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    Congrats, ITK. Can’t say it was the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, but nobody was trying to win a beauty contest. Great win and an incredible season for Bama. Saban is worth every penny he’s being paid and then some.

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    You’re right. When he came I can remember the talking heads at ESPN and around the country scoffing at the amount he was offered. Funny how quiet they are on the subject now. A National Championship in only three years is just ridiculous, especially inheriting the complete mess he walked into. But that’s what leadership does, regardless of the arena or profession, and as long as you have those who are willing to follow, leadership yields results, every time.

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    My sense of all of this is the Quiet Dignity that is being displayed throughout the Nation.

    Julio – you showed up here and I will tip my hat….

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    That’s julia to you, Uranus…

    You bammers will hear a lot of crap about the title being tainted because of McCoy getting hurt, but you won’t hear that from me. Injuries are a part of the game, and lots of times just getting fortunate breaks are a part of the game. It was certainly a fortunate break for Bama, but there’s no way to know whether the final outcome would have been different had McCoy been in the entire game. I will say that simply as a college football fan I was very disappointed to see him taken out, because I think it would have been a game for the ages had he played. Instead, Bama just built up a big lead and sat on it (did Saban call Tuberville at halftime?) while the young qb looked like a deer in the headlights, then Bama almost pulled a choke and blew the lead when the kid got into a groove. Doesn’t matter for the title though, all that matters there is the final score.

    P.S. Saban is an incredible coach…but the fake punt after the 1st series has got to be one of the dumbest calls I have ever seen in my life. What’s even weirder is that b/c it happened after the 1st series, you know he had it planned. What the #$@!???

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    For all the haters, you have more reason to hate. We love it. The worst nightmares are real.

    The game had a strange feel for me. Unusual play from both teams and the McCoy injury are to blame.

    Who do you think Keith Jackson wanted to win the toss? What a shame he couldn’t call the game.

    To the unwelcome barneys – Enjoy your hope as we bask in the glory of number 13. Keep that Texas paraphernalia. It very easily could be a repeat for the National Title next year.

    It sux to be an auburn tiger!


    14 Rammer Jammers is a record also!

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    Though it’s a rare occasion, let me take up for Julio. The only place we differ is I don’t think the fake was “called”, per se. Rather it looked like a predetermined check in response to the Texas corners leaving the gunners all alone. Fitzgerald was baited and he took it. Another 2 yds in the air and it’s a big play, but I didn’t see it as a “the first time we have to punt we’re definitely faking it” kind of thing.

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    ITK I didn’t see it as a “first time to punt we’re definitely faking it” call, but I did see it as this (b/c only Saban would plan this much out):

    1. In a surprise move, we’ll give the ball to our offense 1st if we win the toss:

    2. If that backfires and we don’t move the ball at all, then we are gonna fake the punt. If we get a couple of 1st downs, then we’ll punt.

    I thought that was ridiculously stupid because it was unnecessary and not worth the risk. It’s early in the game, you’re favored to win, you’ve got a great D, and you’ve got a really good punter. Tex could have gotten a ton of momentum out of that had McCoy not gotten hurt 4 plays later.

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    What’s really funny ITK72 is that Mack Brown got his 5 mil. all to “lose the big one”. I do believe that the 5 million dollar standard will take place at the powerhouse Universities.

    BTW — all you haters who said we would of lost if McCoy was still in — that’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve heard. Injuries are a part of the game and don’t think for a second that Star Jackson wasn’t ready to go or even A.J. McCarron. The sea of Crimson prevails…

    p.s. — I think daddy McCoy had a lot to do with him sitting out as well — don’t buy the arm being completely gone — he has millions to make in the NFL said daddy McCoy — why jeopardize that? Just a thought…

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    Anyone puzzled why we didn’t defer when we won the coin toss? I thought getting the ball back after half-time would of been a plus — but it played out 🙂 — RTR!!!!!! NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!

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    If McCoy hadn´t been hurt the Bama would not have come out flat in the second half, nor would they have played the whole second half waiting for the clock to run out instead of carring the fight. Gilbert was, as was every QB this year rushed and harried on every single play. His receivers dropped balls that they would have dropped had McCoy thrown them too. There were maybe 10 or 12 plays that McCoy might have executed successfully if he had been in. However, McCoy was going to be harried too, and not McCoy not anybody is going to string together enough outstanding plays against Bama´s defense to beat us when we score more than 4 TD´s. Plus, there´s a real good chance that if McCoy had returned, he would have been favoring that arm which might have been a bigger disaster interception wise than Gilbert was. And one more big hit like Gilbert absorbed several times would have put him out again. As for the fake punt, I loved it. For mr. conservative to pull that it told me we were gonna do whatever it took to win. After Texas onlt got two field goals from Bama´s two biggest fuckups of the year, I knew their ass was ours. Anyway, did you see Darius with the 2 yard lead on the DB? If Fitz had thrown it far enough it was 6! What bothered me more than that play was that after doing something that crazy, then Nick wouldn´t go for it twice on 4th and very short in Texas territory. It really disgusted me to have three backs like Ingram, Richardson and Upchurch and a blocker like Cody and Nick wouldn´t go for it on 4th and 2 feet from the Texas 38! But it all worked out in the end. RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Inni Vol has sand in his mangina.

    Well well well Julia… you actually had a compliment for Alabama. Thank you.

    You’re a woman that knows a bit about football. The same can’t be said for that lesbian Christine Brennan of USA Today that claimed McCoy’s injury tainted the National Championship Game.

    As Julia correctly pointed out, injuries are a part of the game.

    But more so, Alabama’s Defensive Line won the game. If Christine Brennan would get the fish taste out of her mouth and actually sit down and watch film with John Madden or someone that didn’t just show up and start writing about sports, she might learn that a dominant defense wins games,,,,not a pretty quarterback.

    But, then again, Christine Brennan is just another stupid woman.

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    More misogynist comments from alex…shocking. It’s all gone down hill ever since we let ’em start voting, huh alex??

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    Alex Hamilton Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    … If Christine Brennan would get the fish taste out of her mouth …
    LMFAO!!!! So true…

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    E.G. — the backup quarterbacks were running the same system too. Plus, they were perfectly capable of stepping up which we saw. If McCoy would of been in the game — the “original” game plan may of been worse for Texas considering the conservatism that followed after the “threat” was eliminated. I truly believe that if McCoy was in the game — all of the practices/film/drills would of payed off for Alabama. They had 32 (29 technically) days to prepare for him. We he was put out on the second drive — all I could think about was how all the haters were going to say we beat a McCoy-less team. Well guess what?! Crystal. 🙂

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    Alex Hamilton

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but women rarely understand sports. Most women commentators focus on the mood of a team or it’s spirit. They fail to understand that this game is about whipping the man in front of you. Unfortunately, way too many men think this way too. If I heard one more person say that Bama was going down because they had a big head, I would have puked.

    Don’t worry Julia, I’m sure no one objects to you voting, or that your wife does the pitching. Just keep all that down home Cuz.

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