Congrats to Auburn for beating Kentucky

Congratulations to the Auburn basketball team for their win over Kentucky today. The actual score read something like Kentucky 72, Auburn 67, but everyone knows that Kentucky was undefeated coming in, and Abarn played extremely well, coming very close to an actual victory.

Therefore, using Abarn math and rationale, Abarn won. I just want to be the first to congratulate them.

I bet the standing ovation given to the team as they left the court was outstanding!

Not since Upward basketball have I seen complete disregard for actual results in favor of just trying hard.

I bet you can’t even see on Toomer’s Corner tonight; it must look like a complete blizzard!

No one is sure when moral victories (like today’s big upset) started becoming so important in (General) Lee County, but somewhere along the way they replaced actual victories.

It may be because actual wins require hard work and the ability to finish. Moral wins are much easier to claim.

So congratulations Abarn for extending your winning ways into the basketball season.

And on a related note, congrats also for snapping Bama’s 98 meet winning streak over you in gymnastics this week. Bama won the actual meet in a close one, extending the streak to 99, but since it was close it means you won.