Tennessee’s war on Lane Kiffin

What can you say about Tennessee fans?

They are pathetic.

These guys were defending Lane Kiffin over the last year and covering Kiffin’s recruiting violations and alleged other bad behaviors like a mysterious car accident? Now all of the sudden these hypocrites are upset?


Why weren’t you guys telling all these sordid tales about Lane Kiffin when he was the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers?

Why? Because Volunteer fans have no standards. Volunteers traded in the honor of Johnny Majors for Phil Fulmer and then traded Phil Fulmer in for a disgusting person in Lane Kiffin.

You Volunteer fans chose to ignore everything wrong with Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron before they bolted. Do you think Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron were doing things ethically when they worked at the Shinning Beacon on a hill?

What a load of crap.

Now Tennessee fans want to get upset? Football fans—especially college football fans—are like over-emotional women who forgot to take their MIDOL. And Clay Travis might be the biggest Volunteer loser of all. He had all this information of Kiffin being disrespectful to the Tennessee football program—not wanting to pay homage to General Neyland—and he didn’t publish that information until AFTER the Lane Train left for the West Coast. It makes Travis into an even bigger buffoon than the he was at SEC Media Days when the poor guy was obsessed with Tim Tebow’s sex life.

Travis and Tennessee fans got what they deserved in Lane Kiffin; Kiffin was the perfect reflection of Roy Adams, Phil Fulmer and Clay Travis. In other words, Lane Kiffin really belonged at the Shinning beacon on a hill.

The funniest thing in all this is that Lane Kiffin might want to talk to the NCAA to improve his relationship with the enforcement staff. Hey, Phil Fulmer did that! And now maybe Lane would like to tell the NCAA (or the Capstone Report?) more about HO-stessgate. All those lame Tennessee fans were swearing HO-stesses were nothing new. They were shouting that Tennessee had used this hostess program for years.

REALLY? Is that so? Maybe Kiffin could tell us more about this in exchange for being a little more lenient on USC. It is going to be fun to watch what happens in LA and Knoxville in the coming weeks. All this righteous indignation coming out of Knoxville could explode in their faces.