Petersen over Saban for Bryant Award

From the AP: Boise State’s Chris Petersen wins Bear Bryant coaching award for second time in four years …Boise State’s Chris Petersen won the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award on Thursday night, the second time in four years he’s earned the honor recognizing the nation’s best coach. The Broncos finished a 14-0 season with a 17-10 win over previously unbeaten TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State went undefeated through the regular season for the third time in Petersen’s four years. … Petersen is the first two-time winner of the award, given since 1986. He beat out Alabama’s Nick Saban, who led the Crimson Tide to a 37-21 win over Texas in the BCS championship game and an undefeated season. Saban won the Bryant Award in 2003, when he coached LSU. The other finalists this year included Texas coach Mack Brown, Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson, Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh, Oregon’s Chip Kelly and Houston’s Kevin Sumlin. (read the entire AP report embedded below in this post.)


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Bullshit! The best coach in the country resurrected a team from the dead and in 3 years led them to the unanimous national championship. Gene Chizik could coach Boise State to 14 wins against that shit for an excuse schedule they play. Since when did the Bryant award become political, that they use it to apease hurt feelings because you don’t get to play in the BCSNCG. If you were on death row and were given the opportunity to live if your team beats the reigning national champion. Who would you pick to coach your team? Petersen or Saban? You know who and he don’t play on fucking blue turf! The Bear is rolling over in his grave! RTR!

  2. 2

    I would take Petersen in any one game situation. Saban’s great, but just compare fake punt execution in their respective bowl games.

    Boise State: 29 yard gain, 1st down, momentum, eventually score TD.
    Alabama: interception, give momentum to Texas, give up FG.

    Petersen’s teams don’t have the best athletes, but they are well prepared, they execute, and the game plans are always schemed up brilliantly.

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    Indiana Vol

    Peterson won it because he is a great coach and cares about his players.

    Nicky Satan is a HORSE’S ASS who cares about no one but himself and his checkbook. Nicky Satan is 1 level lower than Scumbag Kiffin in humanity!

  4. 5


    You’re a dumbass. Plain and simple. Enjoy your new head coach whoever he may be. LOL. Nothing sux like a big orange!!

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Dave you’re a fucking idiot. And in my scenario you’re a dead fucking idiot too. Boise State Junior College wasn’t playing the Texas LONGHORNS, they were playing the Texas Christian HORNED FROGS. LMFAO! And neither Saban nor anybody else can make a punter throw a perfect 30 yard pass in a pressure situation. The reciever WAS wide open for what would have been a td. Anyway, if you would risk your life on a coach that lives or dies by trick plays you’re more retarded than I thought. Oh yeah and BSU looked really well prepared against La. Tech, Tulsa and TCU didn’t they. NOT! Meanwhile Saban simply beat the shit out of the nations #1 and #2 teams in consecutive games while Ingram and McElroy were injured and McClain was sick. Just the 3 most important players on the team. If you can’t be intelligent then just STFU! RTR!

  6. 7

    Boise barely goes undefeated in a 1-horse race.Coach Saban becomes the only coach in our lifetime to lead two different schools to the top.There is no comparison.I doubt all the sympathy votes help them against Virginia Tech next season.I hate blue turf.

  7. 9

    A lot of politics obviously involved in this — Boise State went undefeated and they didn’t get a shot at the National. How DARE they give it to Saban (who deserves it) because he’s won it before and he’s got two Crystal’s. Shrug — I’ll take Alabama vs. Boise State in the National Championship any day of the week.


  8. 10

    … “Petersen smiled when asked if he would’ve liked to play the Crimson Tide in a winner-take-all showdown after the teams won their bowl games.

    “No, I’m good,” he said. “Let everybody else debate that.” …

    ’nuff said — even Chris Peterson said he didn’t want to face the Crimson Tide.

    Crystal bitches.

  9. 11

    Yeah Nick saban is Zeus and God all rolled into one standing 5’2 inches with little debbies in his pocket. He even knows how to compare LA Monroe to terrorists and cuss out his own players on the sideline in a WAC rape game.

    It will be funny after you put all your marbles into one egg, that he leaves you rednecks like a fart in the wind for the NFL.

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