Heresy in Tuscaloosa!

The Tuscaloosa mayor is a UAB fan! The horror! First there was the Tuscaloosa Police Department filled with Auburn fans, and now we have word of this betrayal. A UAB guy running the city where the treasure of the state—the University of Alabama—resides?

Something is wrong. Something must be done. This is like having a Lutheran sitting in the seat of St. Peter in Rome and wearing the triregnum, or having a Ptolemeic adherent presiding over this month’s meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Even more appalling is that mayor Walt Maddox proudly proclaims on his website his UAB affiliation. He trumpets the heresy of holding a BA and MPA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

But the worst revelation awaits us at the end of his official biography. According to the website, Maddox was a “UAB Football Letter-winner, 1991-1994.”

How could Tuscaloosa allows this to happen?