Ranking the SEC coaches

Now that the coaching situation seems settled in the SEC it seemed like a good time to rank the coaches based on 2009 performance. (If you want to hear more discussion on this list and some other rankings then listen to tonight’s podcast episode 2.)

1. Nick Saban—The Alabama Crimson Tide have the best coach in college football. This season Saban dethroned Urban Meyer, won the SEC Championship and national championship. Saban stands astride the world like a Colossus. Well, maybe a diminutive one, but still nobody dominates college football today like Nick Saban.

2. Urban Meyer—The Florida Gators are fortunate to have Urban Meyer. He has led the Gators on a run that surpasses even the great Steve Spurrier’s glory days. Of course, should Meyer even be ranked considering the guy might never coach again in the SEC? Until he leaves or we know more about the situation, Meyer is a dominant coach and has to be ranked.

3. Houston Nutt—Is there a classier guy in the SEC than Houston Nutt? He is a man of integrity and a great coach. He recently was recognized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Here are some stats from the FCA info on Nutt: “In his first two years he’s coached the Rebels to consecutive nine-win seasons for the first time since 1961-62 as well as back-to-back January bowl victories for the first time since 1960-61. Following his 2008 SEC Coach of the Year honor, he led his 2009 team to as high as #4 in the national rankings this year. Ole Miss knocked off LSU, Tennessee and Arkansas on their way to a second straight berth at the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic in which the Rebels were victorious against #18 Oklahoma State and finished #20 in the AP Top 25. For ten years prior to Ole Miss, Nutt was head coach at Arkansas, leading them to three SEC Western Division Titles and ten (eight appears to be the correct number, but the original release said ten) bowl berths. In 2009, Nutt earned his 50th career coaching victory against SEC opponents (52-47 SEC; 93-56 overall as an SEC coach). He is just the 14th conference coach all-time to reach that mark.”

4. Bobby Petrino—Arkansas traded a great man and coach for another high quality coach. Petrino will win at Arkansas, and will surpass LSU as Alabama’s biggest challenge in the SEC West. Expect big things in 2010 from the Razorbacks.

5. Mark Richt—Georgia has fallen in the last few years, but Richt is still a good coach with a good program. There are problems in Athens. Georgia just doesn’t play very disciplined or focused football. Penalties and poor tackling have been problems over the last few years. Richt needs to get control of these if he wants to challenge Urban Meyer for the SEC East.

6. Steve Spurrier—Spurrier was once the dominant coach in the SEC, but he now seems past his prime. Each year speculation centers on if this season would be the coach’s last. He always seems to get close to turning the corner, but does Spurrier work enough to win in the SEC East?

7. Dan Mullen—Mullen turned in a solid first year at Mississippi State.

8. Bobby Johnson—Johnson had a rough year at Vandy. But what do you expect? It is Vandy. He is a solid coach that would do great things with the talent available at other SEC schools.

9. Les Miles—That seat in LSU is starting to get hot. Miles doesn’t look so brilliant without all that Nick Saban tallent.

10. Trooper Taylor, errr Gus Malzahn, errr I mean Gene Chizik—Has a coach ever played second or third or fourth chair fiddle to his assistants like Gene Chizik? If you asked Auburn fans who the savior of the Tigers season was, you’d hear Gus Malzahn or just about anyone before Chizik. How can you rank Chizik highly when his own fans don’t respect him? Chizik & Co. could have earned a higher ranking if not for the horrible 2-minute offense the Tigers showcased against Alabama. Auburn still needs a leader and not a loser, to quote some sage Auburn fan.

11. Joker Phillips and Derek Dooley—Joker Phillips and Derek Dooley tie for the last spot. Why? Neither has a track record inside or outside the SEC that would provide a baseline to judge performance.


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  1. 1
    alex hamilton

    About that quoting of a sage Auburn fan,,,,, didn’t he get the hell beat out of him by a bunch of Aubs? Maybe it was the thug group of Eric Smith and company.

    Fearless, True, and will sneak up and whip you with a bat when you’re not looking.

  2. 2
    Raymond Lisi

    Houston Nutt led Arkansas to 8 bowl berths. One of which he didn’t coach in (2007 Cotton Bowl). He lost 5 of the 7 he coached in.

  3. 3

    houston nutts.

    wasn’t this the guy that was screwing around on his wife with a television anchor in arky, stupid enough to text her thousands of times on a university cellphone and got outed by a malzahn flunkie with a freedom of info. edict???

    must be baptist.

    hell, i guess you’ve got to put somebody at number three.

    praise god and pass the confederate flag.

  4. 4
    Tide Tidbits – January 20, 2010 | BamaFootball4Life

    […] Ranking the SEC coaches Now that the coaching situation seems settled in the SEC it seemed like a good time to rank the coaches based on 2009 performance. 1. Nick Saban—The Alabama Crimson Tide have the best coach in college football. This season Saban dethroned Urban Meyer, won the SEC Championship and national championship. Saban stands astride the world like a Colossus. Well, maybe a diminutive one, but still nobody dominates college football today like Nick Saban. [More] […]

  5. 5
    The Truth

    @Finebammer – yes. And the best excuse he could offer was that they were doing charity work together. Well, I’m sure SHE was…

  6. 6

    Shockingly, cappy picks Meyer 2d (as if he had a choice on a guy that won 2 NC’s in 5 yrs), then picks the coaches of Bama’s biggest rivals at the bottom. Gee, I could have sworn that you said yesterday that you were impressed with Chizik. Now you say that Dan Mullen and Bobby Johnson are better coaches?? That’s funny.

    It’s also peculiar that you consider Saban to have “dethroned” Urban Meyer simply because he beat him in one game. Is that how it works?? If Saban wins one game, you’re not allowed to count any other subsequent or previous games played to determine who holds the “throne”??

  7. 7

    I agree with you about Arkansas being a serious threat next season. With Mallett back and their defense improving, they will seriously challenge our defense next season in Fayetteville.

    As much as I don’t care for Miles, I think he deserves a higher ranking. But I’m hoping for meltdown in Red Stick.

  8. 8

    No, I ranked Alabama’s biggest rival as #2.

    I had Meyer as the best coach in the SEC, but there is no way his resume compares to Saban’s. Saban has resurrected two SEC programs, won 3 SEC championships and 2 national titles. Meyer’s resume in the SEC is almost as good, but he hasn’t done it with the challenges present at LSU or Alabama.

    I am more impressed with Chizik than I was when he was hired. I’d probably rank him about 7 or so if he hadn’t choked in the Iron Bowl. Seriously, can any coach be considered good that doesn’t have a 2-minute offense?

  9. 9
    Red Boarman

    It’s funny how Nutt is #3 and Johnson is #8 when they’re 2-2 in head to head matchups. By “funny,” I mean seriously stupid.

    Finebammer, it wasn’t a Malzahn flunky who got Nutt’s phone records. It was a fan who wanted to know how Nutt was connected to the booster who sent hate mail to Mitch Mustain. He found that connection and more.

  10. 10

    The Houston Nutt hate is really very funny. All he has done is win and win at lower level programs.

    I guess Steve Spurrier should be ranked below Johnson too since Vandy has a good record against the South Carolina coach?

  11. 11

    I guess my nutt hate IS misplaced.

    After all, he hasn’t wrecked a car. (yet)

    and that game Julio refers to is just the defacto national championship game.

    Just one game.

  12. 12
    Red Boarman

    Nutt has been mediocre at mid-level programs, which is why no top-level program has hired the coach you claim is “great.”

    I didn’t say Nutt should be below Johnson. I said the differential in ranking is stupid, which it is. Please try to comprehend simple language.

  13. 13

    And I’ll stand by my malzahn flunkie statement too. Everyone knows of the relationship between malzahn and mustain. As much as I dislike mutts (hate!) he was stabbed in the back by malzahn, mustain and the arky fans on that side. The fan who outed nutt’s dalliance wanted nutt gone over the malzahn/mustain situation.

    It’s too bad the idiot gave them the ammo to get his job.

  14. 14

    Why don’t you try to comprehend simple logic. Bill Curry was 3-0 against Joe Paterno. I guess that means we need to rank that moron near or above Paterno?

    Head-to-head records are only ONE judge of a coach. There are a myriad of other criteria that you must consider.

    I think Johnson is a very good coach, but he is not the motivator or program manager of Nutt.

  15. 15

    Cappy, you’re knocking Chizik that much because of the last 1:15 of the IB?? I guess you’re just gonna ignore that he came closer to beating Bama than any other team they faced, including Fla and Texas. Yeah, let’s ignore the 1st 58 minutes and 45 seconds of the game and the fact that he improved AU’s record by 3 games in one season and that he’s about to pass Bama in recruiting all in one year.

    Hey, can we judge Saban solely on the fact that he called a stupid fake punt against Texas, or that he stupidly started throwing the ball at the end of the 1st half of the Tenn game after Ingram rammed the ball down their throat on about 8 consecutive plays?? As you said, “I mean seriously, can any coach be considered good” who would do those stupid things. See how silly that sounds??

  16. 16

    He got closer than Kiffin? I’d rank Kiffin ahead of Chizik because Kiffin’s team made progress as the year unfolded. The QB was really good by the end of the season compared with where Crompton began.

    I think Chizik’s gameplan against Alabama was good. However, he cannot or will not control Gus Malzahn and it cost him. That last 1:15 is just a big manifestation of Chizik’s inability to run the AU program.

  17. 17

    He doesnt want to control Malzahn because Malzahn is the OC and knows what he is doing… Isn’t that obvious in the stats our offense put up with 74 three star players.

    Just wait till we have a truly mobile Q-back. Your defense is gone. I wouldnt be surprised if Vandy beats AL next year.

  18. 18

    Did Kiffin ever have the lead a single time in that ballgame?? AU had the lead starting with its 1st possession and held it until there was 1:15 in the game.

    You rank Kiffin ahead of Chizik because Crompton was better at the end of the year than he was at the 1st of the year??? So what you’re saying is that you ding Chizik for completely turning around a kid that everyone had written off simply because he accomplished it BEFORE the season began as opposed to waiting halfway thru the season to get off his behind and coach the kid up like Kiffin did?? That makes a lot of freakin’ sense. (And spare me any garbage about Crompton being a bigger project than Todd. Everyone knew that Crompton was going to be the starter long before the season ever began. It wasn’t even known if Todd would still be on the team when summer two-a-days started.) That was pretty weak, cappy.

  19. 19

    No, I’m dinging Chizik because his second half of the year sucked. Kinda like Mike SHula. How many games did Chizik win in October and November?

  20. 20

    I’ll tell ya one game that Chizik won handily in October – Tennessee in Knoxville. We certainly don’t want to consider a head to head matchup in determining who was the better coach though, right? (unless it is Saban-Meyer 2009.) I guess you were also more impressed with Kiffin’s 37-14 blowout loss in the bowl game than Chizik’s bowl win, and with Kiffin’s 7-6 season record as opposed to Chizik’s 8-5 record.

    P.S. If AU would have played S.Carolina and Vandy at home like UT rather than Ark. and LSU on the road, I’m sure the Oct-Nov record would be better also.

  21. 21
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    The defense is gone? You dumbass. Bama has more defensive talent sitting on the bench than any other team in the country has starting. And they all have plenty of game experience. There’s no such thing as a Saban coached team without a dangerous defense. And you other dumbass, no way in hell Auburn passes Bama in recruiting. I don’t give fuck who else you sign and you only have maybe 3 openings left anyway. Plus you got nobody to coach em. RTR

  22. 22
    Big red A

    You goat fuckers are seriously confused about the outcome of the IB, BAMA WON THE GAME. Fact; auburn had 2 weeks to prepare, Bama had 3 days. Fact; auburn scored on 3 trick plays, and failed to do diddly shit otherwise. Myth; auburn passes bama in recruiting. Myth; auburn is relevant.

    You kids really gotta lay off the meth, you’re starting to talk wierd. I told you daddy’s home, so get used to losing often in the years to come. Your university has not moved into the light of the big boys, so stop trying to argue semantics in an article of OPINION, it only highlights the fact that you are a dipshit with a computer.

  23. 23

    Big Red, I still love how bammers will not only make excuses for losses, but even close wins. I don’t know who told you that AU scored on 3 trick plays, I guess you didn’t watch the game. AU scored on a reverse, a td strike where Bama got burned trying a “trick” play on defense with the corner blitz, and a screen pass. It’s funny how you bammers want to say a simple reverse is a “trick” play, especially when AU runs one about 3 times every freakin’ game. BTW, are you trying to say that long td strikes somehow don’t count?? Well, I guess Julio Jones’ late td against LSU didn’t count then so Bama lost that game. See how utterly stupid you sound when you say things like that?

  24. 24

    Now that I think about it, I retract this whole list.

    Obviously Gene Chiznik is the bestest coach ever because he LOST to Alabama by less than a touchdown. In fact when you combine AU’s recruiting with the obvious coaching skills on the Plains, then Auburn should go no worse than 11-2 next year.

  25. 25
    Big red A

    Once again you twist it, I never once said that any td doesn’t count. Obviously the ones we scored on long calculated pro-style drives counted. Gussy probably spent the entire off week working on those types of plays because he knew sustained drives were going to be tough business. I also didn’t make any excuses for my team winning the game, I just stated a fact. Given even prep time and it would have been more like 36-0. Bama beat auburn for the 40th fucking time, life’s good for me bitch. you’re just another annoying invertabrate. Do you need directions to T-town so you can see a real trophy case filled by real teams, nah, fuck you, you’re not good enough to even walk down the street in Tuscaloosa.

  26. 26
    Big red A

    Oh yeah, what the fuck happened to math in schools. Bama beat LoSerU 24-15, 24-7=17, 17 is greater than 15, Good call dumbass. So Julio just iced the cake.
    Did you really go to college at AU?, this is priceless, you’re probably an engineer too huh? Please don’t have kids, you know it’s the worst thing you could do. They’ll be just like you, walking around THINKING they’re smart while the rest of the kids on the short bus just laugh and laugh. You are just too much fun julia.

  27. 27

    Fuck the math — it’s all good Big Red A — the barner’s will try to spin and throw stats that mean nothing when their back’s are in the corner — but in the end — there is a (W)inner and a (L)oser.

    That’s what hurts them the most — the (L) part —

    Crystal bitches (hoisting) …

  28. 28

    Hey Cappy — I got to put Dan Mullen over Mark Richt — I mean — would you go back on that looking at the “big picture”? Just trying to have somewhat of an intelligent conversation on this thread.

  29. 29
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Auburn 11-2? Ha ha ha ha! Only if they switch schedules with Boise State! Actually their offense would fit perfectly in the WAC. Hell their defense too. No doubt their recruiting class will improve their team, but that’s 2 years away. They have no hope in 2010. And this will be their last top 10 class since the only reason those guys signed with em is because everybody knew they were destitute and they would play instantly. But now that they have a full roster that shit is over. That’s why they won’t get Seastrunk or Lattimore. No way 2 more top 10 RB’s will go where there would be 3 top 10 RB’s in the same class, knowing that 2 of the 3 will never be a starter in their entire career. Not unless they’re smoking crack. I just can’t believe how stupid these people are. For 2 years they ran their mouths and denied Bama. Yet we did what’s never been done before, and still they run their mouths like they did something more than suck. What a pitiful joke. Ha ha ha! RTR!

  30. 30
    Alex Hamilton

    Yeah bamahate, Vandy always beats the defending national champs. It’s their thing.

    Now, what would really surprise me is Auburn to actually sign an offensive lineman rated four stars or better.

  31. 31

    Yeah woohoo! 6 in a row!

    Amazing. Bama measures its success in national Championships.
    Auburn measures its success in beating Bama.
    Bama beats the 2 of the 3 best teams in the nation to win the SEC and NCAA championships.
    Auburn buys there way into the Outback bowl and barely fucking beats Northwestern.
    Attention Abuurn fans.
    If your team was worth a damn. You wouldnt have lost 5 games in the SEC this year.

  32. 32

    As usual alex, you run your mouth without even bothering to check the facts. Roszell Gayden is a 4 star & is already signed & enrolled for this semester. Eric Mack is also a 4 star, and Shon Coleman is a freakin’ 5 star. Consider yourself surprised (but still clueless).

    Yeah Big Red, you’re right. It’s only a matter of math. That long strike 4th qtr td by Julio Jones against LSU didn’t change anything, it was completely irrelevant.

  33. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    I am at a loss for words…Nutt @ #3 ??? You been in the starter fluid again cappy ??? Riicht is light years ahead of Nutt. As are about three of those other coaches….I personally dont have a problem with Chizik @ #11….Hes not proven anything yet…..But, he is proving that he is a agressive recruiter. That will help us a great deal. Yes, recruiting is part of coaching. What will you say when # 11 Chizik ens up with a higher class than you ? Ahhh, Im sure you will find a way to spin it. We will sign 5 more players. you can only sign what , 2-3 more ? Im almost sure we will get 2 4 star d-tackles and then Marcus Lattimore, yeah, you know the 5 star out of S.C. There is no way we dont pass you. No , its not that big a deal cap. Im aware you won the BCS, aight. But , #11 Chizik is recruiting , thats something Auburn hasnt seen in quite a few years. Im happy with what Im seeing so far.

  34. 34
    Big red A

    Bama has 8 of their 4&5 star recruits on campus in classes right now bitch. Your class will finish behind bama’s yet again, so check your facts julia. Julio’s td changed the scoreboard, but LSU couldn’t consistantly move the ball, kinda like aubie. 17 is still more than 15 whether you like it or not. We don’t do “moral victories” around T-town. This year’s recruiting class won’t help you much, it’s gonna take a while to make it work. Go cry on some other site, where you are intellectually equal, and not so far behind the curve.

  35. 35
    Big red A

    Out of the top 10 players from this state, Bama signed 6, aubie signed 2 florida got 1, and stanford got 1. Bama’s kicking ass outside Alabama too, but Florida is clearly leading right now. Let’s not forget that Bama already had 4’s and 5’s red-shirting and sitting the bench this past year. Guys like Tana Patrick, Eddie Lacey, and guys who split time like Dre Kirkpatrick, and Jerrel Harris. Lacey is touted to be as good and strong as both Mark and Trent. Good luck stopping the 3 headed monster. If you do, we’ll beat you with the pass again because you have no db’s worth a shit. Keep dreaming and basing your whole existance on the iron bowl, we got bigger fish to fry. Miss St. will beat Aubie this year.

  36. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    Big dumb A….Look at the rivals rankings turds for brains…..Real slow, so you can get it. You have 24 signees. Your roster is stacked, so at the most 28 including non qulifiers. I dont know the intention of your staff , but word is 2-3 more signees will round out your class. Cap, step in and correct me if Im wrong………Now, Auburn has 5 that have already registered, and 28 signed, including possible greyshirts. That leaves 5 more slots. If we get those two D-tackles and Lattimore I guarantee we pass you. Write it down. There is no way you catch that as you are only 57 points ahead right now.

  37. 37
    Big red A

    Who gives a damn anyway, right? When Bama fans were crowing about recruits aubies were saying “It don’t matter”
    Even if aubie passes Bama this year, you’re still 2 years behind. I’ll bet thos 2-3 more will be some damn good talent for Bama though, so don’t count your chickens before they hatch, you haven’t passed yet. One thing we will agree on is Baama having a “stacked” roster.

    Bottom line, it’s still auburn, and they’ll find a way to screw up good talent. Face it, 2nd fiddle is the only one you got. Know your role is all I’m saying.

  38. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    History proves that Auburn has always had to beat Alabama with less talent. In the years we have close to the same amount, wse dominate you (see tubberville years). Congrats on the BCS. You guys earned it.

  39. 39
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    You will not get Lattimore. Wouldn’t matter if you do, cause we’re looking at all 5 stars to fill out the roster. Additionally we’re giving 2 scollys to kickers who have no ranking and that holds our point total down. Anyway you’re only ranked that high by Rivals. Check the other 3 boards. And you’re way behind at ESPN. What’s more, this is only a 1 year thing for Aubie because all the recruits know your roster is depleted and they have a great opportunity to start or at least play considerably. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t happen again. I’ll guarantee you that Bama will end up #1 on at least one board, which will make it 3 in a row. RTR!

  40. 40

    That’s funny, EG. This year you’re discounting Rivals and concentrating on Scout and ESPN, simply because they’re ranking AU so high. Last year you loved Rivals when they ranked Bama #1, and dimissed Scout and ESPN because they didn’t rank Bama 1st.

    You want to place a wager on whether Bama will rank 1st on Rivals, Scout, or ESPN? If Bama ranks 1st on any of those services, my screen name will have to be “EG is my Daddy” for one year. If not, yours has to be “julio is my Daddy” for one year. Care to put your money where your big fat mouth is?

  41. 41
    Ballplay Indian

    Egg…We are ranked in the top 5 in all three major polls, and still have 5 slots to fill. We have signed a two star kicker as well, so that one doesnt hold water. And what makes you so condident that we arent getting Lattimore ? Most every source that isnt USC says we are getting him. Your roster was depleted as well when you signed a #1 class. Both years in fact. You arent getting the #1 class this year, and you won the BCS….How do you spin that one ? We will pass you on rivals. Write it down. Our staff is beating the bushes , and giving Sabear fits. Spin however you like, but our coaches are gettin it done pn the recruiting trail. Quick funny man, think of a punchline , or go on a profanity ridden tyrade.

  42. 42
    Ballplay Indian

    julio……All you will get is crickets my friend. ” chirp chirp chirp “….E.G. has not one hair on his little pea sized nads if he doesnt take that bet.

  43. 43
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimsonin a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Balls in your Mouth, as of yesterday you are 101 points behind us on Rivals, 424 points behind on Scout and in 5th to our 3rd with only 5 top 150’s to our 10 on ESPN. You have your full SEC allotment of 28 signed to our 24. Where the hell are you gonna put 5 more signees idiot? I don’t care if you only have 15 players on the team. This year you can only sign 28, period. To the other dipshit, we’re only 400 points behind Florida on Rivals. We could still catch them. 3 or 4 five stars will make up a lot of ground and Florida hasn’t signed all of theirs yet. There’s still the Urban bullshit factor. Yeah ButtPlay, we were depleated in ’07. But last year and this year and next year we had, have, will have Saban, a Heisman Trophy, an SEC Championship, a National Championship and We Are Alabama! Compare that to what the Barn has to offer the class of 2011. Ha ha ha ha. Idiots! RTR!

  44. 44

    EG, you are every bit the idiot that everyone thinks you are. #1, AU already has 5 of their committments enrolled, so they can count against the 2009 class. That’s why AU can still sign 5 more players. #2, AU is 40 pts behind Bama on Rivals, not 101. #3, Fla is 600 pts ahead of Bama on Rivals, not 400.

    You don’t even have the stones to acknowledge my challenge, you freakin’ wuss.

  45. 45
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimsonin a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Your full of shit. Learn to subtract fool. Either that or your fucking computer is in a black hole. If that’s how you want to figure signees, be my guest. We have 8 already enrolled. And if you think Nickey hasn’t already figured out how to fit them into last years full class if he needs too, then you’re an even dumber shit than I thought. And that’s almost impossible! What’s more asshole, regardless of how Rivals counts them, if they go against last years class then they don’t count this year. So you just lost about 400 points. Whatever. You might catch us in Rivals, which I doubt, but never in Scout or ESPN. And I’m saying no Lattimore. As for your stupid bet Julietta. I don’t bet on anything I don’t control. I only bet on myself. If I were a gambler I’d be filthy rich because I’d have been 1 of only 2 people in the whole country who would have bet the homestead on Texas over USC heads up in ’05. Bite me! RTR!

  46. 46

    Barn crootin – way overrated – per recruit avg 12th ranked …maxpreps 12th…u can have all the 5 star rb’s and qb’su want if u got a c rated line ur rb’s are wortless…and a saban 3 star is the real deal whereas an aubie 3 star is not sec material

  47. 47

    Nutt is a good coach who will continue to do well at Ole Miss, but he’s not the third best coach in the conference. One of the reasons why Arkansas fans were ready for him to leave was because he’d reached his ceiling at Arkansas and didn’t appear capable of winning a SEC title, despite having appeared in 3 SEC Championship games. Arkansas is looking for it’s next Frank Broyles and Nutt was more akin to Ken Hatfield; another former Arkansas head coach whose ceiling was too low for the Razorbacks.

    As for integrity, Nutt would probably still be coaching at Arkansas today if Razorbacks fans thought he had any. His perceived lack of integrity is likely the number one reason why Arkansas fans wanted him gone.

  48. 48
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    ButtPlay, go ahead if since you will certainly need too, and count your 33 recruits against our 27 or 28. That’s the only damn way you’ll ever pass us. Your star count average is lower. The only fair way to figure who has the best class is to only count the 28 allowable for each team. The players who are officially credited to the previous years class should not be counted. Then lets see how well you do. By the way, we already have enrolled the nations #1 DB (Millner) and the nations #1 pro style QB (Sims). They won’t be going anywhere else. In fact we have 9 in house. You have as many as 28 that could still change their minds. I don’t blame Nick for securing the athletes he needed early and settling for lower stars. Not after the last second defection by Massey and Jackson and so on last year. However, according to al.com we have about 7 five stars considering us right now. Don’t know where we would put them if they all decide to come! RTR!

  49. 49
    Alex Hamilton

    So Julia you bitches do have a lineman or two in that group? Great! Now you can teach them to chopblock like the other cocksuckers on your roster.

  50. 50

    LMFAO! Once I read #3, all credibility was gone on this article. Houston Nutt a class act? HA, the guy cheating on his wife with a news anchor? Openly ridiculing a college student (Mustain), the total embarassment he brought to Arkansas with the Springdale 5 debacle.

    Houston Nutt is the biggest used car salesman scumbag around. This article is a joke. As a coach, he is even worse. He was .500 in this league over a 10 year period. He had McFadden and Felix Jones and did NOTHING!

    There is a reason when Arkansas fired Nutt (about 3 yrs too late) that the best school offering him was Ole Miss, one of the worst SEC schools in decades! This author is laughable for posting him there.

  51. 51

    EG, you say the players who are not counted against this years class should not be considered in the rankings?? Funny, you didn’t mind it at all when Bama’s class considered players the last two years that counted against the previous year’s class to reach them ‘cruitin NC’s you love to crow about. Why the change of heart now??

    Geez EG, try to at least CONSIDER the element of hypocrisy before you regurgitate the thoughtless dribble you repeatedly post. Now quick, dazzle us with another “fact” that is completely fabricated from whole cloth, or call me something whimsical like a “pig-humper”. That’ll mask what a complete idiot you are, right??

  52. 52

    Les Miles has to be No.12. There is not a coach in this league that has ever walked into a ready built team as lswho with great recruits falling over themselves to continue signing and perform this poorly. I doubt there is a highbschool coach in this state with as pathetic game time decisions as the Steve Martin look alike.

    This doesn’t make an aubarn tiger suck any less.

  53. 53
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Moron. The past 2 years we were competeing mainly against LSU for #1, and they oversigned just as many as we did. And those others in the top 5 who signed less than we did, well that was their choice and their problem since there was no oversigning restriction. Now the SEC limits 28, period including oversigning. Also, the fucking Barn signed more than Saban in 2 out of the 3 years he’s been here and you still didn’t come close to his ranking. The only way you’ll do it this year is by signing more again. 5 or 6 more. Say something relevant or STFU! Anyway we go by the rules in place at the time. I was only suggesting the fair way to do it. Which is man for man. And since our stars are higher, we would win that. RTR!

  54. 54

    The new 28 rule has nothing to do with early enrollees being counted against last years class, you freakin’ retard. That rule is the same this year as it was last year. As usual, you’re trying to change the subject when someone points out how stupid something you said was. Now, if the only “fair” way to consider the rank of a class is to count only those recruits who are credited against the current year, was it “fair” that Bama finished #1 the last 2 years by considering recruits that counted against the previous year’s class?? Now quick EG, dispute what I’m saying by quoting average rainfall amounts in New Zealand.

  55. 55

    I’ve already answered that you inbred pig fart. But of course the pitfalls of inbreeding is a dimished mentality. I’m not repeating myself again for the benifit of a illiterate dumbass. RTR.

  56. 56
    Ballplay Indian

    Eggy is tarded……….How do you think you won it in 07 ? Yall signed 32 I think. How do you think you passed USC and Florida that year ? Know your facts before you open that black hole stupid mouth of yours…..Well,, are you gonna take the bet with julio ? I didnt think so, your all mouth.

  57. 57
    Ballplay Indian

    And…the reason that your 8 already enrolled doesnt matter and it does in our case is because your 85 man roster is capped out with 26-27 enrollees. Unlike Auburn. Our overall roster is shorter than yours (nonqualifiers from previous years and Tubby leaving the cupboard bare). Unless Sabear “fires’ some more bama players (and he is good at that) yu will cap out before us in signees this year. I thought you knew something about football. What was I thinkin ?

  58. 58
    Raymond Lisi

    why does it still say houston nutt led arkansas to ten bowl berths? that’s not true and i corrected you earlier.

  59. 59

    Because that was a direct quote from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes release on the issue, and I trusted their information was correct. I see their mistake was in trying to say he has coached teams to 10 bowl games while in the SEC, and it was simply their mistake.

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