UT fans accuse Kiffin, Orgeron of cheating

Want proof that Camus was right—Life is Absurd? Tennessee Volunteer fans have accused Lane Kiffin’s recruiting staff of cheating.

Yes! While Tennessee fans once defended the idiots who were running the Volunteer football program, today these same fans accuse Kiffin’s staff and specifically Ed Orgeron of cheating. According to Rocky Top Talk, Orgeron admitted to calling prospects he had recruited for Tennessee after following Kiffin to USC. That might be scummy, but Rocky Top Talk goes further. It alleges Orgeron talked to prospects already enrolled at Tennessee.

Rocky Top Talk writes, “Oh, he hasn’t yet admitted it, saying he ‘[wasn’t] going to get into it.’ Oh, yes you are, Coach, because we have evidence.

“Again, according to GVX, Jeff Bray said his son, Tyler Bray, was in a room Tuesday when Orgeron offered USC scholarships to a group of players enrolled at Tennessee via speaker phone. Apparently, a bunch of the players responded to Orgeron with anger. Good for them.

“What will happen? Who knows? There seem to be other, more pressing NCAA issues at Southern Cal, issues that have been cooking for years but for some reason refuse to come to a boil, so chances are the NCAA will do nothing about this. But it is becoming increasingly clear that Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron have done the impossible and further sullied their respective reputations.”

If the UT staff so obviously violated the rules on its way out of town, what do Volunteer fans believe Kiffin was doing while in Knoxville?

Maybe he was cheating then too?

What do you think of the NCAA probe of Tennessee recruiting practices today? Are you more worried?

You should be. HOstessgate isn’t going to simply evaporate now that Kiffin is gone. The Tennessee compliance department failed miserably in its supervision of the football program under Kiffin. It isn’t a coaching issue; it is an institutional problem. And the institution should get hammered for its loving embrace of a culture of cheating so clearly demonstrated in HOstessgate and now apparently in the conduct of the staff as it headed to California.

If Tennessee wanted to appease the NCAA, it should jettison Mike Hamilton and hire Phil Fulmer (or Johnny Majors) as athletic director. Then the school should hire a quality coach with a history of NCAA compliance. One of the best names available would be a coach like David Cutcliffe.

Cutcliffe could heal divisions in the Volunteer family, and bring class to the coaching position in Knoxville. And that would benefit the entire SEC.


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    You’re right, if kiffin treats his employers and employees (the players) in this way, its hard to imagine what may have been happening behind the scenes. “Hostess gate” is a non-issue and will be been ruled a secondary violation at worst. But, and this is a big butt, if “hostess gate” is the tip of the iceberg, then UT will have some hard times down the way. As a Vol Fan, this whole episode gives me a lot more empathy toward Alabama and the way they have gotten the shaft (both deserved and not deserved) in the not so distant past.

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    The problem with hostessgate isn’t the contact off campus. I’m willing to buy that it is a secondary. The problem is the high school coach told newspapers (and thereby the NCAA) that he warned UT about the illegal contact.

    Now, here is where I’ve been told the NCAA could apply lack of institutional control or failure to monitor because UT’s compliance people did not report it as a secondary. This would allow them to get the formal review launched, and I know the NCAA investigators want another shot at Bryce Brown.

    Of course, the NCAA might be happy enough to have Kiffin out of the SEC and hammer USC harder. Especially, if UT made Fulmer the athletic director. Fulmer has a good rep with the people in the NCAA.

    If I were a Vol, I’d want Hamilton gone.

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    I hated this guy ever since he was with SC at the beginning. He is a spoiled big mouth who desperately needs an attitude adjustment of the bloody nose kind.

    No one, including UT, whom I am no fan of, deserves to be treated that way after the school picked his sorry **S off the curb that Al davis had kicked him to. Phil Fulmer may not be very photogenic, but he was a gentleman and a great coach that deserved better than he got from UT also.

    I guess it’s a bit of the old Karma coming back to haunt you Mike Hamilton. I agree that the list of UT candidates should be exactly one name long and that name is David Cutcliffe. It would not be good for my Gators, but I believe that good coaches help all of us in the SEC in the long run. At the same time, why don’t you replace Mike Hamilton with Phil Fulmer, you could do much worse and not much better.

    Now if we could only get rid of Nick Saban, then we would really have something.

    Hang in there Vols, this too shall pass.

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    I think Fulmer would be a good choice, but what about Johnny Majors?

    Bringing Majors back into the family would do two things if Cutcliffe were hired as coach. You could heal two big wounds in the Volunteer family. Of course, it would require the UT people to get Fulmer and Majors to kiss and make up. However, that needs to be done. Majors is a classy guy and deserves better than the treatment he received from the school and Fulmer. Of course, Fulmer also deserved better than he received from UT.

  5. 5
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. Whitea

    Yeah Kiffin returned to his roots. That’s undeniable. But there’s more to it than that. He left so quick the door couldn’t hit him in the ass. He left like he was running from a hundred demons of hell! And why? Because he was locked out in the SEC. He tried to bring the irreverant attitude, methods and morals of the PAC 10 to a gentlemans conference, and he was ridiculed, castigated and alienated. And justly so. So when his first love had a magical unexpected opening; a school that rules the roost in a conference where asswipes aren’t just accepted, but demanded – he ran to it as if the devil himself was on his ass. He’ll be at home like a pig in slop! Oh and Gayturd, Saban won’t be going anywhere – except to the BCSNCG in Phoenix next year – until well after there are a shitload of bloody razor blades and empty cyanide capsules lying around the SEC. LMFAO! RTR!

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    I feel sorry for UT in a way, but I also realize that they built the road they are on now.
    After years of back room secret meetings and political back stabbings a day of reckoning has come to the University of Tennessee.

    All of this manuvering created a culture of pressure on the program. And when Fulmer was uneremoniously shown the door, young Kiffin seemed like the future.
    I am giving credit where it is due when I say that Kiffin is a a self-salesman patterned after a rogue building contractor who promises everything that people want to hear.
    Kiffin knew that the job wouldnt get done in Knoxville, but he took the money and bided his time until the next client (sucker) came along.
    That the Trustees, alumni, and AD allowed themselves to get into this position makes it clearly evident that there is a lack of Institutional Control. And whether through greed, lust for power, or settling a vendetta, or just plain incompetence. The whole lot has shown that they cannot run the ship.

    And to any auburn fan out there who is pointing and laughing I would like to remind you, IF GENE CHIZIK LEFT YOU TODAY, YOU WOULD BE IN AS BAD OR WORSE SHAPE THAN UT.

  7. 7

    For all of the naysayers who “WARNED” us about Nick Saban.
    I can say this. If he left today it would hurt. But the man would be leaving Bama in FAR BETTER SHAPE THAN HE FOUND IT.

  8. 8

    What’s the problem volunqueer nation? Lame Kiffin himself said that USC did not need a SPLASH and attention — UcheaT did — so the recruits should stay right? LMFAO!!! I’ve never seen such a train wreck in the depths of college football as I’ve seen here — and I thought the Franchione debacle was bad…

    Rocky Flopped again…

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