The latest on Kirby Smart & Georgia

Saturday saw intense chatter about Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. A Tuscaloosa News report indicated Smart had received a written job offer from Georgia’s coach Mark Richt. The report also said Smart had not reached a decision.

David Pollack via Twitter wrote, “Georgia fans your DC (should) be coming soon. I don’t think anyone will care about the wait anymore. From what I am getting guys I think Georgia has made a very SMART choice on (its) next DC, nothing 100% but def looks good. From what I have gotten it is already a done deal. How does that make you feel Georgia fans? Remember guys I not saying this is 100%, but it looks to be the case.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that no Georgia announcement was imminent. According to the AJC report, “Claude Felton, UGA associate athletics director, said he had not heard from coach Mark Richt all day and did not expect an announcement today or tonight. He said he believed Richt was on the road recruiting.”

Forecasting a move like this is intensely difficult without knowing terms of the job offer. One person familiar with coaching in the SEC warned me that anything could happen if enough money or other incentives were offered. In other words, we’ll just have to watch and see what happens.


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    C'mon Home Kirby!

    Dear Kirby: Please come home, we need you. And you look great in red and black. Love, The Dawg Nation

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    If Kirby were to go he could be committing career suicide. Richt has proven over the long haul that he’s not a whole lot more than just a nice guy, and another season of poor football could mean he and his staff are shown the door.

    Contrast that with the stability that’s in Tuscaloosa. I understand it’s his alma mater, but he needs to make the jump when Richt’s job comes open…which again could be 2011.

    The bottom line is, it doesn’t bother me one way or another if he leaves or stays. CNS could take ME and lead me to be the best defensive coordinator in the land. Remember when we couldn’t live without Kevin Steele? Who in their right mind believes that now?

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    josh in dothan

    Career suicide?? Stability in T-town?? Send me some of what you’re smokin…

    Richt has won 90 games in 9 years in Athens, 3 BCS bowls, 2 SEC Champs. The entire state of Georgia has a crush on him. He had a “down” year and went 8-5. He is not going anywhere soon. Kirby will enter Athens as the coach in waiting, and UGA has PLENTY of $ to make it happen. Saban should have given hi more credit if he wanted to keep him.

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    There is no way Kirby Smart is going to leave this potential National Championship repeater team. He has stated that he likes being at Alabama and so does his family … for now. Until Mark Richt gets fired next year — I could see him getting the head coaching job — let’s face it — Richt survived after beating Georgia Tech.

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    Josh in Dothan, that all sounds great but Saban delivered the National Title in 3 short years. I would be willing to bet Richt will never bring a National Title to UGA. 10 years from now, I could see several more for Bama adding to our legacy that UGA will never ever be able to match. Smart can run off to UGA, Bama will be just fine because Saban is the master mind behind that D, not Smart.

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    Coach Smart is a great defensive coordinator. No-one can blame anyone for recruiting him. He is an intelligent man and knows what is best for him and his family . He will be diligent in making his decision. We as a Crimson nation should wish him the best with his furure , wherever it takes him. Thanks Coach Smart for your invovlement with Crimson Tide Football.

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    Sorry, josh in dothan, if coach Smart goes to Athens it will be a poor career move. That is a lateral move at best, but more like a demotion, even for more money his chances of getting the kind of attention that he is getting right now diminish. Coach Richt is a good coach, not a great coach, and will likely be let go after next season regardless of hiring coach Smart, but best wishes to both. I personally agree that coach Smart should wait for Richt to finish himself off and get the Head job instead.
    Right now he’s learning from one of the best in all phases of the game, not just defense.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    Richt is a good coach and he’s proven that.

    But I don’t feel he’ll ever lead UGA to the promise land. Whether Smart leaves or not is his decision. But if he was smart, his next move would be a head coaching gig because if he leaves for another coordinating gig, his career could potentially be on the line.

    To the Alabama fans, I highly doubt this move will hurt us at all (remember Kevin Steele?). It may seem like it considering we’re likely to only return three starters on defense, but in another season or so, things will be back to normal in terms of having a lights out defense.

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    Kirby Smart was a DC for one year. Did a good job, but if he stays he’ll get stronger. If he leaves Saban will just lead someone else. Case closed.

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    why do all you people think Richt will be fired. The guy has won 10 games year after year and they have a down year and yall want to throw him under the bus. Defense is what kept the dawgs from being great and he is addressing that. Things can happen quick in football, just remember Alabama lost to a JV team two years ago. Uga is still getting great players!! Yall act like uga is vanderbilt, trust me uga is in good hands and with a new d cor things will get even better. With that said, Congrats to Alabama, way to bring it home for the SEC

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    Waq, it’s simply this: once you lose your edge, that swagger, it’s harder to get it back than it is to get there to begin with. UGA is a non-factor in this conference. Richt regaining his hunger will help, but it is definitely not there. Comparing his hunger to Saban’s, and even Chiznik’s is a no contest. The game has passed him by, and if UGA were smart they’d hire Kirby as the head coach, not as an assistant.

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    intheknow several years ago Auburns ad got on a plane to louisville to hire bobby petrino. it didnt happen and tommy took Auburn to a 13-0 season a year later. eveyone thought their swagger was gone too. by the way in those years Auburn owned Bama. All im saying is the swagger is still there, the players are still there, and Richt will win. Ugas struggles have been on a badly coached defense and i mean bad. My only problem with Richt is that he should have fired willie a long time ago and things might be different. A new DC will make a big difference rather it be Smart or Grantham or whoever. Change can light a fire sometimes.

  13. 14


    You have to ask yourself what caused Tuberville’s success? I’ll provide what I think caused it—spite. Tuberville was motivated to win to keep his job and spite his AD, president, etc.

    Now, what motivates Richt?

    I believe Richt is an above average coach. I hope he wins. I like him much more than Spurrier or Meyer. However, I’m not sure Richt knows how to hold people accountable. I think that was the biggest problem in the program the last couple of seasons.

    Will that problem change now? I hope for Georgia’s sake it does. I want a strong UGA to beat Tennessee and keep Florida in check.

  14. 15

    Hate to piss on your fire but Smart aint gonna make that kind of difference in one off season. Hell, it took Saban 3 years with the All-time #1 program and he’s the real wheels on the staff, not the assistants

  15. 16

    On another note, i think Marcel Dareus (sophomore) was better than Suh of cornhole U. He’s doing his binness in the damn SEC for the love of pete

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    Matt: Your attitude (and several others)is exactly why Smart needs to leave Saban. Not saying you’re wrong. Time will tell, but that perception is what will keep Kirby from getting a big time job unless he moves away from Saban.

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    Slick, and nobody from Bill Belichick’s staff ever got a job. Oh wait.

    And nobody from Bill Parcell’s staff ever got a head coaching job. Oh wait.

    That is a simplistic analysis that is a combination of wishful thinking and warped perception.

    Smart will get a job if he stays at Alabama or goes to another school because he is a bright young coach.

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    you guys are right. Smart will be a head coach someday no matter where he goes. I also agree Richt needs something to fire him up, but i kinda see it already by going balls to the walls to find a dc. I also agree if it is Smart it will take a while to improve the D. I will also say what Saban did with Bama in 3 years was amazing and the Bama fans should be proud. If smart comes to UGA having Saban and Richt on a resume wouldnt be too bad!!! Georgia fans, like Bama fans, are compassionate about their football teams and Richt knows that. He also knows 8-5 records dont cut it, but I really think he is addressing that.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Are you an idiot? Only 3 starters returning on D? Ro hasn’t left yet, but if he does Donta’ is better than him. And we don’t have a 1st and 2nd team. We have a rotation and for the most part one is as good as the other. Marcel Darius is a perfect example. As for Smart, he’s not going anywhere. Mal has told him that we will do whatever it takes to keep him. So that’s a done deal. RTR!

  20. 21

    Can any one help me by sending a picture of newspaper of the game with the head lines after winning the crystal ball to be put in frame.? I will pay for shipping charges.I live in Louisiana and have no access to papers there.Thank you so much and RTR………….

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    Kirby Smart’s best attribute was his recruiting. I agree with another DC doing as good a job on the field, but his recuiting personality is more difficult to replace. Of course, we did without Kevin Steele who was an excellent recruiter. He went to help out Dabo, another Alabama guy!

  22. 24

    Tubbs IMO is a better coach “suited” for the BIG-12 than Mike Leach.

    Mike Leach would do EXCELLENT in the PAC-10 and BIG EAST IMO. Yes I know … he’s had success in the BIG-12 SOUTH (see ’08). He’s an Offensive genius and I would love to have him as an O-Cor for a West-Coast style offense. Not a fit for what we do here in the SEC.

    In the SEC, we put your QB in the dirt. Especially at Alabama. Defense is the foundation.

    Crystal … & more. RTR.

    I do believe he will have some success at Texas Tech — however …. if he doesn’t cream A&M every year and at least beat Texas once in a possible 4 year career — he’s done.

    There are many problems with this team that Tubb’s ain’t used to coaching. A spread type offense that Tony Franklin would have a field day with but that bridge is burned after Franklin refused to hold prayer vigils with Eddie Gran & Co. — he’s going to bring a hard nosed SEC type Defense and rely HEAVILY on his O-COR to call the plays for these skill players who have no idea what the AD and President have gotten themselves into.

    Hope the Red Raider faithful will have some patience (minimum of 5 years) to get it right — because it’s going to be a clusterfuck. Mark my words — let it prevail in 2010 in Fall. You will see nothing spectacular in Lubbock for at least 3 years minimum. Bowl games will happen (6 wins ain’t that hard right … of course you can ask Auburn that question last year) and will be produced — implementing a broken team with a new staff will bear weight.

    The big question that matters to the Crimson faithful will be if James Willis — our Auburn defect — will become the D-Cor for Tubbs. The job has been offered and if I were Willis — would I like West Texas or add another ring on the finger? More money? If so — fuck it — make it happen — there is plenty of Lineman Coaches with saliva dripping to Coach underneath the helm of Coach Saban. If nothing else — it’s one helluva resume’ entry for their careers and their future. RTR!!!

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