VIDEO: Vol players attempted robbery

While Tennessee fans are obsessed with the coaching search, the legal process continues for former Tennessee Volunteer football players allegedly involved in an attempted robbery. The Knoxville News-Sentinel has surveillance video of the alleged robbery at the Knoxville Pilot gas station. You can read more about the plea deals unfolding in Knoxville at GoVolsXtra.

According to the News Sentinel, “Players Nu’Keese Richardson, Edwards and Janzen Jackson were charged with three counts of attempted armed robbery in the case. UT student Lynn Montmarquet also faced the same charges and possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia offenses.Knoxville police officers arrested the group near campus shortly after the reported incident, and seized a pellet gun from the car Montmarquet was driving. All three players were suspended from the team. Richardson and Edwards were later dismissed by former coach Lane Kiffin. Jackson was reinstated after the charge against him was dropped. The attempted armed robbery charge against Montmarquet also was dropped, but she still faces the drug offenses.

“Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols said that a review of the evidence, including surveillance video and taped interviews, failed to show Jackson or Montmarquet had prior knowledge of a robbery attempt.”

Does the University of Tennessee’s theory of the case fit with the video evidence? You decide:


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    Does the University’s theory even matter? The University doesn’t control whether the charges get dropped or not.

    Some people have said that Janzen Jackson is the one who checks the back seat of the white car. How can one be so sure of that by viewing this low quality video which was recorded at night and from several meters away?

    I would leave the investigating to the experts. If one starts making judgments based upon low quality evidence, conjecture, and conspiracy theories, you might get mistaken for an Auburn fan.

  2. 2

    Wait a sec…

    I have to back track a tad. Just watched it again. Very strange thing at the 2:57 mark. Notice that there’s movement which appears to be a person in the far-right of the screen about halfway down. That’s the same corner where the person (looks like a female) walks behind 30 seconds earlier. Looks like he/she is standing there. Watching. Like a look out. Very odd.


  3. 3

    I think a lot of this video was edited by the Knoxville News-Sentinel due to legality issues — the whole story is not in this low quality video. I know for a fact that the “choppy” effect of the people walking around and the cars driving in and out is not what a real surveillance video shows. Only the low quality VHS systems with a special time-lapse function does. Everything is either on DVR or stored on a computer now. No way the Pilot has low quality surveillance.

    In the end because they are so young — they will end up getting probation, yada yada because no one was injured and it was a BB gun.

  4. 4

    (cont.) Oh — and their football careers collegiate wise are fucked — Nu’Keese will end up pulling a Ryan Perilloux and go to a mid-major where someone will give him a chance.

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