Senior Bowl: Florida’s Cooper aiming for NFL

AP: “Football’s definitely the route I want to take,” Cooper said. “Toward the last couple of weeks of the football season, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. That’s my makeup, my mentality. I’m just a football player not a baseball player.”

Tim Tebow’s favorite target started preparations on Monday for the Senior Bowl along with his Gators quarterback. Cooper was a second-team All-SEC pick and led the team with 961 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

He said he has received indications he would be drafted anywhere from the second to the fourth round, but figures he has more speed than NFL teams think.

“They’ve got me down as a 4.5 in my 40,” Cooper said. “The way I look at it is, all I can do is go up. I’m not a 4.5.”

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    Alex Hamilton

    Hmmm. Taking a sport where he is at best a 3rd round pick and isn’t a lock to make any money after the signing bonus over a guaranteed contract where he could actually be less than average and make a minimum of 3 million if he plays professionally for six years.

    Cooper is an idiot.

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