Dirty Saints make Super Bowl

What is a better representation of the trashiness of New Orleans than the dirty play of the New Orleans Saints? Seriously, the Saints game plan from the smug Sean Payton was to injure Favre—obviously, the sucky Saints defense wasn’t going to stop Favre legitimately. (I wonder how well the New Orleans Saints will do against outstanding quarterback Peyton Manning? My guess is not so good since there are fewer chances to hit Colts quarterback Manning than Vikings quarterback Favre.)

The proof of just how dirty the Saints played was the personal foul penalties and just plain cheap shots on legendary quarterback Brett Favre. There is no place in the NFL for this type of behavior. It is a shame that the Super Bowl will see a team so unworthy of being there.

To call New Orleans Sodom in the South would be to insult Sodom. The city embraces the Saints because the Saints are a true reflection of everything wrong with New Orleans. The only cheap trick not used by the Saints was the chop block. But there is always time to perfect that during the by-week. The Saints will probably need that weapon to have a shot against the Colts.