Recruiting: Fulton should help Alabama’s defense

By T.J.Walls
Recruiting correspondent

Profile of John Fulton, Manning High School S.C.

Manning Head Coach of 16 years, Robby Brigg believes that although Alabama is stock piling top flight Defensive backs, Fulton will compete for a cornerback spot. Like Milliner and several others, Fulton graduated early and enrolled at the University of Alabama in order to take advantage of all aspects of being a student athlete. According to Briggs, John wants to start his classes so he can graduate quickly. A few other things Fulton is taking advantage of are: learning the complex defensive play book, getting familiar with the program, hitting the weight room and doing everything possible so he’ll be ready to compete with what may possibly be the most talented (but young) secondaries from top to bottom.

At 6’1, 183lbs, Coach Briggs saw Fulton post an electronically timed 4.34 40-yard dash. After evaluating some of Fulton’s game footage these are the strengths he processes to compete early:

Like his coach noted, he is one of the best man-on-man lock down corners around. Like Milliner, Fulton has blazing speed. Can close to the line and stick like glue to the opposing receiver consistently even on deep balls. He looks to be ready for college and has the coverage skills of a D-1 veteran corner. Also has a knack for getting to the ball when it is in the air. He is an outstanding kick return man, but don’t expect to see him doing that for Alabama.

Comments his Head Coach at Manning made about John Fulton: “Great person on and off the field. Very respectful. Very tireless and hard worker. Not afraid of hard work at all. Sort of quiet and does his talking on the field.”

The coach also said: The most competitive kids he’s ever been around. Hates to lose and isn’t scared to shed a tear after a loss. An emotional kid. John’s father is an Army drill Sgt. in Afghanistan, so John was raised in a structured environment and had a lot of accountability. A reason John came to UA instead of playing for Spurrier at S.C. was because Saban runs a tight ship like John has always been accustomed.

Johns’s mother is a minister, so John is a very spiritual young man.

When asked where John rates with some of the great players couch over his long career, this is what Coach Briggs said:

“John is in the top three that I’ve coached. The two others are Brian Mance, All-ACC, CB at Clemson. The other is Fred Bennett, All-SEC CB who went on to play for the Texans.”

Expect big things from John Fulton for the Alabama Crimson Tide.


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