Senior Bowl: Tide players score 13 points for South

AP: Alabama players accounted for all of the South’s points. Robinson hit tight end Colin Peek for a 19-yard touchdown and Leigh Tiffin booted field goals of 43 and 33 yards. (read more about the Senior Bowl and Tim Tebow in this post.)


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    Yeah — apparently C. Peek had a stomach bug for 2 days — so the NFL scouts didn’t get to see too much of him during practice — but he’s going to shine at the combine and pro-day — no doubt about it. I do foresee a pro career for Tiffin — stats don’t lie and that’s one of the most important factors for kickers — also trajectory consistency.

    Kick it low — don’t go pro. Kick it high — NFL money’s the sky!

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    Big red A

    On the few times he got the chance to return the ball Arenas made his statement. He may not play corner in the NFL, but nickel, or dime situations he’s damn good. He does a good job covering though. Gilyard burned him on a TD pass, but the south couldn’t seem to get a decent pass rush on. Arenas is a vicious hitter for a small guy as well, that should carry some weight with the scouts. He upended 246 pound Lagarett Blount on 1 play.

    I personally was not impressed by the linebackers for the south. They seemed to be a step behind on reads, reacting too slowly and winding up in the trash on several plays. It also seemed like guys on the south squad were not tackling consistently. They used poor technique and pad level.

    If Upchurch goes pro, he’d better pick up some speed and play slot. He’s not quite punishing enough to be a full time RB, but has great hands and good awareness. He may be like a 3rd and long RB at best.

    I’m glad Peek dropped GT and came to Bama, he’s a great reciever, but is also a great blocker so he will see playing time in the league.

    Mike Johnson should get picked up by someone, but he needs to improve his feet.

    Mt. Cody, well, he just needs to manage his weight. His feet are good, and he’s got a nose for the ball. He draws a double team nearly every play, so he’s a linebacker’s best friend.

    Roll Tide and good luck to all these guys, they will be missed.

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    Big Red A — I have to admit your knowledge at football is superior!!! Switching subjects to post # 3 — that was an obvious imposter — as Crimsonite pointed out in post # 4.

    Crystal bitches.

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