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The University of Tennessee has a problem. No, it isn’t the image problem when your coach ditches you for a better job. Lane Kiffin was only one manifestation of the problem—the culture in Knoxville. This culture encourages students to run amok on campus. I guess the publicity from police and emergency units having to converge to disperse a riot is all part of the plan.

Rioting ups your street cred!

If you haven’t heard enough about the riots in Knoxville, Lane Kiffin’s defection and the entire situation then here are some links for you (and some other football links too!):


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    Coming soon to NBC,it’s The NEW Beverly Hillbillies”
    The Ballad of Lane Kiffin

    Come and listen to my story ’bout a boy named Lane.
    Poor Volunteer never ever had a brain,
    Then one day he was kickin’on his hound,
    Grabbed Layla by the hair and we’re Californee bound.

    Well the first thing ya’ know ol’ Lanes a millionaire.
    Grandpa said,”Let’s move away from y’hair”
    He said Californee is the place we ought to be,
    So we loaded up the truck and got the hell outa’ Tennessee.

    Californee Hills that is,swimmin’ pools,moooooovee stars,police escorts.

  2. 2

    “So let’s point out what no one seems to understand … UA wasn’t behind the idea of showing the trophy off at Wal-Mart.”

    you know, i really hate to be negative at a time like this……but no shit sherlock.

    god forbid THE universahtee of ahlabaamha be caught sharing the celebration with their regular, joe-lunchbox, pickup truck alumni.

    i will always be an alabama fan. football. basketball. tiddlywinks. but the blue-blooded, snot-nosed attitude they take about things just burns my ass. these pretentious bastards running from the “walmart” fans have no problem recruiting players from homes where no one has set foot on the campus.

    let’s restrict the football recruiting to “legacy” players. see how many nation championships you win then, you pricks.

    and let’s subtract the state tax dollars subsidizing the higher education experience at alabama and let’s see what your tuition is then.

    i’m sorry, but god forbid that athletic dept. and the school embrace some regular joe’s kid who becomes a lifelong alabama fan because of a brush with that crystal in (oh my gawd!) a walmart.

    it’s these same types who sucked that drunk logan young’s dick because of his dirty money. and where did that get us??? but they’ll turn their noses up at fans in a walmart.

    it’s obvious by going to a game in tuscaloosa and looking around at what’s going on they don’t want fans who shop at walmart there. so this statement shouldn’t surprise anybody.

    look, i know there are players and graduates of that school who are well-grounded, good people. while sitting in the stands at pasadena this past thursday i met derrick lassic who had come up in the stands to visit with friends.

    supreme individual. in recognizing him and having my picture made with him (which he happily consented to) i outed him to the crowd around me. derrick didn’t run, didn’t act bothered, shook every hand and signed every autograph with a smile and a handshake.

    how different might things be at the capstone if there were more derrick lassic’s in positions of power.

  3. 3

    Rocky Top
    Sranger came to town on Rocky Top talking all fast and smooth
    Brought his Daddy, a crazy coonass,
    And a gal dressed like a prositute.

    Folks went nuts up there on Rocky top, And gave their hearts to Little Lane.
    He took their cash, and promised them glory,
    then he flushed thier hopes down the Drain.

    Things went bad real fast on Rocky top
    when Southern Cal came around.
    Ashort press conference, the fans had a riot and Lane hauled ass out of town.

    Rocky Top you’ll always be gullible and niave!
    7-6 Rocky Top, Rocky top Tennessee!

    One true lesson learned from Rocky Top
    Is dont trust everything you here.
    If corn in a jar is doing your thinking
    You might need to switch to beer.

    Rocky Top! Next year you’ll be
    cellar dwellars in the SEC!
    7-6 Rocky Top.
    About to go 0and 13!
    There as screwed as they can be!
    Rocky Top Tennessee…..eee….eee…..eee!..

    Their as screwed as they can be!

  4. 5

    If UcheaT were to of won the National, it would of been at a Wal-Mart in Tennessee you fucking dumb ass. I don’t know why I try to formulate an actual conversation with this fucker but I know he’s probably some piece of shit who sits in his cubicle jerking off to the volunqueers.

    Why do I feed to the beast who is caged?

    I feed it due to the whole nation is laughing at YOUR fuckin program. Just to think that the Tennessee boosters/almun had the embarrassment of trying to contact Philip “Phat” Fulmer on a possible re-hiring. LMFAO at that!!! If he were to somehow get that job back and he did well and someone wanted to hire him after his second tenure — he would stick it so fast and so far up the UcheaT’s fan base and Mike Hamilton’s ass — it would be even sweeter than Lame Kiffin jumping ship.

    If Mike Hamilton had somewhat of a brain (doubt he did in the first place) — he would aggressively purse Jon Gruden — but it won’t happen — they will probably end up with a Gary Patterson or Mike Hamilton’s favorite, the current Air Force HFBC — Troy Calhoun.

    No splash there to compete in the SEC. Chris Peterson is a far distant — no way he’s jumping ship from a possible BCS NC next year — David Cutcliffe at Duke has bad blood with Hamilton making that transaction void (even though that would make perfect sense).

    I bet Tommy Tubberville is slitting his throat right now for taking the “West Texas” job after knowing he could of went to a SEC school that’s legit. Timing is the number one factor in getting head coaches (see BAMA search ‘06 — took over a month)

    If Mike Hamilton has any kind of a brain he would forget about the recruiting class and focus on stability rather than hasty moves. I foresee an AD who is under immense pressure making stupid hasty moves and that’s fine with the rest of the SEC.

    Contracts now in these days obviously don’t mean shit. With a team of lawyers and out-of-court settlements to avoid public limelight — the multi-millionaire head coaches can do what they please while the players are stuck with ever changing systems that change their fate for the future. That’s the sad part.

    That’s what makes the “old school” coaches” stick out from the new generation — a contract back in the days meant something — now, contracts are merely lawyers’ fodder.

    I hope UcheaT makes the worst hire for their football program ever. It will narrow the vermin in the SEC East.


    Crystal … & more.

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