Kevin Steele Punts On Tennessee

Well, the search continues for assistant coaches as Derek Dooley assembles his staff in Knoxville.  The rejoicing earlier in the week over the prospect of Kevin Steele leaving Clemson for Vol country has turned to sorrow.

Reality has set in for our hillbilly friends to the north:

A job at a mid-level ACC school is better than climbing aboard the sinking S.S. Volunteer.

You can read the whole story here.


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    Ah yes, I do recall. The difference is, we went out and hired an exceptional someone able to raise us up from the muck and mire. In two hires, I’m not quite sure you can say the same. And because of that hire, we’ll be anything but forgotten for years, and years, and years, and years…

  2. 3

    Steele made a wise decision. Going to Tennessee right now to work is like taking a pleasure cruise on the Titanic. Why jump on a sinking ship.

  3. 5

    I was surprised by this … I thought Clemson was ship with more leaks than the Iraqi Navy about to go down — maybe he’s waiting for a HEAD coaching job that’s worth a caliber.

  4. 6

    I see that Indy Vile has crawled out from under his rock and is still in denial. Face it Vile, Tenn is a basketball school now. Your football team has gone the way of Auburn(meaning they’ll never be competitive on the national football scene again). Leave football to the big boys, the Alabama’s, Florida’s, etc.

  5. 8
    Big red A

    Crimson TURD morons is redundant, bring some new material or just go fuck off somewhere. I guess I’m gonna have to go R. Lee Ermy on this ignorant toothless bastard.


    (crow-hop bitch slap, sparkling crystal)

  6. 9

    Ah…. Big A. Good stuff.

    Indy Vol. thanks for coming back. Its been several days since we had someone we could all laugh at.

  7. 10

    “I was surprised by this … I thought Clemson was ship with more leaks than the Iraqi Navy about to go down”

    the ignorance is truly amazing. dabo swinney, (a ‘bama man) in his first full season as a head coach, despite all the blather about how assistants never succeed after being promoted to replace their fired bosses, puts clemson in the acc championship game.

    now you can say what you want about the acc as a conference and you’re probably right.

    but what swinney has done at clemson breaks the mold and is truly impressive.

    not that i, unlike others, would expect anything less from a ‘bama man.

  8. 13


    He probably didn’t finish 5th grade. Look at his limited vocabulary. It’s really sad that someone that illiterate has a computer.

  9. 14

    USC called you up in the middle of the night.

    Kiffin packed his bags and was on the first flight.

    You were like a douche born on third base

    You had to have a police escort just to leave your place

    It seems no one can help you now

    You left your brother in law to get mobbed by the crowd

    This time, even the viles know you’re gay

    Runaway Lane, never coming back,
    Runaway Lane set UCheat 10 years back
    Seems like you’re not qualified to coach
    Al Davis was right, you’re a liar and a joke!

    Sing along, you know the words.

  10. 15
    Big red A

    Indy called me an asshole, funny as hell, up yours was the best he could do. I feel bad now, I mean, it’s like picking on a retard. I’m sorry indy, did I interrupt you while you were fucking Ol’ Smoky (that’s his prize goat, he can’t afford a dog).

    It seems I’m developing a fan base for slapping the whiny bitches back into thier place. To my Crimson Tide faithful, much love, and Roll Tide Roll.

  11. 16
    Indiana Vol


    He probably didn’t finish 5th grade. Look at his limited vocabulary. It’s really sad that someone that illiterate has a computer.”

    Nothing worse than a Crimson TURD Moron and a liberal-loving Democrat; the worst of both world.

    Democrats and Bammer have a lot in common, they both cheat like HELL!

  12. 17

    So Steele does have some sense. lol

    GUS MALZAHN or GENE CHIZIK, which one will leave Auburn first?

    There’s three different scenario’s that could happen to those two guys.

    1. GENE CHIZIK is fired after he loses three in a row to ALABAMA, which would be after the 2011 football season.

    2. GUS MALZAHN leaves Auburn after the 2010 football season to make 1.5 Million or more as a Head Coach. Auburn has a very weak 2010 schedule, its going to be hard for GUS not to look good.

    3. GENE CHIZIK, I wonder if MALZAHN has already been given the word by BOBBY LOWDER and PAT DYE that you (Gene) are the one that’s expendable. It makes one wonder why MALZAHN didn’t want a Head Coaching job this year.

    Don’t put anything by those two guys GENE CHIZIK, watch your BACK real “CLOSE” when those two are behind you.

    Remember that “JET” BOBBY LOWDER sent to Louisville under the cover of DARKNESS to hire BOBBY PETRINO? I DO. Remember TUBS was getting ready to play BAMA when that plane was up in LOUISVILLE? I DO.

    NOTHING happens at Auburn unless it goes through BOBBY LOWDER and PAT DYE first. And guess what GENE CHIZIK, their still there. LOL

    So its very hard to pick which one (Gus or GENE) is going to leave first. But one of you will in 2010 or 2011.





  13. 18

    CrimsonBrother Says:

    ” … Auburn has a very weak 2010 schedule, its going to be hard for GUS not to look good. …”

    Yeah — that’s a tough game against Arkansas State for the season opener — don’t be surprised for an upset…….. 🙂

  14. 19

    Barner formula for playing .500 ball.

    Never leave Jerden-Hair Stadium during the month of September(check)

    Schedule 8 home games every year(check)

    Never lose to Bama without a bye week(check)

  15. 20

    Auburn’s season is fluff.
    It has to be. Otherwise there will be yet another losing season.
    Season ticket holders have to be all excited about playing home games against the bottom of the NCAA and div II schools.
    Yep. It must be pretty tough landing a seat in the Jordan Hair Dye Jungle these days.

  16. 21

    Yeah —- we open up with Penn State and they want to make a statement with Arkansas State. (laughing too hard)

    I thought the barner’s were BACK!!! That’s right! We are BACK and we got the RECRUITS!!!

    Congratulations Aubarn for yet AGAIN this year battling the Mississippi’s for 3rd/4th place in the WEST as you will always trail LSWho.

  17. 22
    Alex Hamilton

    Of course Coach Steele said no to U cheaT. That ship is going down faster than Lacey Earps on a five star recruit……or Indiana Vol’s mom at the truck stop.

  18. 24
    Alex Hamilton

    No worries for you Bro. All you gots to do is make sure you bust out the clorox wipes after taking a ride on the Lacey Train.

    …and from what I hear, it is indeed a train… they are lined up around the block for a turn on her.

    Indiana Vol’s mom you can get with no waiting. Her line is always short, even truckers have standards.

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