Greg McElroy played with injury & links

Tons of news in the aftermath of Alabama’s 13th national championship. Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy had injured ribs. More on that below, but first links:


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    Indiana Vol

    I hear the BCS Trophy is going to be displayed at Walmart; you just can’t make this stuff up.

    What are you Morons going to do; wrap it in toilet paper and stack boxes of Tide around it? Here’s an idea, put it in the book/magazine section; this is the least busy place in the store since Bammer Morons can’t read!

    The Bammer grads stocking shelves at Walmart can see it on their smoke break and have a picture taken beside it so they can buy a fram and give the picture to momma for Mother’s Day. I bet the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys will get years of material from this!!

  2. 2

    wow, i-vol took time from grinding the s/n’s off the throwdowns for the vol “playas” to post. tanks.

    (oh, and congrats i-vol, i see your mother made the guiness for the most beds made at a motel 6 in a single shift!)

  3. 3

    Mark Ingram also played with rib injuries. Apparently 32 days just wasn’t enough for fractures to heal up. So nice to take the TRIPLE CROWN — RTR!!!! See you next year you suckers (you know who you are).

  4. 6

    The you might be a redneck thing is kind of worn out isn’t it. Where would you guys display yours at the Knoxville jail house since that seems to be where most of your players end up?

  5. 7

    I’ve seen folks from Tennessee who put white trash to shame. There are rednecks in every state. Only Tennessee/Kentucky/West Virginia actually have hillbillies. Know your role …

  6. 8

    Who cares about a temporary display of a trophy? We all know where the trophy will be if we want to see it. It will be in a room loaded with college football lore and legend, in a place where it belongs. Nowhere near Tennessee.

  7. 9

    Can any one help me get a front page picture of head lines from one of the local papers to be put in frame?As a few of u know i live in Louisiana and have no access to newspaper there.Thanks for your help and i will pay for all shipping charges.

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