Congrats to Auburn for beating Kentucky

Congratulations to the Auburn basketball team for their win over Kentucky today. The actual score read something like Kentucky 72, Auburn 67, but everyone knows that Kentucky was undefeated coming in, and Abarn played extremely well, coming very close to an actual victory.

Therefore, using Abarn math and rationale, Abarn won. I just want to be the first to congratulate them.

I bet the standing ovation given to the team as they left the court was outstanding!

Not since Upward basketball have I seen complete disregard for actual results in favor of just trying hard.

I bet you can’t even see on Toomer’s Corner tonight; it must look like a complete blizzard!

No one is sure when moral victories (like today’s big upset) started becoming so important in (General) Lee County, but somewhere along the way they replaced actual victories.

It may be because actual wins require hard work and the ability to finish. Moral wins are much easier to claim.

So congratulations Abarn for extending your winning ways into the basketball season.

And on a related note, congrats also for snapping Bama’s 98 meet winning streak over you in gymnastics this week. Bama won the actual meet in a close one, extending the streak to 99, but since it was close it means you won.


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    Cant you just feel the excitement coming out of Lee County?
    6 points away from wininng the BCS national championship .
    And now 5 points away from beating a perenial powerhouse in basketball. Also if you count and almost win in gymnastics and keeping Gus Malzahn @ Auburn, It just doesnt get much better in Lee County, now does it.
    Then you have to add little sweeteners like having Gene Chizik around. he is the poor man’s Will Muschamp. Andby far pound for pund the best coach with a losing record in Southeast Alabama!
    Its things like these that have the recruits fired up when they hear the name Auburn and yes… even willing to throw away offers from blue chip football powerhouses (in their own states) Just to come halfway across the country and live in on campus mobile housing.

    Everyone knows that Moral victories and mid-major universities are a winning combination on the recruiting trail!
    In my modest opinion, Nick Saban should just give up now.
    There is no way he can compete with the (near) momentum on the plains.

  2. 2

    The entire athletic program down there is (almost) as good as (just about) any in the (for the most part) nation. They settle for nothing less than (kind of) excellence, and (if you look real hard) you (basically) see that showing up on the scoreboard.

  3. 4
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    My, my, my, you guys are really, really hard on the little 4b’s – Beer Belly Barner Bitches. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next cross state moral victory! RTR!

  4. 5

    TidePride75, I’m actually a big fan of Upward; it truly is an outstanding program and mindset…for K5-4th graders.

  5. 6
    Big red A

    Itk, not to be an ass but ANY organization where celebrating mediocrity is foolhardy. Why? Lets just start with the obvious; 1) even a 4 yaer old knows the difference between winning and losing. Why play a game without the will to win. Developing a winning attitude is not just for sports. 2) Sports are a tool for youth to learn to handle adversity in life. Cheering an attempt at something only enables less effort, like cheering on someone for blinking thier eyes involuntarily. 3) Disapointment is good for character. Losing often eventually breeds a winner as long as someone is there to help understand losing and how to work to be better. These are a few of the reasons I believe in competitive sports for youth. Some people will say that the kids are too young to face that kind of environment, but life has no regard for age, and adversity starts with our first breath, so you are never too young to learn how to mov forward no matter what. Nothing against encouragement, but be careful how much you use for a particular event. I encourage all of my kids to do better, but sometimes have to push them through so that they can see the proper result, however, I will never applaud “trying” for anyone who is capable of improvement on a daily basis.

  6. 7

    You know — once the new arena opens — Lebo & Co. will be ousted and Aubarn will be forced to find a “winner” and pursue college hoops like Alabama did with an up and coming head coach like A.G.

    … and to think Charles Barkley donated half a million dollars for this new arena all to be kicked off the Board because of the Turner Gill situation — way to take care of your peeps Aubarn.

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