Auburn harpies gone wild!

Chizik’s wife, Malzahn’s wife verbally accosted Finebaum after Iron Bowl

What happens when a media personality attends a sporting event? There are autograph seekers, picture opportunities and spitters. Yes. Spitters. Oh, and bitchers.

At the 2009 Iron Bowl, Paul Finebaum was spat on, yelled at and at one point private security was forced to separate a deranged Auburn fan from the radio host. And this was during the walk to the stadium. A walk that had several observers shocked at the behavior of SEC football fans. It was a rude welcome to SEC football 2009-2010.

But it wasn’t the most vicious confrontation of the day. According to a backstage account, Finebaum was accosted by the wives of head coach Gene Chizik and offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. These women bitched out the state’s leading media member.

What set Jonna Chizik off? It was a recruit and high school coach in the recruiting room posing for a photograph with the media personality. Jonna went into a tizzy. She teamed with Kristi Malzahn and accosted Finebaum.

One observer close to the scene said the coach’s wife accused Finebaum of being friends with Nick and Terry Saban. (Several people saw Terry hug Paul Finebaum on the field after the Alabama victory while Nick Saban was doing television.) Jonna accused Finebaum of bias, and told the radio host that he didn’t know he possessed “all this power” over the lives of coaches, players and recruits. Malzahn’s harpy concurred, and participated in the verbal attack.

What does this say about Chizik & company?

They aren’t ready for primetime. When you are so insecure you send your wife out to fight your battles, then you aren’t a man. You are pathetic. Perhaps he is as pathetic as a basketball coach who allowed his wife to yell at a reporter—Mark Gottfried.

Ever wondered why the Birmingham media is so servile to the Auburn Tigers? Now you know. When a media personality dares to challenge the Auburn family, the attack dogs, err bitches, err dogs, err wives, err harpies bare their claws and scratch out the eyes of dissenters.

Doubt this is how Auburn tries to keep the media in line? There is even a blog dedicated to attacking media personalities that dare question the superiority of Auburn. The Realist Nation compared Finebaum to Johnny Ola. The nicest thing the blog said about Finebaum was when it called him a “menacing, bald-headed squirt.”

When you anger the Auburn cult then this is the treatment you get.

And Auburn really is a cult. They talk about “family.” Every facet of the athletic department is swathed in religiosity. Remember all those prayer meetings? It is the Auburn culture.

And just like a cult when someone rises up against the dear leader, punishment follows. The punishment might be via plagues of harpies bitching at you, blogs attacking you or rude Auburn fans spitting on you on your way into the game.

Everyone that criticizes reporters and columnists in the Birmingham media should reconsider that now. They have to deal with this nonsense.