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    colt mccoy’s injury played a part, no doubt.

    but wasn’t that what saban told us about when he came to alabama???

    “We want to be a big, physical, aggressive football team that is relentless in the competitive spirit we go out and play with week in and week out. What I would like for every football team to do that we play is to sit there and say, ‘I hate playing against these guys. I hate playing them. Their effort, their toughness, relentless resiliency, go out every play and focus, play the next day, compete for 60 minutes in the game, I can’t handle that.”

    affecting quarterbacks is a part of our gameplan. ask jordan jefferson. colt mccoy couldn’t “handle that” either.

    (or, at the very least, his dad couldn’t)


    colt mccoy didn’t drop all those passes.

    colt mccoy didn’t call that stupid play seconds before halftime.

    colt mccoy DID have the ball inside our five yard line and couldn’t get it in the endzone.

    greg mcelroy played with cracked ribs.

    (his dad stayed out of it)

    the sec won three previous titles in a row but alabama won, not because they were the better team from the historically better conference, but because texas lost one player???


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    edit: colt mccoy DIDN’T have the ball inside our 5 as he was injured and daddy took him out on the 11 yard line of that first possession. my bad.

    i still stand by the general line of thinking.

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    OK finebammer, you can read my post in reponse to ITK’s last article to get my pt of view that the title is completely legit & there’s no way to know if UT wins with McCoy playing. But if you’re gonna go into those silly details, let’s truly look at them:

    1. As to the call before halftime, I will guarantee you this: Colt McCoy does not throw a pick six on a freakin’ shovel pass. My God, that is essentially a handoff. How in the @!#$ do you “throw” a pick on a shovel pass, much less a pick six??

    2. The pick six before halftime was monstrous. That potentially gives Tex a 21-17 lead with 2:00 left instead of a 24-21 deficit. If that’s the case, Tex is running the ball and burning clock instead o standing in the pocket and holding the ball like a a loaf of bread to drop when the qb gets sacked. (P.S. It’s pretty doubtful that McCoy would have fumbled just b/c he got hit hard on a sack, also.)

    2. What’s the deal with you talking about McCoy’s Dad?? If my son had an undiagnosed shoulder injury and was a couple of months away from signing a multi-million dollar contract, I wouldn’t let him play either. Are you saying you would? McElroy deserves kudos for playing with cracked ribs, but surely you’re not comparing that to an undiagnosed shoulder injury where the kid couldn’t even feel his arm in the scope of potentially damaging an NFL career??

    3. Finally, all these little silly details are irrelevant because none of those plays or calls probably would have ever happended to begin with if McCoy was playing. Again, that’s not to say that Tex would have won. Bot both teams would have played by a completely different strategy had Mccoy been in the game.

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    Indiana Vol

    I hear the BCS Trophy is going to be displayed at Walmart; you just can’t make this stuff up.

    What are you Morons going to do; wrap it in toilet paper and stack boxes of Tide around it? Here’s an idea, put it in the book/magazine section; this is the least busy place in the store since Bammer Morons can’t read!

    The Bammer grads stocking shelves at Walmart can see it on their smoke break and have a picture taken beside it so they can buy a fram and give the picture to momma for Mother’s Day. I bet the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys will get years of material from this!!

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    another “silly” detail:

    had sam bradford not been knocked out of the ou – tx game would texas have even been in pasadena???

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    My point exactly, finebammer…who freakin’ knows??? That’s why it’s ridiculous to over analyze these silly details.

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    If UT wins title it’ll get displayed at the local 7-11, it can get videod by the surveliance cams as UT thugs are makin a getaway. If the barn wins it, its goin to tractor supply!

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    Real question:

    If we BARELY beat Texas — and the stats showed and the BCS opinion prevailed —

    Would there of been a split National with Boise State?

    Blog that…

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    IndyVol, you are hilarious. I bet you could tell me every single stat and detail of Alabama’s football team and wouldn’t be able to tell me a damn thing about Tennessee’s. Question…Can you tell me who the Vols football coach is ? You can Google it if you want.

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    I cans see that Indiana vol has every intention of being a douchebag about this.
    Alabama—-National Champions.
    You cant argue with that.

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