Shane: High Tide

By Shane from Centerpoint

There’s a reason why former University of Tennessee Coach Phil Fulmer once wanted to destroy the Alabama football program. The same goes for Auburn, who spent years trying to help the NCAA give Alabama the “death” penalty. Both schools – and even a former SEC Commissioner – dedicated a great deal of time attempting to insure that Alabama would never recover. In the end, their efforts have been wasted as the Crimson Tide was recently crowned the 2009 BCS national champion.

In fact, the bell cow has turned in to a big red elephant. With Nick Saban stacking talent and guiding the ship, Alabama is set to take the “process” to a level unattained since the Tide went back-to-back in 1978-79.

Evidently nobody in the SEC is happy with what has been transpiring in Tuscaloosa over the last two years.

Auburn and Tennessee have wiped the slate clean and hit the re-start button.

Houston Nutt tried to slip out the back door on Ole Miss and head toward the Big 12.

Florida’s Urban Meyer melted under the stress and now can’t decide whether he’s coming or going.

The Georgia coach was forced to fire his longtime assistants and re-tool his program because the Bulldog faithful want to be as good as Alabama.

Mississippi State continues to kill coaching careers while trying to reach for an Alabama tradition that they’ll never obtain – winning.

How long before the Gamecock faithful grow tired of Steve Spurrier’s fielding mediocre teams that get dominated when they play powerhouses like Alabama?

Will the LSU nation send Les Miles packing after the Tigers’ chances to win the SEC West are smashed over the next few years by Saban’s troops?

Arkansas sold its soul to a mercenary named Petrino in a desperate attempt to close the gap with the Crimson Tide. Will he bolt for greener pastures when his team suffers the same fate as it did against Saban this year?

Vanderbilt and Kentucky will just have to enjoy their basketball victories over the Crimson Tide because they will get trampled under foot on the gridiron.

Few teams in the Southeastern conference will be able to remain competitive against the “tradition” of the University of Alabama combined with the “power” of Nick Saban. It’s more than apparent that the two are a perfect match.

Yes, there will be those who claim the SEC is a brutal league and almost impossible to navigate without losing a game. Alabama has done it back-to-back under Saban.

The Tide is just as strong on the road as it is at home. External factors do not seem to affect a Saban–coached team. “Death Valley” and “The Swamp” are just names to Nick Saban.

Can Alabama repeat? It is very likely that it will happen. Next year’s squad won’t have the experience of the 2009 team, but there is more speed and better talent waiting in the wings.

Sure, the Crimson Tide will live with a target on its back. And, yes it will get every opponent’s best game.

However, as his team has shown over the last two seasons, Saban instills a mental edge in them that is relentless and produces flawless, consistent execution, regardless of the circumstance.

One on the most reassuring aspects about why this Alabama football team will remain in championship form is Coach Saban’s refusal to allow his players to become complacent. He constantly reminds them to stay hungry for a win.

How can I be so confident concerning Alabama’s success and their potential to repeat as the 2010 BCS national champion?

It’s not magic or rocket science. Winning is all about hard work in the off-season and the quality of the talent that’s assembled. Nick Saban is a master of both. He has no peer.

The Tide is “high” and should ride victorious through 2010 on a crimson wave – all the way to its 14th national crown.
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.


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  1. 3

    I missed the part where Auburn was involved with trying to get the death penalty for Bama. I do know that a lot of people with no connection to either AU or Bama say that Bear had an awful lot to do with helping AU get on probation back during the Barfield days. Maybe you’re geeting it confused with that.

  2. 4

    I thinks it’s great Capstone Report lets a 4th grader write columns for them. Keep it up, Shane! Keep plugging away and one day you’ll be a decent sports writer!

  3. 5

    Julio must have slept thru the jelks investigation. No surprise there. Go talk to gusty yearout Julio. He’ll get you up to speed.

  4. 6
    AU Fan Abroad

    I think this writer has some confusion in his writings. I too miss where AU has tried to help Bama to a “death” penalty, or, is the writer trying to say that AU is not entitled to win a few every now and again. BamaDon speaks wisely, perhaps Shane should re-think. There are some other teams in the nation with strong teams returning! Are you so willing to leave them out or will Bama face nameless teams all year, and then, what is the Nat’l Championship worth? Perhaps he has yet to make it to the 4th grade. I say, go Bama (when they are not playing my team), but then, I am a proponent of the State and the SEC!

  5. 7

    Boasting about going undefeated in the SEC the last two years is not saying a whole lot considering the sec has been horrible as a whole. Just because the sec has one the bcs the last four years dosen’t speak for the conference as a whole. The third and fourth best teams both had 4-4 conference records. Yes. It’s not Bama’s fault that except for Florida the rest of the sec has sucked for the last 2 seasons, but it didn’t hurt. Going Undefeated in the SEC the last 2 years just dosen’t hold that much weight. Look at the sec the previous 2 seasons before 08 & 09.

  6. 8

    Come on Shane, next thing you will say is that the SEC has a conspiracy against the Tide for allowing 6 of the next SEC opponents to allow off weeks before they play Bama and 16 of the last 32 SEC teams took the week off before they played BAMA. THe amazing thing is IT DON’t matter. BAMA with SABAN is just that good! They could take a month off. No team can match SABAN’s brilliance on defense other than the BEAR! Keep on writing but avoid the conspiracies. IT DON’T MATTER! SABAN’s goal was he wanted “every team to hate to play against Alabama.” Guess what? He accomplished that. I used to pull for every SEC team except when they play BAMA. Guess what? I only pull for BAMA! Roll Tide. Hey Losers, Hey Losers,Hey losers, we just beat the hell outa you. Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer give ’em hell Alabama!

  7. 9

    Gee finebammer, I knew Stump Thrower produced copies of checks written to Gene Jelks, but I wasn’t aware that Bama was looking at a possible death penalty over Jelks in light of the fact that Bama had never even been on probation before Jelks got there. Now that REALLY would have been a harsh penalty.

  8. 10

    AU’s attmpts to hamstring Bama usually come in the forms of paying Bama players to lie after THEY (Certain Auburn Coaches) got caught on tape. And of course the more feeble attempts (Like the recent OPERATION: RED DOG)
    Recently a little known fact was released by the NCAA.
    Did you know that 96% of the mail to the NCAA Infractions office is stamped at Post Offices in the Lee County area?***
    And an even more disturbing fact is that every peice of that mail is sent in an effort to get The University of Alabama investigated?***

    Aubs, Instead of belieing all of the propaganda and plain bullshit that comes out of Lee County, you need to take a damn good look at yourself and your program and figure out what you really stand for.

  9. 12

    Ok Brien Straw was fired and given a 2 weeks severance “package”. As much as most of us disliked this cocky ,yankee bastard, Lance is worse. He is a total poser and overall a bad person. He is full of himself, vain, and a wannabe California man. Straw actually called LT out several times and was correct most of the time. Lance is now on a short stream, he hasnt talked that much sports in a year than he did in one day with Dunnaway today. He will resort to his normal job as an ad salesman. Straw just moved his family up here a few weeks ago and has kids, so I feel for those kids, not Brien. He is a jackhole and should have never been hired. Mr Hankey is a kid trying to do a mans job. A fool. A joke. Lance should do the right thing and walk away

  10. 13

    yeah the SEC sux,besides the fact that the conference has won just as many BCS championships as all others combined, and to point out 4-4 records would suggest that the competition is very tough and equally strong, but what do I know, I’m not a sociology grad!

  11. 14

    Ian and no chin Galloway have had a few issues as well. Seems Ian didn’t like the advice of his mentor about not partying at on location venues. Chris Vernon, in a premature effort to by Hankey to get him on Jox. Citidel shot his salary requirements down an laughed at the 28 yr old. He then got upset about it and refuses to be a guest on the show. He was asked not to burn the bridge but the Kid couldn’t take the rejection. Bham talk radio is of the upmost importance to the landscape of the blogosphere. The Prophet gives you up to date info. I see fights between Auburn and Bama. No sense in it. There’s nothing to fight about. Bama has another national and Auburn is a mid tier west team. Let’s focus on the media and dig for stories. Auburn is a non story. Talk radio shapes the social scene for bham the epicenter of Bama football. Join me in a crusade to right the wrongs. To call BS when we see it. Herb is not the answer for AM talk againt the PFRN. It will not work.

  12. 15

    Interesting stuff there Prophet. You told us all this a few weeks ago, and you were right.

    Herb would be OK as part of a team. For Herb to work, he needs someone with opinions there with him—someone that will irritate and afflict people with the truth. That is why I like Colin Cowherd. He has opinions, and there are usually opinions with some basis in fact. I don’t agree with lots of what he says, but I do enjoy listening to him… reminds me of Finebaum’s early days when he would tell people the truth in the harshest of terms. Of course, Cowherd is much tamer….some of those Finebaum interviews (with dumbasses) remain classics.

  13. 16

    Thank you Prophet for the prophecies. Can foresee another prophecy on to which PF’s contract runs out? Maybe this contract will not be renewed and join the Clear Channel crew? Maybe the Memphis kid will take the lunchtime hours while the “new” RT will be the afternoon drive? Again I look forward to the Prophet. Much thanks…

  14. 17

    (cont.) — I did notice LT not talking as much and his demeanor is not as boisterous as was before. He seems very mad to be the “third” guy now. The guy on the outside looking in. Much thanks Prophet.

  15. 20

    The Tide is “high”, indeed. The other schools in the SEC are gasping for air and trying to survive the tsunami generated by Saban.
    Looks like the tidal wave of the future!

  16. 22

    Prophet —

    Will the “Kid” swallow his pride and do guest spots at least? Does he really think he’s “worth that much” to join the WJOX crew? As always DAMAGE INC. awaits the prophecies on a daily basis.

    Much thanks,


  17. 23

    Ponder Indy Vile’s obsession with an Alabama Crimson Tide website — are you so desperate since Phat Phil’s “run” in the late 90’s that you want to hang with winners?

    Shrug trying to formulate a conversation with the “vile” …

  18. 25

    Not really — Alabama owns Phat Phil’s ass — he was subpoenaed the last time he was your shitty heady coach (which we miss here at Crimson Nation) at SEC Media Days in Birmingham. Pancakes bitches (Rick James … the hand).

  19. 26

    The kid may come back. But d and b aren’t interested in him. It’s the d and b show now. Lance is really pissed at hanky. But lance is lazy so these crackers are taking his show an he’s not doing well. He loathesJims relationship with Saban and Jim being a homer. Brownie is along for the ride. I’m going to follow them close. Saw LT and Bethany at the bell center. Lance was stoic in that setting. Really humanized him. But don’t forget he is a joke. He fixed his hair and stared at the mirror while in the nicu

  20. 28

    to provide some insight to Verno. He last I heard refused to do spots since Hankey couldn’t get the deal sealed. So sour grapes. He may come back. But word is LT is now kamikaze like on the very show he created. Verno gets direction from the older and wiser LT. So Verno really wants to be with Lance and hang. And like alot of radio guys he really respects Paul and wants to be near him. Paul is near untouchable and is clean. He’s a really nice guy. Everytime Iet him outside of radio functions, he’s a quiet guy and respectful. “no what I’m sayin?”

  21. 29

    Prophet — my prophecies are aligned with yours. Paul hasn’t “rubbed elbows the wrong way” in the corporate setting at the Citadel. He’s done everything to “keep things cool” in the “long run”.

    Prophet — I bet things are sour at KQPN — management knew of the “defection” and now he’s being punished salary-wise/contractually in the long-term — will the “bald one” join Clear Channel on 105.5 and make room for D/B for the afternoon drive — and the “kid from Memphis” with LT during the lunch rush??? This after all would be LT’s dream job with his “experiment” out of Memphis. We all know the OD is secured with the personalities and the sales revenue. Nothing to touch in the morning time. I will add in that the ” Sanders experiment” has been horrible and warrants only an occasional pop-up on the OD or the RT. Could this line-up I’ve mentioned be anywhere in the works as the “bald-one’s” contract is about to expire? Could it be Mr. Hankey doesn’t have the budget to do a buy-out from a certain “fox-news radio anchor” with the “wrong timing” of contractual obligations???

    Again Prophet — eagerly awaiting your prophecies … maybe some of mine are true … we’re just talking right?

    Allow the Prophet to fulfill…

  22. 30

    The bald one is always looking. He’s a tough cookie to crack. I think your scenario would be optimal and there are reasons to believe you are on the correct path. With Frank, they are laughing there asses off about his lack of diction. The main thing is the way he says “Brombergs” like ” bromburr” they laugh when he ain’t around. Hankey wanted to bring African American customers to discover Brombergs. Not a bad idea. They too can pay for overpriced jewelery and crystal. I heard Bromberg talk about all the jewelery he used to give to players at schools. That was in the 80s before NCAA came down on gifts. Ears to the ground men! The prophet investigates daily. Hang around Flemings and you will get plenty of info.

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