of a college football national championship playoff with respect to the highest division of college football … raises important questions affecting millions of fans, colleges and universities, players and other interested parties,” Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote in a letter quoted by the Associated Press.

Give Obama credit. He thinks he can distract Americans from worrying about jobs, the overall economy, a dangerous world filled with terrorists and the rise of Iran’s nuclear program by trying to “fix” college football.

No thanks. College football is far better without government interference.

Hey, that is one thing college football has in common with healthcare.


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  1. 1

    Well what do you expect from a commie lib. Anything to distract us ( he thinks were stupid) bunch of elite bastards.

  2. 2

    Our failed president? What does George Bush have to do with it? How about keeping your politics out of Alabama sports commentary except where it is directly related to sports? People that read this site unite in Alabama sports, and your personal political slant alienates 30% or more. You don’t think you are going to change any minds with your tiny-brained rant, do you? So go back to raiding the bingo parlors, and put more people out of work. Maybe you can help “your people” run the economy into the ground a little further.

  3. 3

    The failed president Obama opened the door by intruding into sports. Otherwise, this commentary would never have happened.

  4. 4

    Yet your commentary gets way off the topic of sports by throwing in commentary about terrorism, unemployment, the economy, and healthcare. You should do what’s right and edit your comments to cover just the sports aspects, unless you want this site to develop into a political commentary site. Is that what your advertisers want? Did you tell them that when you sold them the ads?

  5. 6

    So when football becomes political we have to ignore all other political issues to render a political commentary on football as politics?


    I’m not going to edit my comments. This site has always included political commentary—from its very beginning in 2006. Just because you don’t like the commentary doesn’t mean I’m going to stop sharing it. Obama should leave college football alone. Period. And I’ll use whatever tools I have (including pointing out what a absolute failure this guy has been) to achieve that aim.

  6. 7

    I’m curious to know your opinion of George Bush as president. Do you consider his presidency a success or failure? He has 8 years from which you can judge. I think your answer will put your biases, if any, into prospective.

  7. 8

    I would take George Bush over Barak Obama any freaking day!!
    If you want free healthcare go to Cuba!! Obama is good for a 30 second quote and that is it!! I have NO use for any freaking Liberals!! The government has NO business getting in the BCS
    college sport!! ROLL TIDE!!

  8. 9

    Well it’s a good thing this isn’t a freaking day. I disagree with everything you wrote except that 1) government has no business getting in the BCS, and 2) Roll Tide.

    If you saw Obama respond to the republicans’ questions last Friday, you couldn’t say that Obama was good for a 30 second quote, and really believe it. Check out the transcript.
    If you set your biases aside, you would agree that he addressed a lot of the republican talking points with good, honest, substantial answers.

  9. 10
    Shawn K.

    So he inserted himself into the issue by saying that he would consider a Republican’s request (Orin Hatch) for an investigation?


    And if you want to talk about failed presidents: Use some objective facts. Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II raised the national debt higher than any other presidents in history.

    I bet that you also think that the keen wisdom and forsight of Dubya’s fiscal policy is what is causing the recovery that we see now from the crash caused by President Obama a month before he was elected.

  10. 11

    I haven’t seen anything good, honest or substantial come from this President. His negotiations have all been behind closed doors while excluding the opposition parties. He hasn’t done anything to CHANGE politics in Washington; he hasn’t CHANGED a thing.

  11. 12

    I just despise Sen. Hatch because he wants to the government involved in the BCS. I think Hatch is even more disgusting on this matter than most politicians because Hatch claims to be a conservative; however, when the time comes he wants to turn his back on those principles he talks about.

    Here is what I think about the BCS:
    Right now I like it because it almost guarantees the SEC Champ with 0, 1 or sometimes more losses gets a crack at the title game. It isn’t perfect, but the last thing I want college football to become is college basketball—nobody cares about the regular season.

    As for Bush, I’d give him a C or D. His fiscal policies were mostly OK. His monetary policy in the choice of Ben Bernanke remains unclear…I’ll wait a few years before scoring him to gain some perspective. (To be honest, I’d probably give the FED a B for its handling of the economic crisis, which is far better than the FED during the Great Depression would score.) Bush’s foreign policy was a disappointment. The war in Iraq could have been a major win, but his administration failed to win the peace. Also, his pursuit of the war in Iraq distracted from other pressing matters like Iran and N. Korea. I don’t quibble with many philosophies of Bush, but his tactics were often not up to the challenge.

  12. 13
    Big red A

    Bush was an idiot, sure, but he was not a communist. Anyone who puts faith in Obama is asking for disappointment. He’s sitting on his ass instead of pushing to get the job market in order. By waiting he can let the middle class suffer, which is what he wants, this is part of “wealth redistribution”. Global warming is a crock of shit. All Obama does is talk in circles, nothing is “changing”, other than getting worse.

  13. 14
    Shawn K.

    Obama is not a communist, nor a socialist, nor a Marxist, nor a Nazi, nor a fascist. Anyone with any sense of history (or a decent education) knows that most of those are incompatible philosophies.

    Under Bush, the income of the top 400 families doubled. Did your income double? If not, that looks to me like a redistribution of wealth.

    And yes. Global warming is a “crock of shit” because it is cold outside. And the economy was fine until the crash. And terrorism didn’t exist before 9/11. It’s funny how Democrats were sounding alarms about all these things, then Republicans dropped the ball.

  14. 15

    TIDERnTN if you don´t like what you read here, you´re welcome to go back to! Obama´s a liberal, socialist, facist, commie, bastard. If I was him I wouldn´t be going out for a walk anywhere besides the Chicago ghetto.

  15. 16

    You’ve crossed the line with that Volquest comment. I really don’t like what I read there except for all that anguish Vol fans are going through over the Kiffin deal. I think you and I are going to have to settle this in the parking lot.

    I’m not sure what a “facist” is, but maybe you meant “fascist”. I’m betting that you don’t know the definition of any of the words that you’ve used to describe your president, except maybe “bastard”. So just keep spewing you Glen Beck style hate, while the president attempts to save the country from 8 years of George Bush and republican incompetence.

  16. 17

    Shawn K.
    Thanks for pointing out the Orrin Hatch connection. Apparently capstonereport failed to recognize that:

    1) Orrin Hatch, a REPUBLICAN started this whole BCS issue. The imbedded article states, “… the Justice Department is reviewing Hatch’s request and other materials to determine whether to open an investigation into whether the BCS violates antitrust laws.” Where is capstonreports criticism of Hatch?

    2) the Justice Department is looking into this, not Obama himself.

    I really don’t believe that this is an attempt at distraction. But maybe it is for some that are IQ challenged.

  17. 18

    Umm, I didn’t miss it. In fact I’ve written very negative pieces here on this website about Sen. Hatch. He is not a Republican when he wants the government to mandate rules for things like a football playoff. That isn’t smaller government. That is big government.

  18. 19


    here’s what he said in an earlier post:

    “…I’m not going to edit my comments. This site has always…”

    Unlike the barner sites where you will be kicked off or censored just for disagreeing with an issue — the Capstone is the real deal — unlike Aubarn.

    ( Tips hat — buy’s the shot. 🙂 )

  19. 20

    BTW — I’m surprised E.G. finally took off the “formerly known as…” —

    DAMAGE INC. formerly known as CrimsonBlood81 is proud to have Crimsonite representing the fanbase on here and other boards alike!

    Much respect.

  20. 21

    (1.) it ain’t about george bush anymore.

    (2.) the democrats have lost governor’s races in TWO states carried by obama and a senate seat in the bluest of blue states (held by a kennedy since dinosaurs roamed) to a politically unknown republican. scream george bush all you want, the american people ain’t buyin’ it.

    (3.) i’ve been against the bsc since lsu went to the championship after losing two games that year, the final loss to arky, at home. yes, my crimson tide won it this year. but it doesn’t mean they won’t get screwed some other year. it’s a flawed system. a playoff decides it on the field. D1 is the only college football not crowning it’s champion after a playoff. with that said:

    obama needs to stay the fuck out of it. the only reason he’s talking about it now is to deflect attention from cappy’s honest observation that he’s fucked up everything he’s touched to this point.

    this guy thinks you’re that damn stupid.

    looks as if some of you are.

    but judging by the 2010 political landscape, it looks as if you’re in a quickly diminishing minority.

  21. 24

    Please…please … dont get side tracked capstone…continue presenting relevant football articles and dont become news yourself…

  22. 25

    You know, it baffles me at the failure to understand the incredibly simplistic concept of changing channels.

    If you don’t like the topic of a thread, move on. Alan did not “make himself the news”. He simply made commentary on the individual who did (obama) and his possible motives.

    Hey, if you don’t like that, start your own boring blog.

  23. 27

    Well, I came to read more about Bama sports and I’ve gotten a dissertation on the failings of every president since Washington himself.

    The folks on the Right think the guy from the Left smells. Ditto the guys on the Left.

    Well, I am here to tell you that while Obama has clearly “F-ed” up with say Healthcare and buying stock in GM & Chrysler, I can’t say those decisions were any worse than Dubya giving billion-dollar handouts to Wall Street, or initiating the military overthrow of a certian middle-eastern dictator to secure access to the regions’ oil reserves.

    Face it folks, the politicians who affiliate themselves with either of the two major parties, weather they hold office in Washington, Montgomery, or Opp, are a bunch of useless moneywhores who will do anything, say anything, and be anything to get elected so they can dole out favors and receive favors.

    It it high time that the American public stop moaning and bitching about their elected leaders and instead man-up and kick their collective asses out of office.

    Go vote for an independent. A Libertarian. A Greenie. Heck, even a true communist! Anything and everything EXCEPT a Democrat or Republican!

  24. 28
    alex hamilton

    Hey TidernTN,

    If you’re into blaming the problems of the present on the powers of the past, and you’re put off by a commentary stating Number 44’s time for “change” has passed, then you may be just too sensitive for real discussion here. Or maybe you go to Church with Number 44 and you are related to that “Pastor” that likes to say “God Damn America”.

    And another thing. Before you go assuming that you have the title of the “Biggest Brain in the Room”, let me clear my throat. If you want a fight, physically or in debate, I’m your Huckleberry. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Alabama. Furthermore, I have more graduate degrees than you have inches (now pausing to permit you a moment to realize how you are being insulted).

    So, in sum. Anytime, Anyplace boy. I know you live in Tennesssee, but damn. I thought that up there the only idiots that parroted the party line, blamed all the problems on the previous regime, and swore allegiance to charisma were the Kiffin supporters. Yeah, that’s right, I went there. Number 44 is no better than Kiffin. A douchebag that is ALL TALK.

    Furthermore, someone should remind Number 44 that he is, albeit temporarilly, the President of the United States, he doesn’t need to bow to Mayors. That’s repulsive and stupid.

    Lastly, Shawn K., you don’t know a damn thing about History. Here’s some credentials for you: I made a 5 on the AP U.S. and World History exams and I studied under some of the greatest historical minds in the world, such as Howard Jones (wrote the story Amistad and inspired the movie).

    I know history. I also know that throughout history the fascists and communists have worked together. Little conflicts like WWII and the Bolshevik Revolution. I know those are minor blips on the historical scene in the 20th Century, but even you should be familliar with those events.

    Again, it’s one thing to be condescending and be correct, it’s another thing to be condescending to others and be a complete uninformed, dumbass. You and that blowhard from TN are the latter in my estimation.

    Lastly, I have one thing to say about our “friend” Number 44. Since he’s such a basketball fan, I think we need to celebrate his enthusiasm for sports and competition. I think we need to print up some T-shirts with his likeness on them arround NCAA Tournament time. Because like an overrated 2 seed that has been hyped by the media only to get its ass kicked, Number 44 will also be “one and done.”

    The intellectual has spoken.

  25. 29

    ahhhh, missa hamiltonahn, it is a honaah to post wihtin the glow of your infinitely superior intellect.

    (channelling karate kid)

    i must say i take some sick amusement, as these idiots trash our once great country around me, in listening to the blind defenders of hopey/changey, once backed into a corner with the failings of their messiah, claim:

    wuuuuuu….wuuuu….wuuuuu…well bush did it, too!!!!

    (sorry about the run-on sentence there, oh-great-one)


    i didn’t hear you complaining when bush was doing it!!!!

    well, you couldn’t hear us over your code pinkos screaming ‘bushmonkey’ at the top of your lungs for six years.

    i remember glen beck railing on about the impending fannie mae/freddie mac disaster six years ago.

    and he wasn’t the only one saying it had the potential to take, not just our economy, but the world economy over the cliff.

    but yet these obama/clone fools trash the very regulator they put in place to warn them of exactly what happened a mere five years later.

    bush did it, too!

    bush did it, too!

    bush did it, too!

    (it’s important to note at this point that ole 44 was the second largest benefactor of fannie/freddie campaign contributions behind the one and only christopher dodd in the run-up to the ’08 election)

  26. 31

    Alex, whatever dude. That’s a lot of typing for making almost no point at all.

    The problem with threads like this is that most people believe that they are 100% right on every issue, allowing no argument to sway them. A lot of opinions get put forth, but no one is listening. In the end, no one changes their mind, and these arguments end up being insult contests with no meaningful results.

    By the way, once you write “lastly”, that should actually introduce your last point. Maybe you need to get another graduate degree to go along with the more than 12 graduate degrees you already have. Did you find a job yet? (I’ll just stop here so you can have an infinite amount of time to realize that you’ve been insulted back.)


  27. 32
    alex hamilton


    I don’t have a job, I’m involved in a profession.

    Jobs are reserved for pompous, 20 somethings like you so that you can make your Best Buy credit card payments.

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